Chapter 311: Too busy, will be killed by Xiao Tianyao (Part 2)

What did he do wrong?

“You didn’t hear it wrong and you didn’t do anything wrong.” Lin Chujiu knew that Su Cha was anxious, but she didn’t hurry to explain. She took the teacup and sip slowly before she said: “I didn’t know who Wangye killed last night, but now I know.” 

“This, what does it have to do with beating me?” Did he really do a bad thing?

“Of course, there is… you said, for my sake, Wangye exposed his identity and killed the person who took me. And then, you said that Wangye paid so much attention to me and cares so much about me.” Lin Chujiu was moved, but Su Cha felt crazy.

“What is wrong with that?” Su Cha was frightened and felt miserable. He never secretly prayed in his life like this.

Women were a clever creature. Although their Wangfei was only a little clever than the average woman. When it comes to feelings, she can maintain her reasoning.

However, that was not something he wishes for!

“There is nothing wrong with it. Everyone knows that Wangye cares about me and how good he was for me.” When Lin Chujiu said those words, there was a trace of sadness in her tone; “Wangye originally has no weakness. The Emperor was jealous of his military power and was afraid of his high martial art skills. I don’t know when did it start, but suddenly there was me as his weakness. As long as I stay with him, I will be useful, right?”

Seriously, she really needs to know!

Su Cha’s face became pale, there was even a moment of discomfort in his heart, but he quickly recovered himself, then, said: “Wangfei, it’s not like that.”

“Then, what is it?” Lin Chujiu wanted to understand everything so that she could feel at ease.

And at least, if she knows what Xiao Tianyao was planning to do, she will know what to do.

“Wangye… He really cares about you, he really pays attention to you. He’s not just playing around.” Su Cha can guarantee those words. As a sworn brother, he can clearly see the change since Xiao Tianyao got married.

Xiao Tianyao really put Lin Chujiu in his heart.

“I know,” Lin Chujiu nodded her head: “The Emperor is not a fool. Do you think the emperor cannot tell that Wangye really cares about me?” However, this care was enough to give her a headache and put her at risk.

“Oh… that scared me, I thought Wangfei is angry at Wangye.” When Su Cha heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he released a sigh of relief.

Women were a highly intelligent creature. Although it was not easy to detect if they were lying, some things can be seen in just one glance.

Lin Chujiu softly smiled and said: “Wangye said that I can’t change anything even if I am angry or resent him. With his identity, I am only destined to cooperate with him.”

“This… although what Wangye said is a bit harsh, it was true. Identity can sometimes determine a lot of things.” Su Cha couldn’t help but cursed inside his heart: You stupid Wangye.

There were things that can only be done but cannot be said. Xiao Tianyao shouldn’t have said those things.

“Really… …” Lin Chujiu bitterly smiled, then acted like nothing happened: “When will Wangye go in the battlefield?”

“In a month, if things move fast, it will be in a half month.” Su Cha was caught off guard. He only realized what he said when he finished.

Su Cha was shocked and almost wanted to cry: “Wangfei, can you pretend that I didn’t come here today. I will also pretend I didn’t hear the words you said.”

What happened to him today? He repeatedly made a mistake? If Xiao Tianyao learns about this, can he still stay alive?

“I can’t, you know, there are many people around me. Our conversation will surely be reported in a matter of time.” Lin Chujiu laughed and got up, then said: “The time is not too early, I will go and see my grandmother. Su Gongzi, please excuse me.”

Lin Chujiu elegantly left, leaving Su Cha all alone in the table to die… …

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    1. He revealed what he shouldnt have including how XTY killed someone openly for her. It feels like a big trap XTY is laying out and LCJ was probably not meant to know.

  1. I hope her last question was to find out when she can escape afterall XTY leaving means less securit? She just needs to figure out how to shake off the shadow guards.

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