Chapter 307: Communicating, benwang protected you (Part 1)

Yes, why Xiao Wangye, who was above millions of people, need to explain to a woman? She was really naive.

Lin Chujiu pressed down the sourness in her heart, and just pretended she didn’t care: “Wangye, what do you want to say?”

Sloppy, indifferent, that’s what Lin Chujiu’s current mood was showing.

Xiao Tianyao frowned in dissatisfaction. But, when his eyes swept to Lin Chujiu’s bluish-purple back, the dissatisfaction in his heart dissipated.

Xiao Tianyao said in a low voice: “Lin Chujiu, this world has never been fair. You can’t talk about fairness to benwang. Only benwang has the qualification to question you, because of his identity. Now that you’re married to benwang, your only duty is to be worthy of him. Benwang is only sorry for you if it shouldn’t be the case.”

Only when Lin Chujiu has the same heart as him, she can stand tall in Xiao Wangfu. Otherwise, Xiao Wangfu will perish under a useless hostess any time.

“So, I am wrong?” Lin Chujiu now understood, Xiao Tianyao not only didn’t think he was wrong but also think that she was asking too much.

Was she really asking too much?

“It’s not about who’s right or wrong.” Xiao Tianyao once again poured some ointment in his hands and continued treating Lin Chujiu’s other wounds. Lin Chujiu once again cried in pain. It took her a long time to made an adjustment.

Xiao Tianyao waited for Lin Chujiu to get used with the pain before he continued to say: “But, there is one thing you are right about. That is, benwang’s identity made him so high. With benwang’s identity, he can require you to do this and that. On the contrary, you don’t have this right. Not only you, but most of the women in this world.”

“So, I should only do things you require, not vice versa. If you help me, I should be thankful enough?” In the end, Lin Chujiu felt like Xiao Tianyao left her behind.

When she almost fell in the cliff, the person she was hoping to save her was Xiao Tianyao.

The man who put her on his lap and kissed her. Why he didn’t save her?

Even if he didn’t appear, he should at lease let her know that he had the intention to save her.

“You know that those people are targeting you. I fell in that situation because of you. So, how can you ignore me? Are you too confident on me or you just don’t care whether I live or die?” Lin Chujiu couldn’t hold it. So in the end, she said what she felt inside her heart.

Women are emotional creatures. As long as he will say “You can go confidently, benwang is right behind you.” She will be satisfied. She has never been a greedy person.

“Benwang has said many times, as his wangfei, you shouldn’t rely on him all the time. Benwang can save you once or twice, but cannot save you for the rest of your life.” It was very dangerous to be with him, and it will only get more and more dangerous in the future.

If he doesn’t care about her, he will not give her an opportunity to grow: “Lin Chujiu, benwang said he wants a wife, who can go hand in hand with him. Not a wife, who always hide behind his back. Not a wife, who always expects his protection.”

“Are you telling me that every time I will encounter danger, I can only rely on myself? I cannot expect you to come running and save me?” Lin Chujiu’s heart became colder and colder: “I am suffering from all these dangers because I am your wife, but I cannot get the protection I deserve. Don’t you think this is too cruel to me?”

She was not a saint, she cannot work blindly without asking any in return.

“It’s cruel to you now, but it will make your life better in the future.” Xiao Tianyao simply said. Lin Chujiu wanted to laugh: “Aren’t you afraid that I might die?”

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 307: Communicating, benwang protected you (Part 1)

  1. Don’t you see? This guy cares for her, but knows it is dangerous for her to be with him. She can’t expect him to save her when he in some situatuons just can’t. He wars her to be able to protect herself so that she don’t rely on the people around to protect her, but herself. He can save her sometimes, but how could such a man who attracts danger like him see the person he cares for not being able to protect herself. I really liked her when she didn’t expect him to save her and could figure out things on her own. Because how can the man who many wants dead want to start respect and care for his wife who is gonna die anyway? He wants her to strong.

