Chapter 314: Visit, not Xiao Wangye (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu said with her own mouth that Xiao Tianyao will visit to see Meng Laofuren. When it spread, the whole Meng Family turn upside down. The three Meng brothers were very happy.

No matter what Xiao Tianyao’s real reason was, it can be seen that he valued Lin Chujiu and valued her family.

As for whether it will lead to the emperor’s suspicion, the three Meng brothers have no interest to care. They were not Lin Xiang, Lin Xiang was the one who pushed to marry off his daughter to Xiao Wangye, but then draw a clear line with his relationship with him. Additionally, they have already offended the emperor, they can only harden their heart now and ride Xiao Wangye’s boat until the end.

In order to welcome Xiao Tianyao pretty well, the Meng Family made an early arrangement. When Meng Laofuren heard the news, she showed a smile on her face. She held Lin Chujiu’s hand and smile, but her eyes shone with tears.

“Be good to Xiao Wangye… … he deserves it.” Meng Laofuren couldn’t move her body, she could only barely move her mouth.

“Grandmother rest assured, I will be good with Wangye.” Lin Chujiu thought that she had concealed her emotion pretty well. But it turned out everyone saw it, she was only deceiving herself.

“Behave… scold… muddled.” Meng Laofuren knew that no one had taught Lin Chujiu how to be a good wife. Originally, with Lin Chujiu’s cleverness, she thought she doesn’t need to teach her at all. But this time, when she saw she was angry and hide in the Meng Family. Meng Laofuren found out that Lin Chujiu was a smart child, but doesn’t know how to get along with her husband.

“Grandma, you can rest assured, I understand, I will go back with Wangye tomorrow and talk things with him. I will be a good wife.” Lin Chujiu held Meng Laofuren’s hands and made a promise again and again.

Xiao Tianyao was not a good husband, but she was also not a good wife. She and Xiao Tianyao were both novices in this thing called marriage. It was natural to have a fight, but their relationship will get better and better in the future.

But of course, it was also not impossible for their relationship to get worst and worst. The two of them were after all strangers.


Because of Divine Doctor Mo’s death, Lin Wanting had kept a low profile. Lin Xiang warned her not to go outside and cause trouble. And he let her stay in the Meng Family for the meantime. Lin Wanting didn’t dare to go out, aside from visiting Meng Laofuren, she always stayed inside her room.

However, although she stayed inside her room, she was aware of what was happening outside. She knew Lin Chujiu was staying in the Meng Family. Lin Wanting has been bored for a long time now. So when she heard Xiao Tianyao will visit the Meng Family tomorrow, she was both angry and excited.

She was angry because Xiao Tianyao came for Lin Chujiu, but she was excited because she was looking forward to meeting him.

Lin Wanting doesn’t think that Lin Chujiu has the power to prevent her from meeting Xiao Wangye in the Meng Family. She also believed that, as long as Xiao Wangye sees her kindness and beauty, he will realize that Lin Chujiu was despicable and ugly. Then, he will obviously throw Lin Chujiu like the crown prince.

Her mother’s words were not wrong, Lin Chujiu was born to highlight her beauty. She must seize this opportunity.

Lin Wanting was full of fighting spirits. On the other hand, Xiao Tianyao, who haven’t reached the Meng Family, has been thought by many.


For the Meng Family, Xiao Tianyao’s visit was a big event. The Meng Family’s servant wiped clean the entrance and the hall as early the morning came. Meng Da Furen carefully prepared the food, she was afraid that Xiao Wangye might not eat or drink in their house.

For Xiao Tianyao, going to the Meng Family was nothing but a trivial matter. But out of respect, he still put a get up of a real imperial prince.

Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen cleared the road and forbid the people from coming. While a yellow imperial sedan with red curtains, who was being carried by 24 men, travelled majestically in a vast road. 

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  1. I cannot wait to see Lin Wanting flaunt herself and the face slap she will receive from Wangye.

    But then this brick might not act do anything to stop her which will just make LC and Wangye’s relationship to get worst.

  2. Imperial sedan with 24 carriers? If that’s not giving face to you LCJ, I don’t know what is. Eve. If he doesn’t say anything.

  3. I have caught up with this series and this is where I leave you. While I appreciate the hard work of translating – this novel frustrates me more than most cnovels. The ML is just too unlikable and I can’t really find anything redeemable about him. Is it supposed to be romantic that the ML forces her to risk her life, to prove that she is worthy, because its for her own good? And then thinks its his right to sleep with her, without her consent, and without caring about any of her feelings? Not to me. I don’t find anything he has done to be romantic or a reason to cheer on this OTP whatsoever. I like the MC, she’s smart, witty, and brave – a character worth investing in, but then to pair her off with a terrible ML, what a waste.

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