Chapter 316: Seduce, we are innocent (Part 1)

Feicui and Zhenzhu were too reserved. Lin Wanting was not only in the yard but was kneeling in the yard. She refused to stand up, and keep saying that she wanted to apologize to Lin Chujiu.


Lin Chujiu came to the Meng Family yesterday. If Lin Wanting really wanted to apologize, why wait until today now that Xiao Tianyao came?

Lin Wanting’s intention was very obvious.

Lin Chujiu’s lips curved with a trace of mockery and turned her head to look at Xiao Tianyao.

Lin Wanting had used such a trick countless times before. She loves to act like a wronged little white rabbit in front of the crown prince, which made the previous Lin Chujiu eat defeat many times.

Xiao Tianyao’s face stayed emotionless. As if he didn’t hear anything at all. But, Lin Chujiu could see a trace of disgust and impatience in his eyes.

Lin Chujiu smiled, she doesn’t care about what Xiao Tianyao thinks. But if he was disgusted right now, things will turn out good. After all, nothing can frustrate Lin Wanting the most than using her “beloved man” as a weapon to stab her.

Lin Chujiu didn’t pull away her hand to Xiao Tianyao’s hand. Instead, she tighten her grip and pulled Xiao Tianyao to go in the yard.


In the yard, Lin Wanting was like a little white rabbit being bullied. She was kneeling in the main entrance of the yard, while Shanhu and Manao were standing beside her. Their eyes were widely staring at Lin Wanting. At first glance, it was like the maidservants were bullying a weak and kind white lotus flower.

Lin Wanting also brought two maidservants with her, but her two maidservants looked very thin and weak. And they were also kneeling like their master. It was really not hard to imagine what was going on.

Lin Chujiu didn’t stop from walking and just directly went to Lin Wanting. Lin Wanting seemed to have sensed someone was coming. So, she turned her head to take a look. Then, she immediately said: “Sister, brother-in-law…”

“Wanting, what happened?” Lin Wanting wanted to play, Lin Chujiu will naturally cooperate. Anyway, she was standing and not kneeling like her, so she will not suffer.

“Sister, I came to apologize. Last time, I did bad things to you. Please forgive me my sister, I won’t dare to do it again.” Lin Wanting was very skilled with her words. It was obvious that she practiced countless times. She didn’t seem to forget a single line. And while speaking, she looked at Xiao Tianyao with fear.

“Apologize?” Lin Chujiu laughed but didn’t stop from walking. Instead, she stretched out her arm and pushed the door, but she was stopped by Lin Wanting: “Sister, please wait, can you please listen to me until I finished?” Can’t Lin Chujiu see that she was kneeling near the door?

Lin Chujiu stopped and turned around to look at Lin Wanting. Then, she asked with a trace of mockery: “What else do you want to say? Did you do anything else for you to apologize again?”

“Sister, it’s not… …” Lin Wanting just opened her mouth but was interrupted by Lin Chujiu: “Wait a minute. Feicui, go and bring two chairs, Wangye and I are tired.”

Feicui and Zhenzhu reacted quickly. They immediately brought two chairs from the nearby room and placed them in front of the main entrance of the yard, which was a place very convenient to sit down.

When the two sat down, they looked like an emperor and an empress that were accepting their subject’s apology. However, they just both sat down gracefully, they didn’t even put Lin Wanting in their eyes.

Lin Wanting almost choked, but she didn’t dare to puke. She wanted to continue crying, but she noticed that Lin Chujiu destroyed the emotional atmosphere she created. She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t continue to cry… …

“Sister… …” When Lin Wanting’s voice fell, she deliberately paused. Then, she lightly bites her lips and lifted her beautiful face to look at Lin Chujiu.

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