Chapter 312: Cheap person, like I care (Part 1)

In the afternoon, Xiao Tianyao finally managed to settle the emperor. However, when he came back home, Housekeeper Cao reported: “Wangye, Wangfei went to the Meng Family and said that she will take care of Meng Laofuren for a while.”

Xiao Tianyao continued walking and nodded his head, indicating that he understood.

Housekeeper Cao thought for a while, then added: “Wangye, Su Gongzi looked for Wangfei in the morning. When Wangfei and Su Gongzi finished talking, Wangfei said she will go to the Meng Family.” Housekeeper Cao swears that he was not trying to gossip, he was merely reporting the truth. He was just being honest. After all, whenever their Wangye was unhappy, he was venting his anger to the wrong person.

“Su Cha? Ask him to come and see benwang.” Xiao Tianyao said as he strode to the study room. But of course, Housekeeper Cao didn’t try to keep up.

After turning around, he looked for a maidservant to go and find Su Cha. As for why their Wangye was looking for him?

No one can tell if their Wangye will kill him.


He didn’t make a mistake, he was merely expressing himself. So, Su Cha didn’t hide from Xiao Tianyao, when he heard someone reporting to come and see him. Although he was uneasy inside his heart, he didn’t show it on the surface of his face. He acted calmly like usual and elegantly walk inside the study room. 

And of course, he deliberately remembered not to knock on the door.

“Tianyao, you were looking for me?” Su Cha pushed the door and sit on a chair on his own. He acted so casually more than ever.

Su Cha doesn’t know, that whether he knocked or not on the door, the effect will be the same.

Xiao Tianyao swept his eyes towards Su Cha and said as an opening: “Benwang heard you went to see Wangfei this morning?”

“Yes.” Su Cha said in a natural way. And in order not to show that he had no guilty conscience, he even asked with a trace of puzzlement: “Is there any problem?” Su Tea asked with amazement: “Is there any problem?” Who hell reported this thing to their Wangye? Didn’t he clearly order the servant next to him, not to report that he went to look for their Wangfei?

Xiao Tianyao knew that Su Cha was guilty, so he coldly asked: “What did you say to her that she decided to stay to her grandparent’s house?”

“What? Wangfei decided to live in there? How is that possible? Didn’t Wangfei said she will go there to visit Meng Laofuren?” Su Cha completely got panic: “Tianyao, you have to believe me, I really didn’t incite Wangfei to leave Xiao Wangfu.” He was only trying to help, so what was going on?

Xiao Tianyao snorted, indicating that he doesn’t believe him.

Lin Chujiu sent a letter to the Meng Family yesterday, she said her injury was still not good. So, why did she suddenly decide to live there?

“Wangye, believe me.” Su Cha was very worried. So, he didn’t wait for Xiao Tianyao to ask him questions. He repeated every word he said to Lin Chujiu in the morning one by one.

“Tianyao, you see, I was only trying to help you. I didn’t persuade or instigated Wangfei to run away from here. This thing has nothing to do with me.”

“Really…” Trying to help, but did it help?

Xiao Tianyao no longer has the patience to talk to Su Cha, so he said: “After this, stay away from Liu Bai.” Don’t become stupid like him.

“What’s wrong with Liu Bai?” Su Cha immediately shifted the topic and put the fire on Liu Bai’s head, as if he was not guilty at all.

A dead man doesn’t die. Liu Bai has a thick skin. He can’t be cut by Xiao Tianyao. However, he was different. He was thin, he doesn’t want to be beaten by Xiao Tianyao. He won’t be able to stand up for several days.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t answer Su Cha, he only rushed him to get out.

He tried so hard to coax Lin Chujiu yesterday, but Su Cha made things hard again. He was simply asking… … to be kicked outside!

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