Chapter 331: Provocation, you don’t serve it (Part 1)

The Southern Princess, Nannuo Yao’s tone was full of provocation. At this time, in such occasion, obviously, she was targeting Lin Chujiu.

Several palace officials couldn’t help but frown and think inside their heart: What is the meaning of this? Is the Southern Princess provoking our Eastern Princess?

When the emperor heard this, he was also dissatisfied. Regardless of what attitude he has towards Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu, an outsider shouldn’t just provoke them, it’s just… …

The Southern Princess is a guest. He is the emperor of this country. It’s not right to reprimand her in public. At this time, if they have to teach this little princess a lesson, only Lin Chujiu could do it herself, but… … 

Lin Chujiu was acting like she didn’t hear of it, she didn’t answer her back. She just had this shallow smile and dignified posture. She didn’t stand up, as if the Southern Princess didn’t exist in her eyes.

Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu both completely ignored the Southern Princess.

For a long time, the banquet hall completely stayed quiet. The Crown Prince and the Eastern Prince, who remain standing there, couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, but they just couldn’t leave Nannuo Yao alone.


However, who knows who suddenly laughed. Nannuo Yao suddenly felt embarrassed. While, the Crown Prince and Eastern Prince, refused to wait for her anymore. The two tacitly walked forward and left Nannuo Yao alone, then sat in their designated place.

Nannuo Yao was left standing alone in front of Lin Chujiu. Everyone thought the Southern Princess will go back to her seat in an angry manner. But, who would have thought that she will open her mouth again: “Xiao Wangfei, is this how your Eastern Country treat your guest? Didn’t you hear what this princess ask you?” 

This Nannuo Yao certainly knows how high was the sky. She was not stupid and arrogant. It’s just, she believed that in the Eastern Country, a simple-minded and high-spirited princess will make the East Emperor put down his guard than to a clever and high-profiled princess. If she acted like this, the East Emperor will agree for her to marry Xiao Tianyao.

Wasn’t Lin Chujiu given to Xiao Tianyao because she was stupid and arrogant from the very beginning?

She, Nannuo Yao can also do the same.

When Lin Chujiu heard Nannuo Yao’s words, she couldn’t help but smile and said: “You already know I am Xiao Wangfei but still asking, is this how your Southern Country teach their princess?”

The Southern Princess couldn’t tell if Lin Chujiu was faking her attitude or not, but it was good if Lin Chujiu will have difficulty in this situation. If she lost her face here, she will be scared to see her face again.

“If it weren’t for you sitting beside Xiao Wangye, who will know that you are Xiao Wangfei, so can’t this princess ask you such question?” Nannuo Yao’s tone was still as provocative as before.

Anyway, she was acting stupid and arrogant right now, so she doesn’t know how high is the sky. There was nothing to be scared about this issue. All the people sitting on the throne has no good reputation in this world.

“If it weren’t for you coming in with the emperor, who will know that you are the Southern Princess?” Lin Chujiu’s tone was still soft, but the meaning of her words was not polite.

Nannuo Yao couldn’t help but gritted her teeth. Her face turn fierce in anger: “Are you looking down on me?”

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know if this princess can’t really understand the situation, or just deliberately pretending to be stupid. But in this short while, she finds it hateful to entangle with this princess, so she faintly said: “Princess, are you sure you will not sit yet? Everyone is waiting for you.”

“The banquet is not starting and waiting for me, what about it?” Nannuo Yao said with full of arrogance.

For a moment, Lin Chujiu saw the original owner of her body in Nannuo Yao. Prideful, arrogant, and stupid.

But… …

It’s hard to tell if it’s true or not.

Lin Chujiu knew that the original owner of her body was really stupid. But as for this little princess, it was really hard to tell.

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  1. Thanks for the updates!
    I hope that stupid princess will not pull Xiao Wang into this because he’ll destroy her. Probably worse than he did with Lin Wanting.

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