Chapter 335: Heartbeat quickens, are you satisfied? (Part 1)

A gentleman would rather be killed than be humiliated. When Xiao Tianyao shames her father earlier, she endured. But now, she can’t bear it, if she bears with it again, she is not worthy to be called Princess of the South.

The words of the two little girls were full of gunpowder. However, the error this time was indeed in the East. The Emperor didn’t help the little girl, instead reprimanded her: “Qian Ting, you quickly apologize to Princess Nannuo Yao.”

“Imperial Uncle Emperor, I didn’t say anything wrong, Uncle Xiao just said so.” Qian Ting, the little girl in a red dress, Princess Fushou Zhang’s daughter, tilted her neck and refused to admit that she was wrong.

Lin Chujiu understood that the little girl just wanted to save her face, but she repeatedly pulled Xiao Tianyao into the muddy water, which was not a smart move.

Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao, Xiao Tianyao shook his head slightly, indicating that she doesn’t need to get worried.

“You…” The emperor was extremely angry. Princess Fushou Zhang busily stood up and said: “Princess Nannuo Yao, this little girl is not sensible, please don’t take it to heart.”

“She humiliated my father, but you don’t want me to take it to heart?” Nannuo Yao didn’t retreat. Princess Fushou Zhang knew that this matter was not easy to solve, so she swept her eyes towards Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao: “This is not Qian Ting’s fault alone. This child just followed the tongue of the adults. Tianyao, this elder sister speak the truth, right?”

Princess Fushou Zhang hasn’t forgotten that Xiao Tianyao humiliated her. So now that she has found an opportunity to humiliate Xiao Tianyao, how could she just let it go?

Xiao Tianyao didn’t look at Princess Fushou Zhang, he just sat there quietly, as if he didn’t hear her words.

Nannuo Yao looked at Princess Fushou Zhang with full of taunt: “Princess Fushou Zhang, it seems Xiao Wangye doesn’t think the same.”

Princess Fushou Zhang‘s face slightly got stiff, her tone became bad: “Tianyao, you are her uncle, you should take responsibility.”

“Uncle?” Xiao Tianyao took time to look at Princess Fushou Zhang, but with a trace of mockery: “Benwang remembers that Qian Ting is the child of the Northwest Hou family. How did she become benwang’s niece?”

According to the rules, although Princess Fushou Zhang’s daughter was granted the title of a country’s lord, she can never call the emperor and Xiao Tianyao as an uncle. But in order to show their closeness to the royal family, Princess Fushou Zhang let her sons and daughter’s call them imperial uncle. It’s just Xiao Tianyao never agrees to it.

Everyone knows this matter, it’s just no one dared to mention it. After all, the emperor himself didn’t say anything. Why do they need to feel sorry for this princess anyway for such a trivial matter? Xiao Tianyao said it in public undoubtedly to slap the princess in the face.

Sure enough, Princess Fushou Zhang‘s face darken immediately: “Tianyao, do you still have this princess in your eyes?”

Xiao Tianyao looked up and swept his cold eyes towards Princess Fushou Zhang: “Does benwang need to put you in his eyes?”

It was very common words, but Princess Fushou Zhang had a cold sweat in her back.

Without waiting for Princess Fushou Zhang’s answer, Xiao Tianyao said another sentence: “You said Qian Ting was afflicted by benwang’s words, does it mean you want benwang to apologize to the Southern Princess?”

“This, this is how it should be. You insulted the Southern Emperor first, Qian Ting just learned it from you.” Princess Fushou Zhang said without guilt.

Xiao Tianyao suddenly coldly snorted: “You are a princess of the East. Don’t you know that there are things benwang could say, but your daughter is not worthy to speak?”

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 335: Heartbeat quickens, are you satisfied? (Part 1)

  1. This scene reminded me of a comment I read at novelupdates someone was criticizing how some novel didn’t have an accurate portrayal of Chinese culture. they said : in one scene in a banquet by the emperor, people were even throwing wine at each other and the emperor didn’t do anything. Dejavu
    Thanks 4 the chappie.

    1. Im curious, what should be the accurate scene to portray the chinese culture? The emperor usually portray as a dragon, so should he punish or kill all the insolent in front of him? Is that it?

  2. Hmm good question, I think it would be something like my grandfather who used to be a military man. I got to witness first hand just how scary he was . when he gave an order people scrambled to do it no one dared to disobey . given the emperor has the authority to let heads roll he should command even more respect right .
    There was even that one empress that cut off the hands and legs of her late husband’s concubine and blinded her calling her the human swine. and when she heard of one of her grandchildren badmouthing her for killing his mother (not the same woman as above), she locked him and killed him . so u get the picture… Thank god we aren’t living in ancient worlds.

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