Chapter 328: Palace Banquet, Southern Princess (Part 2)

Inner clothes, middle clothes, outer clothes, accessories. The trays were of full of it.

Feicui and Zhenzhu were stunned for a moment, but then their face brimmed with joy: “Wangfei, these must be dresses Wangye prepared for you.” They thought their Wangye will not prepare anything for their Wangfei. Before, when their Wangfei first entered the palace, their Wangye didn’t bother about it, so their Wangfei almost made a fool of herself.

Lin Chujiu took a glanced at it and then said with a smile: “Let’s try the dress you prepared first.”

“Yes, Wangfei.” Feicui and Zhenzhu was happy. Although their embroidery skills were good, it couldn’t be compared to the Embroidery Mama. However, they were still a bit confident in their skills.

The Embroidery Mama didn’t get angry, she just stood quietly like a puppet.

Feicui and Zhenzhu were not people around Lin Chujiu only for decorations. The size of the dress they made was just right. And the complicated pattern they made coincide with Lin Chujiu’s restrain character. It was only a piece of clothing but it made Lin Chujiu’s atmosphere greatly sharp.

“Wangfei is really beautiful.” The four maidservants sincerely praised.

Their Wangfei was actually beautiful, it’s just, she doesn’t like to dress up.

“It’s really good.” People rely on clothes was a reasonable statement.

After they were praised, the four maidservants were very happy. They help Lin Chujiu removed the dress, then said: “Wangfei, let’s try the dress Wangye sent.”

Xiao Tianyao prepared a set of golden palace dress. The style was simple and generous, but the embroidery was extremely delicate.

The cuffs and bottom skirt have a silver lining, which outlines the pattern of Xiangyun (Oriental Clouds). Even if the embroidery was flat, when the light reflects on it, it can be seen the Xiangyun seems to be moving.

With such a detailed and delicate pattern, it was proved that the Embroidery Mama spent a lot of thoughts and time on this set of dress. Not to mention, the dozens of accessories including for this set of dress.

“Beautiful… …” When Feicui and Zhenzhu saw the dress, they couldn’t help but praise.

They burn their brains to think of the style of dress they will make. But, their work still couldn’t compare to the dress their Wangye has prepared.

The four maidservants joked around: “Fortunately, Wangfei first tried the dress we made, otherwise, we will be so embarrassed to take it out.”

“Embroidery Mama’s main job is to make clothes, you really shouldn’t compare yourselves.” The set of dress they made has a dozen matching belts. If it wasn’t specially made, how can someone spend so much effort?

“Well, as long as Wangfei will not loathe our works.” The four maidservants didn’t get embarrassed, they help Lin Chujiu change clothes.

The gold color has always been a special color only for the royal family. Ordinary people, nor noble people cannot wear such color. It was Lin Chujiu’s first time to wear one, so she was also very shocked.

The dress was not only beautiful but very gorgeous. The color doesn’t look as arrogant as the scarlet color. But it gives off a very noble atmosphere, just like an empress.

“Wangye really has good eyes. Wangfei looks very beautiful in gold.” The eyes of the four maidservants widen in surprised.

For a moment, they thought that the woman in front of them was the crown princess, who is preparing to be crowned as the Empress.

“It is beautiful.” No woman will refuse such a beautiful dress, Lin Chujiu was no exception.

The four maidservants spirit was stirred: “Wangfei, let’s try the other dress.”

Their Wangye completely prepared everything. Even the hair accessories and jewelry were matched. All the sets were new, but they tried everything to see which one was the best for Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu didn’t refuse… …


While Lin Chujiu was preparing for the palace banquet tomorrow, the Southern Princess was looking at the information about her. 

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

She came to the East Country for Xiao Tianyao, Lin Chujiu was the biggest stone blocking her way… …

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