Chapter 332: Willful, not in the eyes (Part 1)

“The emperor of South? Hmph… A barbaric thief is also called an emperor.” Xiao Tianyao said, his voice was not loud, but the meaning can directly poke a person’s heart.

Nannuo Yao’s face instantly turned “pale”, her body even staggered. But in the end, she bites her lips and said: “Xiao Wangye, please be careful with your words.”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t pay attention to Nannuo Yao, his gaze passed through her body, as he asked the emperor: “Imperial brother, is there still a palace banquet?” Meaning, if the emperor doesn’t want to continue, he should quickly dismiss everyone. He has no interest to be together with all these people.

“Ahem, ahem… …” The emperor loudly coughed and said to Imperial Concubine Zhou: “My beloved concubine, Princess Nannuo Yao accidentally soiled her clothes, you go and accompany her to change clothes.” Obviously, the emperor was siding to Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu.

With this, it can be said that the Emperor and Xiao Tianyao’s fight was only the East Country’s business. Princess Nannuo Yao was too naive to join in. Only her thinks that if she slapped the Eastern Country’s princess, the emperor will give her so much face.

Nannuo Yao’s face became more and more ugly, she wanted to open her mouth again. However, when she looked up, she saw the empress’s gentle face but eyes full of warning.

This was the Eastern Country, not the South. Who was she to continue showing off her arrogance? If she continued to fight with Xiao Tianyao, only her will suffer in the end.

Nannuo Yao took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in her heart. She brought out a smile and said with full of tenderness: “Thank you, Huangshang. But, this princess doesn’t dare to bother Imperial Concubine Zhou. Xiao Wangfei and this princess have the same age. It’s better to ask Xiao Wangfei to accompany me to change clothes.”

Imperial Concubine Zhou just stood up, but when she heard Nannuo Yao’s words, the smile on her face got stiff. The expression on her face even became sluggish for a moment.

This little princess dare not to bother a concubine like her, but dared to bother Lin Chujiu, a wangfei? Obviously, she was using her to step on Lin Chujiu’s head.

Imperial Concubine Zhou never likes to be used by anyone. But this Princess Nannuo Yao dragged her into muddy water, so she won’t be polite anymore.

Imperial Concubine Zhou sat back steadily and said in a gentle way: “Princess Nannuo Yao, I’m afraid that you don’t fully understand the rules in the royal family. Xiao Wangfei is a princess, but she’s not familiar in the palace. If Princess Nannuo Yao mainly feels troubled to bother this imperial concubine, then let the palace maid accompany you.” Although the meaning in Imperial Concubine Zhou’s words was not clear, it was enough to make Nannuo Yao’s face change.

Without waiting for Nannuo Yao to agree, Imperial Concubine Zhou said in a loud voice: “Someone come and serves Princess Nannuo Yao to change clothes.”

The Emperor didn’t stop Imperial Concubine Zhou, he silently supported her words. A palace maid came forward and respectfully guide Nannuo Yao. However, Nannuo Yao remained standing in the same place. She didn’t take any step to leave.

In such an awkward occasion, no one could open their mouth. Everyone thought that the situation will freeze again. But the next moment, Xiao Tianyao raised his cup and said to the emperor: “Imperial brother, this younger brother give you a toast.”

There was no flowery words, Xiao Tianyao didn’t even stand up. But, he broke the silence inside the imperial hall. The emperor also took his cup and sip.

“Huangshang, this prince of west, also give you a toast.” The Prince of West, Ji Fengyu, when he saw a chance, he stood up and offer a toast. He tried to control the situation this time.

Today’s palace banquet was for the representative of South and West. However, Nannuo Yao snatched all the limelight. Although she lost her face in public and cause such trouble. It can’t be denied that he was completely ignored by everyone.

Although their military power was the weakest among the four countries, he cannot let them belittle them.

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  1. If I was living in this novel, and didn’t have all the author’s explanation about people’s intentions , I wouldn’t have understood a thing !
    it’s like this someone came and asked the princess for her name, the princess didn’t reply and the person got angry. eventually the princess splashed that person with whine. the person insisted the princess apologizes and come with them to change their clothes. but the princess didn’t.
    Honestly how are they coming up with all those scheme interpretations. am I ignorant and people actually think like that !
    Thanks 4 all the chapters Translator-San .

    1. I am a carefree person, I don’t like bothering with other people’s business or socializing so much. So i’m sure if I’ll be trasmigrated in this kind of novel, I’ll die in chapter 1. lol

      1. yes… so do i… sometime i can’t get it when people talking with implicit meaning… poor me…

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