    1. I do see that, and he’s not wrong to want her to be able to work independently from him and be able to protect herself. Thing is, his words and actions are contradictory.
      She’s been doing that from the beginning, even finding a way to protect herself from him by showing him how useful her medical skills could be to him, but he never acknowledges any of it. He acts as if every time she’s in trouble it’s her own fault. Never mind that it’s always either because of the medical system (and then it usually ends up being super beneficial to him) or the fault of his enemies (which he doesn’t bothers to warn her about). Not to mention he expects her to do things on her own. He’s got hundreds of minions to do his bidding and two very close and trained allies to help him keep watch for future danger. She is surrounded by people she cannot completely trust or confide in, when she tried to get her own people he sent them away. The only people who won’t go check with him first when she asks them to do something are the people outside, with whom she can either negotiate as an equal (her family, or the patients who owe her), or use her status as his wife and a wangfei (pretty much everyone else, and she has no feeling of goodwill with those) so what she can ask others to help her with is extremely limited.
      So yeah he wants her to be strong (which she already is), but he’s crippling her ability to gain strength by keeping her isolated (everytime she forms a new bond, he either poaches it, or becomes unhappily jealous and works to take it away), and he never ever shows any appreciation for anything she’s done for him (seriously how can someone grow stronger, if their strengths are never acknowledged?).
      And then when she takes matters into her own hands and saves herself in the caves and on the cliff, he gets annoyed that she wasn’t patiently waiting to be saved (that was actually kind of cute how he thought she must be hanging on the cliff waiting to be saved and then realised she had no such expectations at all and was steadily climbing on her own, but he’s been ruining all my good feels these last couple of chapters).
      He’s a hypocrite, and the excuse of “this world isn’t fair, particularly for women” is ridiculous. Not saying it’s not a true statement in and of itself, but it’s not an excuse for his treatment of her (seriously he’s pressing harder than he needs to on her wounds, there is no “get stronger” reason to do that!).
      Rant aside, I really do like this story, and I will keep waiting for him to see the light. I just hope that when she realises the guy from the cliff is him she won’t forgive him automatically. Luckily she doesn’t seem like that kind of character, so I’m looking forward to the future.

      I do apologize for the rant, I’m actually really rooting for them to end up happy together, but he’s been making it particularly hard these last few chapters, I really needed to vent. -_-‘

      1. *slow claps*
        *standing up*
        *thunderous applause*
        I had to log in just to show my admiration because i totally agree with your sentiments. Like i really really want them both to come to an understanding and be happy but that jerk of an ML just makes it so hard. He claims that the righteousness of his actions were based on that the world is unfair yet he also ironically wants LCJ to be on the same level as him when he literally monitors (controls) her actions. You’re right when you said that he doesn’t acknowledge her which is his greatest, stupidest mistake becasue i don’t think that LCJ even wants this so-called fairness. She just wants to know that he’s there for her, like she said as long as he says he will watch over her, she wouldn’t mind the risks. I’m sorry i just had to vent as well because well as mentioned women are very emotional creatures (LTX knows but he doesn’t give a damn it makes my teeth itch).
        I am seriously hoping for improvements in their relationship cause my heart is greatly burdened.

        Thank you so much for your patience and awesomeness in translating Ms. Ai! Please forgive my rant, I’m just frustrated but i love your work!

  2. I don’t understand his crazy logic – “Do everything yourself without my help, but if you do not come to me with every simple case to raport and ask for permission for act I will be resentful” like we have now when the first thing after return was tugging and pinching LC as punishment because she not flatering him that generous wangye descended from his study to see her and was in bad mood.


    1. I really really m of the same opinion with you. Just fake death and run away or just divorce. This kind of guys should go and hang themselves!!!!!!

  4. He is saying all these that mc should not rely on him but he is just trying to provide situations where she will be forced to protect herself but in secret making sure she will not die.
    Though he is playing close to his chest

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