Chapter 345: Torture, small knife (Part 2)

Seeing the time not too early, Liu Bai pulled Su Cha’s clothes and said: “The hour is late, we should go back now, let’s not delay Wangye and Wangfei’s rest.”
Liu Bai has no other meaning, but his last words made Xiao Tianyao frown his eyebrows.

Knowing that Lin Chujiu doesn’t wait for him before she rests, Xiao Tianyao thinks that Liu Bai deliberately said those word.

“Ha Ha Ha… …” Su Cha laughed so bad, this Liu Bai’s tongue was really like a small knife: “You are right, let’s not delay Wangye and Wangfei’s rest. Wangye will leave soon in an expedition, so they must have a lot to say to each other.”

Su Cha also tried to be a small knife, making Xiao Tianyao speechless.

The coldness around Xiao Tianyao’s body increased, his eyes that swept over Su Cha and Liu Bai, were like a sharp knife.

Liu Bai was stunned, Su Cha, on the other hand, responded quickly and pulled Liu Bai to rush outside… …


Xiao Tianyao sat alone in the study room for a long time, he only stood up when the table lamp burned out.

Outside the door, the guards and the shadow guards not only remained firm but also stayed silent.

Every day at this hour, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t notice anything before. But now, he suddenly felt that Xiao Wangfu was too quiet.

Deadly quiet, there was no trace of liveliness.

When he got out, he turned left and go all the way through the backyard, where Lin Chujiu lived.

This place’s appearance looked very different. When Lin Chujiu hasn’t lived here, this place was almost like a ruin. Otherwise, the yard in front will not only be a lawn.

Xiao Tianyao never came here before, but ever since Lin Chuji lived here, he almost came every night.

Xiao Tianyao remained standing outside, he didn’t get inside. After he looked at it, he turned around and walked back.


The moment Xiao Tianyao appeared, a shadow guard fell in a dilemma, in fear that Xiao Tianyao would try to come inside again.

His task to stop their Wangye wasn’t easy at all. Even if their Wangye didn’t punish him, he was still very scared!

“It’s great Wangye didn’t come inside.” Several shadow guards felt relieved.

It wasn’t easy to be caught in the middle.

“Ai ya, Wangye really looks pitiful. