Chapter 32: Critical and life-saving pills

Doctor Wu stared blankly, as he watched Lin Chujiu poured the salted water on the funnel that was connected to Cao Lin’s mouth. After a long while, Cao Lin’s mouth didn’t even close and not a single drop of water was wasted… …

Doctor Wu also tried to use the funnel before to Cao Lin, but Cao Lin can’t’ swallow and just spit out all the water.

This girl is unbelievable, how can she actually do it?

Doctor Wu’s eyes shine while looking at Lin Chujiu. He knows that at this time, Cao Lin is now out of danger so he must come forward and ask her few questions.

In fact, it’s not because Lin Chujiu has an amazing skills. But, because the other end of the funnel directly reach Cao Lin’s throat so Lin Chujiu can easily pour the water and doesn’t need to worry that Cao Lin might spit out the water.

Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to force Cao Lin to drink a lot of water. So, after she made him drink at least two cups of water, she already stops.

After drinking water, Cao Lin’s lips and face looks a lot better. But, when she touched his forehead, he is still very hot and it seems the high doses antipyretic drug has not yet take its effect … …

But, that matter is not an urgent so Lin Chujiu wipe and clean Cao Lin’s mouth first.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know how exactly did the doctor take care of Cao Lin because his wound got rotten very serious and if she didn’t treat his wound before, Cao Lin’s intestines might have been also rotting.

If she is now in the modern time and she had seen such wound. Lin Chujiu will certainly curse and accused the doctor together with his family for being so irresponsible. But now how can she do that?

So, Lin Chuji didn’t say anything and just quietly clean the wound and try to save him.

Since from the start until the end, Lin Chuji only wear her gloves and continue removing and cleaning Cao Lin’s rotten flesh quietly.

Lin Chujiu continue working and put the rotten flesh she cut into the tray that she had prepared earlier and completely ignored the presence of the people inside the room.

After putting away the flesh, the red blood and yellow pus started flowing out. Housekeeper Cao and the others didn’t feel anything, but when the rotten flesh started piling up into the tray. They couldn’t help but feel disgust and the hair in their scalp started tingling.

Cleaning up the rotten flesh is a very meticulous process. So, they didn’t dare to distract Lin Chujiu who was burying herself in her work. Lin Chujiu felt a faint pain in her left shoulder but didn’t stop until she completely cleared the rotten flesh and sigh in relief.

Finally, everything is done!

After she finished, Lin Chujiu got up and slightly shook her sore arm.

Seeing that Lin Chujiu seems taking a break Housekeeper Cao want to step forward and ask her. But, when she saw Lin Chujiu’s serious face. He no longer dares to speak and obediently retreated.

Lin Chujiu knows that explaining the patient’s illness or condition to the family is a normal duty of a doctor and Housekeeper Cao will continue half of her work in taking care of Cao Lin.

After all, Cao Lin was originally badly hurt. And now because of infection, she had cut off a quiet amount of rotten flesh so she can only put a bandage and wait for the wound to heal slowly.

After she put a bandage with a medicine to Cao Lin’s wound. Lin Chujiu made sure that she had put enough medical tape to securely cover the wound and prevent it from splitting.

When the wound finally got bandaged. Housekeeper Cao and Doctor Wu came forward to help Lin Chujiu wrap the bandage around Cao Lin’s waist.

At first, Doctor Wu and Housekeeper Cao doesn’t believe in Lin Chujiu’s medical skill. But now, both of them rush forward like a big tiger to help her and didn’t dare to show their attitude earlier.

After putting another layer of bandages to Cao Lin’s wound. Lin Chujiu was about to put her hand to Cao Lin’s forehead to check his fever. But then she heard Doctor Wu: “Fever… Fever.. Housekeeper Cao, your son no longer burning up with fever.”

Doctor Wu had tried everything just to lessen and cure Cao Lin’s fever but he failed. And now that he sees with his own eyes that Lin Chujiu had cured his fever in just an hour. He felt so happy, but at the same time felt at lost.

She really is a doctor!

“Really? He doesn’t really have a high fever?” Housekeeper Cao got frozen stiff on the ground. He doesn’t know if he heard the right thing or not. But, when Doctor Wu repeated his words that’s only when Housekeeper Cao confirm that he had heard is real.

“My son has been saved, my son has been saved!” Housekeeper Cao started crying. He turned around to look at Lin Chujiu and was about to kneel in front of her. But, Lin Chujiu’s words stop him in doing so.

Lin Chujiu said: “It’s still too early to get happy. His fever is only temporarily got cured. If he passed through the crisis tonight. Then, he will be really fine.”

Lin Chujiu’s words are like a pot of cold water that got poured on Housekeeper Cao’s whole body and instantly shattered his hope: “Wangfei (Princess), my son will still die?”

Wangfei (Princess)? You… are Princess Xiao?” Doctor Wu ask loudly. He looks at Housekeeper and then looks also to Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu didn’t mind Doctor Wu’s reaction and just said to Housekeeper Cao: “His injury is too serious, so I really cannot guarantee that he will survive. And if he really had a high fever for days, then his brain might have been damage. So, let’s wait for him to wake up and check again.”

The lack of equipment and lack of medicines that she didn’t dare to use and show made things really difficult to Lin Chujiu.

“Then, what should we do?” The series of shocking events made Housekeeper Cao call and pray to six different Gods because he doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Lin Chujiu understand Housekeeper Cao’s feelings. So, she look at Cao Lin and said: “Cao Lin’s injury has been stabilized, so you just need to accompany him this afternoon and give him water every hour. And because he is still in dangerous condition I will be the one to stay with him tonight. But, for now I will go back to my courtyard and rest.”

WhenLin Chujiu was still working in the hospital before, she was used to working for ten hours in a row. But because she haven’t rule out the poison in her current body, she is weaker than ordinary person.

“This slave understand and want to thank Wangfei (Princess) for saving my son.” Housekeeper Cao immediately recovered his mind and kneel in front of Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu wanted to stop him but it was too late… …

So, she only helps Housekeeper Cao to stand up and gave him the medicine that Cao Lin need to take in the afternoon. Housekeeper Cao stands up and carefully wrap up the medicine. Doctor Wu wanted to take a look the medicine but he failed.


After sending out Lin Chujiu and cleaning up the area. Housekeeper Cao went out to see Xiao Tianyao and reported everything that Lin Chujiu had done then showed Cao Lin’s medicine.

Wangye (Prince), this is the medicine that Wangfei (Princess) gave for Cao Lin.” Housekeeper Cao carefully show the three tablets he was holding to Xiao Tianyao. Xiao Tianyao frown his eyebrows and look at the tablet carefully. Then, he sniffs it and repeatedly confirmed. But, he didn’t see anything strange in it.

So, he handed the tablet back to Housekeeper Cao and said: “You can go back now. Leave a piece if there is more.” Xiao Tianyao still wanted to know how and where Lin Chujiu gets such medicine.

“This slave will obey.” Housekeeper Cao quickly nodded his head and carefully wrap the rest of the tablets, afraid that he might accidentally drop them.

Cao Lin was saved by a pill!?

When HousekeeperCao left, Xiao Tianyao didn’t immediately start his work. Instead, he looks at the far distance and rhythmically tap his finger then thought: Lin Chujiu, who exactly are you?

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