Chapter 329: Surprised, what does Xiao Wangye mean? (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao has always known that Lin Chujiu was beautiful. Although he doesn’t have a great sense about the beauty or ugliness of a woman, he knew that Lin Chujiu’s appearance was one among the best. But… …

He doesn’t know that his Wangfei has this stunning side!

Graceful, magnanimity, obviously young, but she doesn’t have an impetuous atmosphere. She was calm and steady, unlike her actual age.

At first, he chooses a golden dress for Lin Chujiu because the gold color represents luxury and honor. Additionally, only the royal family can wear it. She will not be kept in the dark if she stood beside him. But, he doesn’t know that it will give her a stunning effect once she wears it.

However, Xiao Tianyao’s self-control has always been good, he only looked at her once and then swept away his eyes. He only helped her to get inside the carriage.

Lin Chujiu didn’t fail to see the amazement in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes. So, she slightly smiled and raised her hand, then put it gently on his palm.

With Xiao Tianyao’s help, Lin Chujiu get inside the carriage with beautiful manner. But even before she went inside the carriage, Lin Chujiu gave Xiao Tianyao another smile. With this, Xiao Tianyao’s cold face soften a bit.

The carriage was still very spacious like before. Lin Chujiu sat down in the middle of the left side and left the right position to Xiao Tianyao. Unfortunately, Xiao Tianyao didn’t appreciate it. After he got into the carriage, he sat down next to Lin Chujiu, which made Lin Chujiu very surprised.

With Xiao Tianyao’s pride, he took the initiate to stick close to people?

Lin Chujiu was sitting in the middle, there was not enough space for another person. So, the two were sitting very close together. Lin Chujiu slightly frowned her eyebrows and said: “Wangye, your sitting on my dress.”

The silk clothes were good but very delicate. It will leave a mark once it was folded with pressure.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao replied but didn’t actually understand Lin Chujiu’s meaning. Lin Chujiu, who have no other choice, move to the side. They haven’t arrived in the palace, so their dress must be presentable.

The two were separated by half, Xiao Tianyao didn’t move, but stretched out his arm to hold Lin Chujiu’s hand. Looking back, Lin Chujiu saw Xiao Tianyao closed his eyes.

Is he escaping?

Lin Chujiu secretly chuckled and deliberately didn’t pulled out her hand.


Member of the royal family and other nobles have personal passageway in the palace. So, Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao don’t need to squeeze themselves with the officials. Their carriage directly drove inside the palace. A little eunuch busily guides them to stop to the right position.

“Wangye, Wangfei, we arrived.” Xiao Wangfu’s guard stepped forward and respectfully announced for the two people to get off the carriage.

When the little eunuch, who was guiding them heard the announcement, he was scared to death: What? Did I hear it wrong? Xiao Wangye was also inside the carriage? 

Xiao Wangye doesn’t like riding a carriage, he always rides a horse, so how come he went to the palace riding a carriage? 

The little eunuch stared at the carriage until he saw Xiao Tianyao who was wearing a scarlet robe. But, as soon as he saw Xiao Tianyao, his legs soften and he fell on the ground.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t bother to look at the little eunuch, he just stood next to the carriage and waited for Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu didn’t think there was something wrong, so she let herself be helped by Xiao Tianyao.

However, to the four maidservants, who was about to step forward. Their eyes widen in disbelief: Wangye, are you trying to rob our job?

The four maidservants were depressed, but they didn’t dare to go forward. They just stood to the same place and wait for Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu to walked forward. They’ll just follow up close.


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