Chapter 319: Destruction, Princelings (Part 2)

This news almost spread among the nobles and high government officials. Several of these officials looked at Lin Xiang strangely. Lin Xiang couldn’t understand the situation until the emperor told him that Lin Wanting could no longer marry into the imperial family. Lin Xiang was so shocked and tried to find out what happened. After investigating, he found out that it was because of Lin Wanting again.

Lin Xiang was so ashamed and angry. Last time, he reprimanded Lin Wanting because she entangled herself to Xiao Wangye. He didn’t even give Lin Furen a face for not teaching her properly. However, it seemed Lin Wanting didn’t learn anything. She didn’t change, rather, she made such a shameful act again. 

Lin Xiang was so angry and rushed to Lin Furen’s room: “Have you seen what your good daughter did? She made our Lin Family lost a face.”

“What happened? What did Chujiu do this time?” Lin Furen’s face was full of shock, but it never came to her mind that it might have been Lin Wanting. Lin Wanting was staying in the Meng Family to show her filial piety. She was with her grandmother in these past few days, which shows that she was teaching her properly. 

“Chujiu? Chujiu is Xiao Wangfei, why would she do something like that? It’s your daughter Wanting. She entangled herself to Xiao Wangye again. And it spread all over the capital.” Lin Xiang’s old face turn red in anger. Last time, he got so angry in Xiao Wangfu that he tried to embarrass them.

He thought Xiao Wangfu’s people were trying to frame Lin Wanting. But now, it seemed that was something she actually asked for.

“How, how is that possible? How did Wanting meet Xiao Wangye in the Meng Family?” Lin Furen just stood up but fell back into the chair in shock.

“What is impossible? Right now, everyone is saying that my second daughter is shameless.” Fortunately, Lin Wanting was not in the house, otherwise, he will definitely slap her face.

At first, because Lin Chujiu keeps chasing after the crown prince, his colleagues keep saying that he taught his daughter how to be bold.

But now, Lin Wanting was also doing the same. This was simply shaming Lin Family’s face.

“There must be a misunderstanding here. How can Wanting do such a thing? It be must be Xiao Wangfei, she must have framed Wanting.” Lin Furen doesn’t believe that her daughter will be so stupid to do that. She has been teaching her. Although she hadn’t learned a lot of things, she was sure she learned at least 8 to 9 points. So, it was absolutely impossible for her to do such a thing.

Lin Xiang certainly considered this matter. Lin Chujiu must have push Lin Wanting to do such an ugly thing, but… …

“Even if Xiao Wangfei framed Wanting, what do you think happened to Wanting’s reputation now? Her reputation has been ruined. When the Emperor received the news, he revealed to me the list of marriage candidate for the crown prince. Wanting’s name was not on that list.” This part was Lin Xiang hated the most.

He had done a lot of things for the crown prince, but now they were saying his daughter was not on the list?

He doesn’t know how many colleagues of him would laugh at him.

“The crown prince, he, he had always like Wanting. How can he not marry Wanting?” Lin Furen felt like her surrounding was spinning, so she grabbed the table to support herself: “Laoye, it must be Chujiu. She doesn’t want Wanting to marry the Crown Prince. She was afraid that Wanting position will be higher than her in the future.”

“Not only Chujiu, but Xiao Wangye also participated in this. Xiao Wangye doesn’t want us to have a close relationship with the crown prince. Xiao Wangye wants to break apart my backing.” Right now, he firmly believed that Xiao Tianyao went to the Meng Family to destroy Lin Wanting’s marriage to the crown prince. He doesn’t want the Lin Family to have a firm connection to the crown prince.

“My Wanting, why her life is so bitter?” Lin Furen was really so sad this time. What her husband said was true, now that Lin Wanting’s reputation was ruined, no one will be willing to marry her in the capital.

Lin Furen was heartbroken, but Lin Xiang was not in the mood to soothe her feelings. After getting angry, he tried making calculations: “You go and enter the palace tomorrow to visit the Empress. We cannot allow ourselves to eat such a big loss.”

His opportunity to have a bigger connection to the royal family was cut off. Lin Xiang’s heart was in so much pain that he also felt his lungs and stomach were hurting. What he was worried about this time the most was, the crown prince might resent him and make things difficult for him… …

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