Chapter 310: Consequences, early conflict (Part 2)

Prime Minister Lin came forward and said defenselessly: “This minister is lawless and harm the crown prince. This minister will accept any punishment.”

In order to save the crown prince, Lin Xiang didn’t hesitate to carry all the mistake on his shoulders. Prime Minister You couldn’t help but shook his head: Sure enough, if the foundation is shallow, the knowledge will be less.

The emperor was still young, but Lin Xiang was so desperate to protect the crown prince. Will the emperor be happy with this?

Of course, the emperor will not be happy, but Lin Xiang was a good chess piece in his hands. So, he will not give up Lin Xiang before the others.

Besides, Lin Xiang’s desperation to protect the crown prince was not because of the crown prince himself, but because of Lin Wanting. As long as Lin Wanting became the future crown princess. This savvy and snob Prime Minister You will be nothing to him.

The Emperor reprimanded Lin Xiang with a few sentences. After that, he punished the crown prince with house arrest for half a month to reflect, then he put the matter down.

Although Prime Minister You’s faction was not really satisfied, they also put down the matter. They knew the emperor still relies on Lin Xiang. He was still teaching the crown prince. So pulling down Lin Xiang was almost next to impossible. 

The Emperor has already punished the Crown Prince and Lin Xiang, which indicated that they won the battle. Prime Minister You was quite satisfied. Besides, today’s focus was not about the crown prince and Xiao Wangfei. The focus of today’s meeting is Xiao Wangye! 

Some people may not speak of it, but a well-informed person like Prime Minister You already knew the news. He was now only waiting for the good show.

The person who participated in Xiao Wangye’s case was no other than the emperor’s confidant, Zhou Daren.

Zhou Daren’s words have always been sharp. This personality of him was the reason he was appointed to Xiao Wangye’s case. He accused Xiao Wangye of being so violent, for being unjust and killing innocent people, for flaunting his martial arts skills and murdering people in the middle of the night. He was simply lawless. He doesn’t put the law in his eyes. 

Zhou Daren was the emperor’s confidant palace minister. Although he usually doesn’t interfere in the court affairs. He was like a ticking bomb. The emperor gave him the power to impeach anyone. He was like the emperor’s mouth, which made him think that he can say anything that the emperor cannot say one by one.

Zhou Daren’s meaning was the meaning of the emperor. Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You was fighting earlier. But this time, they had a tacit understanding. They must cooperate with each other. Zhou Daren’s words were the emperor’s words, they must not question him.

“Huangshang, at the foot of your imperial palace, a killing event happened in the middle of the night. Xiao Wangye must face his crime just like what Zhou Daren had spoken of. This minister asked huangshang to thoroughly investigate the matter. ” Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You came forward and spoke with obvious meaning.

“No matter who, no matter what the identity, whoever dare to murder in the middle of the night must be severely punished.”

Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You spoke in unison. The emperor followed the suggestion of his two officials and summon Xiao Tianyao into the palace to be questioned. 


The imperial decree was passed to Xiao Wangfu. When Lin Chujiu heard about it, Xiao Tianyao was already on his way to the palace. Su Cha went to find Lin Chujiu. When he entered the door, he comforted her by saying: “Wangfei, you don’t have to worry, nothing will happen to Wangye.”

“I ‘m not worried.” Lin Chujiu looked up at Su Cha. Her face doesn’t have any trace of worry.

She’s not really worried?

“Wangfei, Wangye killed the emperor’s confidant, are you really not worried about him?” He killed that person for you.

“Why should I worry? Before Wangye killed that person, didn’t he think about the consequences?” Lin Chujiu didn’t answer Su Cha’s question. Su Cha was speechless… …

Before Wangye murdered that person, didn’t he think about the consequences?

He should be… …

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  1. “Why should I worry? Before Wangye killed that person, didn’t he think about the consequences?” lol.. that answer though..

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