Chapter 324: Doctor, have no other intention (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu knew that Meng Daren doesn’t believe her, it’s just he has no other choice. People always paid attention to the doctor’s seniority. The older the doctor was, the more the doctor was skilled. Meng Daren doubts her, but it has nothing with her. Now that they decided to agree to her treatment, all she had to do is to do her best.

“Meng Daren, Meng Gongzi, truth be told, I can’t guarantee that the treatment is not risky. But of course, the risk is not fatal to Meng Gongzi’s life. However, I can guarantee that I can cure him.” Lin Chujiu doesn’t think that only a small throat surgery will take Meng Xiuyuan’s life.

If her medical skills were absurd, she will not graduate at all.

“This is clear to us.” No doctor dared to guarantee treatment was safe, that’s why they were reluctant to accept Divine Doctor Mo’s offer.

As for his son’s life?

Originally, they were worried, but what happened at the Capital’s gate, let them understood what Lin Chujiu means. Lin Chujiu cut the patient’s throat without endangering his life. If they made full preparation, there will be no accident.

When Lin Chujiu heard the other party’s response, she said: “In addition to that, I have some request.”

“Please speak… …” Meng Daren couldn’t help but sit up straight, he knew this was very important. Meng Xiuyuan slightly raised an eyebrow and looked at Lin Chujiu seriously.

He wanted to know what Lin Chujiu wants from the Meng Family.

“When I start operating Meng Gongzi, I don’t want to be disturbed by anyone. If possible, I want you to choose a quiet place and build a new room. I also have some small adjustment for this new room. I hope you can try your best to fulfill them.” The room that Xiao Tianyao used last time still exist, but Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to operate on Meng Xiuyuan in Xiao Wangfu. 

“That’s your request?” He thought Lin Chujiu’s ‘request’ was something the Meng Family had to pay. The huge gap in his expectation made him dumbfounded.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head and looked at Meng Daren inexplicably. “About the room adjustment, I will write it down in detail. Can we start the treatment after half a month? I suffered a little injury before, I wanted to nurse back my health before the treatment.”

Meng Xiuyuan’s illness was not in urgent. It will not affect his life even after 15 days had passed. She doesn’t need to hurry.

“Of course,” Meng Daren instinctively nodded his head. But seeing Lin Chujiu haven’t mentioned her condition, he hardens his scalp and asked: “Xiao… … Wangfei, about the medical fee?” Truth be told, he doesn’t want to get too involved in Xiao Wangfu after the treatment.

The problem in the East was as deep as the sea.

“Medical fee?” When Lin Chujiu heard those words, she was stupefied. After all, she had cured many patients now, but she never received a medical fee.

Lin Chujiu said with embarrassment: “I don’t know much about the medical fee. If you can, you can give me the same medical fee of the other doctors outside.” Lin Chujiu took a lot of money to Lin Furen, she doesn’t really need so much money. Money was not important to her.

Meng Daren thought he heard it wrong, so he asked again: “The same medical fee of the other doctors outside? Are you sure you don’t want anything else or don’t you have any other conditions?”

Although Meng Daren didn’t say it directly, it was too obvious. Lin Chujiu find Meng Daren odd today. Now, she finally understood why.

Lin Chujiu put away the smile on her face and carefully stated her position: “Meng Daren, I know that Wenchang College of Meng Family is famous all over the world. I know the Meng Family has a very good reputation. But, I am not treating Meng Gongzi because of those things, I am treating him because of his illness. I just want to cure him, I have no other intentions to the Meng Family.”

As for Xiao Tianyao’s intentions, she has nothing to do with it. She will not submit her effort to Xiao Tianyao to achieve his goal like before… …

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