Chapter 343: Monitoring, all directions (Part 2)

After the third prince and the seventh prince separated on the road, the seventh prince went to the empress’s palace courtyard. When he entered, he heard the empress’s violent coughing. The seventh prince immediately comes inside, disregarding their identity. He knelt in front of the empress’s bed and anxiously asked: “What happened to you imperial mother?

*Ahem, ahem*

The empress covered her mouth with a handkerchief and secretly wiped the blood on her mouth. She gently touch the seventh prince’s hand and said in a gentle way: “Imperial mother is fine, just had a cold last night.”

“Really?” The seven prince didn’t believe it at all. The empress got up from her bed to prove that she was not lying: “Imperial mother is really okay. Silly child, rest assured, mother wants to see you get marry and have children.”

“Imperial mother, you keep lying down.” The seventh prince helped the empress and refused to let her stay up. The seventh prince sat on the bed and held the empress’s hand tightly: “Imperial mother, Imperial Uncle Tianyao will go to the battlefield after two days. This is a good opportunity for us. If something bad happened to Imperial Uncle, Sister Chujiu will definitely come to save him out of love. Maybe, we can contact someone from the central empire to delay her.”

When the empress thinks of Xiao Tianyao’s care towards Lin Chujiu. Her heart already give up. But, when she saw the worry in her son’s eyes, she nodded and said: “Little seven, rest assured, mother has long made an arrangement.”


When the imperial decree was sent, news about Xiao Tianyao’s nearing expedition was posted on the public board. At that moment, the atmosphere in the capital has changed. The street suddenly had many passersby. The spies of all the countries went crazy. Especially, the spies of the North.

When the spies of the North learned that Xiao Tianyao’s legs were cured, they knew he will lead an army and go in the battlefield again. So in order to take down cities of the east before Xiao Tianyao could send his troops, they dispatched martial gods. They wanted to defeat the east in one fell swoop, but… …

The battle was harder than they thought. And instead of achieving their desired victory, they only give Xiao Tianyao an opportunity to appear in the battlefield a bit more ahead of time.

Xiao Tianyao’s nearing expedition is extremely unfavorable for the Northern Country. They must find a way to prevent him from appearing on the battlefield, or they must kill him before he even wins in his first battle.

The news quickly flew from the east to all over the countries. Although their actions were all in secret, it was after all under the foot of the emperor’s territory. Their movements were so big, so how could the emperor not know about it, it’s just… …

He was aware, but will not care.

Spying was an unclean activity. However, even if he killed these batch of spies, the other countries will not stop from there. Instead, they might send out more spies to the east, and they might hide deeper.

So rather letting this thing to happen, it’s better to keep these batch of fools. He already know where these spies are. His people have long been monitoring them.

The action of these spies seems to be in secret. But in fact, everyone knows it, it’s just no one tried to mention it.


When Su Cha received the news last night, he hasn’t closed his eyes, he collected all the latest information for Xiao Tianyao. Su Cha lies on his table and said: “The spies all over the countries are crazy. The south, the west, and the north, even the central empire is paying attention to your upcoming battle. The road ahead will not be peaceful.”

There were too many people who want Xiao Tianyao to die. Not only the North Country want Xiao Tianyao to die while on the way to the battlefield, but also the Southern and Western Country.

Without Xiao Tianyao, the eastern and northern war will drag for a long period of time. By the time the east military power greatly reduced, it will be their country’s opportunity to rise… …

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  1. If everyone wants him to die and he doesn’t want the throne, why can’t he just doe and go away with Lin Chujiu. Unless, he still wants power to ascend the throne.

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