Chapter 306: Cares, Not an explanation (Part 2)

Xiao Tianyao was not a beast. They have slept together for so many nights, but he didn’t do anything to her. So, how can he start at her this time?

“Your injuries need to be dealt with.” In Xiao Tianyao’s opinion, that was the most important thing right now. It’s just, this stupid woman always ignores the main point.

“I can handle it myself, I don’t dare to bother Wangye.” After crying so much, Lin Chujiu’s voice sounded dumb. So, when she said those words, she couldn’t hide her pitiful side.

“How are you going to deal with it?” Xiao Tianyao asked in a calm voice. Seeing Lin Chujiu was still reluctant, Xiao Tianyao, who rarely had a good temper said: “Lie down, after benwang put the medicine, benwang will go out.” He was also very busy tonight.

“Are you sure?” If this was only his condition to get out, then she can promise. She also wanted to find someone that could help her. If Xiao Tianyao was willing to lend her a hand, then why she should refuse?

“Benwang keep his words.” He doesn’t want to lie to a woman.

“Good.” Lin Chujiu no longer hesitated and turned her back to Xiao Tianyao. She undressed her clothes, revealing all the injuries and bruises on her back. Then, she calmly lies down on the bed: “You can start.”

Xiao Tianyao knew that her injuries in the back were not light, so he couldn’t help but released a sigh.

Perhaps, it wasn’t treated in time, that’s why they were moist and have some pus. The part of her body that he held had a bluish-purple bruise. His handprint even remained on it.

He understands now why Lin Chujiu suddenly had a bad temper. If he will replace her, he will also feel hurt.

After sighing, Xiao Tianyao, who was familiar with Lin Chujiu’s lifestyle, went to the cabinet to take out a medicine and then put it on the table near the bed.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t say a warm or caring word, but he didn’t blame her for being rude to him earlier. He only acted like he didn’t hear anything, while he was putting medicine from her injuries.

“Oh…” A warm palm moved from her wounds, but Lin Chujiu didn’t even make a loud noise. She only bites her lips and endured the pain. If a person will witness it, that person will find it really painful. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t lessen his strength, just because Lin Chujiu was in pain.

Soon, her wounds felt warm and not as painful as before. Lin Chujiu released a sigh of relief, but when she was about to relax, she heard Xiao Tianyao said: “Lin Chujiu, you’re blaming benwang.”

It was not a question, but a certainty. Lin Chujiu’s grievances were all directed at him. He was not a fool, so how can he not know?

“Shouldn’t I blame you?” Lin Chujiu faintly replied.

She felt like, it was really hard to live with Xiao Tianyao. And it was not worth fighting for, right?

“Yes, but don’t you find it funny? Resentment is the cheapest thing in the world. As long as benwang doesn’t care, what can your resentment change?” Xiao Tianyao’s movements didn’t stop as he said those emotionless words.

“So, you don’t care?” Lin Chujiu laughed at her own question.

“No, benwang cares. If benwang didn’t care, he will not stay.” In regards to warm words, Xiao Tianyao also had some ability to speak. Lin Chujiu had a moment of excitement because Xiao Tianyao’s tone was very calm.

But then, she asked with a bit taunting sound: “Wangye, are you explaining to me?” Lin Chujiu thought that Xiao Tianyao was always proud. That he will not bow his head no matter if he was wrong.

Yes, Xiao Tianyao will be never be wrong, the wrong person will always be her.

“Not explaining, benwang is just telling you.”

Explaining? What is that? He never explained himself even once since he grew up this old… …

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 306: Cares, Not an explanation (Part 2)

  1. “Resentment is the cheapest thing in the world”. What a funny, but why he is always mad when LC not do what he think she should do, and what with this petty revenge with marring away LW? Isn’t his always bad temper not the cheapest thing?

  2. this dude is getting on my nerves. I would straight up asking for a divorce or just kill myself already if he doesn’t want to let me go. goddamned . I will dislike the main lead if this asshole doesn’t want to change his ways. who the fck cares about “qualified” or not.

  3. God he is not qualified to be with her. If he wouldn’t kill her for it, it would be amazing if she bitch slapped him into tomorrow. He really doesn’t deserve her!

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