Chapter 310: Consequences, early conflict (Part 1)

Early in the morning, as Xiao Tianyao expected, the palace was extremely lively. An impeachment was put forward due to the Crown Prince misconduct. He doesn’t respect his elders. He doesn’t have the dignity of a real monarch. A few palace officials opened their mouth and mentioned every small mistake made by the Crown Prince. After all, every mistake he did can be written in their country’s history.

The civil servant’s sword was their pen. They only need a pen to write a bad evaluation of the crown prince as part of history.

In order to impeach the crown prince, the palace officials mention again the crown prince’s arrogance from before. He did not only created difficulties to his Imperial Aunt Lin Chujiu at the capital’s gate but also in front of the palace gate on the day she visited the palace. The palace officials condemned and blamed the crown prince because of these.

“Can we call it an accident, if the crown prince collides with Xiao Wangfei twice? Some things are self-explanatory. The Crown Prince is no longer a child. He is our country’s future emperor. Huangshang, you shouldn’t condone the crown prince. Siding with him will only harm him.” A silver-haired veteran palace official pleaded to the emperor to teach the crown prince a lesson. So that, he won’t make the same mistake again in the future.

If it weren’t for the emperor’s punishment before, everyone will think that the emperor was pampering the crown prince.

Some palace official started an argument, while the others only followed. Prime Minister Lin was about to intercede. However, how can Prime Minister You’s faction let him seize an opportunity?

Due to Xiao Wangye’s threat, they didn’t dare to look fault at Xiao Wangfei.

The Emperor didn’t say anything since the beginning. The palace officials thought that he haven’t made a decision. And so, the two factions arguments became more and more fierce. They disregarded the emperor presence. With all the noise, the imperial palace hall became like a marketplace.

Prime Minister You’s faction, who accused the crown prince of disrespecting his elder, firmly believed that he must be severely punished.

After all, there was conclusive evidence. Prime Minister Lin’s faction, however, stayed sophisticated. Who will believe civilians mouth? Can they really get useful information from those people’s mouth?

Prime Minister Lin’s faction, who was forced to protect the crown prince, had no choice but to bring back the topic towards the event that happened in the capital’s gate.

There was even an official who was incited by the heated moment and said: “Xiao Wangfei has lost her credibility. Her behavior must be checked. She was arguing with the people at the capital’s gate, she made the imperial family lose a face. The Crown Prince was only protecting the imperial family’s face. Is that wrong?”

When those words fell, the hall immediately had quiet down. Prime Minister You’s faction didn’t answer at all, they only stood in the same place.

They were waiting for Prime Minister Lin to speak.

Prime Minister You took a glanced at Prime Minister Lin. He looked at him with an unpredictable smile. After a moment of silence, Prime Minister You came forward and said: “Huangshang, it hasn’t been long since Xiao Wangfei married into the imperial family. I’m afraid that Xiao Wangfei hasn’t learned much rules. This behavior of her has nothing to do with the imperial family. It must be related to her family’s teaching.”

Prime Minister Lin’s faction was not afraid of Xiao Tianyao and was not afraid to mention bad things about Lin Chujiu. On the other hand, Prime Minister You was afraid of Xiao Tianyao, but his tongue was itching to speak.

Of course, Prime Minister You understood very clearly that he mustn’t drag down Xiao Wangye into this matter. He only tainted Xiao Wangfu a bit to give some problem to Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang wanted to refute, but he has to accept this black pot. He had to be loyal to the imperial family. It’s just, he didn’t expect Prime Minister You will use this trick. Lin Xiang couldn’t help but cursed Lin Chujiu inside his heart. She failed to bring benefits to the family, but still repeatedly add chaos.

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