Chapter 344: Set out, dark tide (Part 1)

The capital and the other four countries were monitoring Xiao Tianyao’s upcoming expedition. Countless people were very eager to take advantage of this opportunity and come up with good calculations from it.

Many people have been busy seeking partners to cooperate with them and to prepare something in advance. However, the Xiao Wangfu, who has the greatest connection with this matter, was very peaceful.

Even as a party involved, Xiao Tianyao didn’t get busy because of this expedition. Xiao Wangfu was also not in a panic state. What’s supposed to be a normal event is not happening, so people couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

“What does Xiao Wangfu mean by this? Are they not preparing for the expedition?”

“Is Xiao Wangye paying attention to this war?”

“Xiao Wangye has long been expecting this to happen, so he prepared everything in advance.”

“Last time expedition harmed Xiao Wangye, so he will not make any arrangement this time. When he came back, he became so indifferent.”

“Xiao Wangye was seriously injured that time. It is very difficult to say how far his body recovered now. Moreover, his elite troops suffered a heavy lost under Eminent Xu’s mistakes in command. This war is very difficult to win.”


Since Xiao Tianyao’s upcoming expedition was publicized, different kind of remarks has spread all over the capital. Most people were not optimistic about Xiao Tianyao.

Su Cha opened his mouth and said as a joke: “Although those people can’t see the actual events, their words were half true. This war is not good for you. Whether it is North, South, or West, no one wants to see you win.”

If Xiao Tianyao lost in this battle, the Eastern Country’s strength will inevitably drop. And Xiao Tianyao status will also drop. Without Xiao Tianyao’s title as the God of War, the other three countries can feel at ease.

“No harm will be done. Before the war is over, the emperor will not let benwang die.” Xiao Tianyao understood very well the situation. Since the emperor sent him to the expedition, the emperor accepted reality. Even if he wanted to take back his military power again, he will not joke about his country.

“On the way to the battlefield, the emperor will definitely protect you. What I’m worried about is, if someone does something to you during the battle, or after the battle, so that you will never come back.” A year ago, as soon as the victory was on the sight, the emperor set up a group of assassins to kill Xiao Tianyao.

At that time, aside from the East emperor, the other three countries also took a shot. In the face of experts in the martial arts of the four countries, although they got out of the trouble, they also paid a huge price.

“The emperor will not use the same strategy, but even if he used it twice. It will be more impossible for him to kill benwang.” What is there be afraid of?

When Su Cha sees Xiao Tianyao as the victor, he didn’t continue to pursue the matter. He only said: “After you leave, what are we going to do in the capital?”

“Wangfei will decide.” Xiao Tianyao simply said.

Su Cha was shocked and worried: “Wangfei, is she willing?” Su Cha doesn’t doubt Lin Chujiu’s ability, what he was worried about is, if Lin Chujiu was unhappy and unwilling, after all… …

Xiao Tianyao hurt Lin Chujiu’s feelings.

“She will be willing.” Xiao Tianyao knows that Lin Chujiu is wise. Even if she was unwilling, she will still do what should be done: “If Xiao Wangfu fell, the first person who will be unlucky is her.” 

Lin Chujiu should have understood by now, that if he dies, his enemies will not let her live. Even if Lin Chujiu has the ability, she cannot escape from all of those people.

“I’m relieved to hear that.” Now that Lin Chujiu will manage the overall situation, Su Cha felt at ease. However, as a good friend, Su Cha reminded Xiao Tianyao: “Wangye, you will leave in two days. I don’t know how long you will be gone. Do you want to take this opportunity to go out with Wangfei and cultivate your feelings?”

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