Chapter 339: Assassination, alone (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao didn’t go in the same path with the palace ministers. When they came out, they separated from them. On the road, with the guide of the eunuch, they came to the place, where their carriage stopped.

Without question, Xiao Tianyao once again robbed the maidservant’s job and helped Lin Chujiu get on the carriage. Lin Chujiu didn’t find anything wrong with it. She calmly put her hand to Xiao Tianyao’s hand and went inside. Leaving the guards and maidservants stunned in the same place.

At home, their Wangye let the maidservants serve his wife. But, why now that they’re outside, he doesn’t pay attention to their identity?

If this thing gets out, others might laugh at their Wangye!

Inside the carriage, the two were still sitting together. Lin Chujiu thought that there will only be silence along the way. But, who would have thought that, as soon as Xiao Tianyao get inside, he said: “The Princess of the South’s attitude is exactly the same as you before. The emperor gave you to benwang, as to bring disaster like that to Xiao Wangfu.” So, he really wanted to kill Lin Chujiu from the very beginning. 

Such a crazy woman marries and enters his door, will eventually bring disgrace to his face.

“Huh… …” Lin Chujiu was embarrassed, and carefully recall the real Lin Chujiu’s behavior. But, she was not sure: “Am I really arrogant like that?”

Not to be inferior in any aspects. Although benwang didn’t pay much attention to it, benwang heard Lin Furen visit door to door, just to apologize for you.” Lin Furen’s reputation as a benevolent mother comes to this.

Whenever Lin Chujiu causes trouble, Lin Furen never blamed her. Instead, Lin Furen will always go personally to apologize to the people she offended and took all the blame on to herself.

“The strange thing is, you never cause trouble in front of the royal family and nobles, isn’t that very interesting?” Xiao Tianyao said. In other words, Lin Chujiu only offend people that can be suppressed by Lin Furen.

“You know what is going on, why bother asking?” Lin Chujiu got angry and arrogantly avoided to face Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao was really annoying this time. Did he talk about the past to laugh at her stupidity?

“No, benwang doesn’t know. Benwang is curious whether you don’t understand your behavior or deliberately cooperating with Lin Furen.” Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu.

Nannuo Yao was also just acting stupid and arrogant tonight, but she was actually not. She inevitably had a plan in mind. On the other hand, the real Lin Chujiu just doesn’t care to lose face, as long as she was happy.

“Is this important?” Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao with a gloomy face.

How is she going to answer this question? Can she tell him that the past and present were two different people?

“Not important.” Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to talk about it, so Xiao Tianyao didn’t chase after the topic. He only said: “You be careful with Lin Furen, she looks at you like a sore in the eyes.”

That flash of killing intent, others didn’t notice it, but Xiao Tianyao, who is a martial god didn’t miss it.

“I will pay more attention.” Lin Furen gave her a chronic poison, so it’s not strange. However, Lin Chujiu feels like there was another person, she needs to put a guard on.

“Wangye, have you met Princess Nannuo Yao before?”‘ Lin Chujiu asked.

“The Southern Princess?” Xiao Tianyao was quite surprised. But then, shook his head: “Never seen her.”

“Well, if you haven’t seen her, how come she was so against me?” Wasn’t it because of  Xiao Tianyao?

“She learned about you from before.” Nannuo Yao thought she was clever enough, but she didn’t expect that her target was not stupid. Nannuo Yao thinks she was a tiger biting a dog.

“Not that, didn’t you notice it today, she was targeting me the whole time?” Lin Chujiu doesn’t think she was wrong. Nannuo Yao tried to conceal it, but there were still some traces.


* not to be inferior in any aspects (idiom) – much worst.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 339: Assassination, alone (Part 1)

  1. Ok, maybe a different culture, but what is so shocking about the fact that the husband will help get his wife to the coach? I understand if she was serving her at the table or she walking with him by the arm, or if he kiss her in hand (it really will be shocking), but such a small gesture?. It’s looks like husband even if treat good wife it’s only mean that he allow her serve him personally.

    1. I’m watching the story of ming lan, but i always see the most trusted maid assist the main madam in getting inside the carriage. Or maybe im not paying attention too much. LOL

    2. It is probably a status thing. That is a servant’s job but the high and mighty Wangye is demeaning himself to do it. Very shocking. Possibly to compare it with modern views closer to like a husband helping his wife put on her shoes? Maybe?

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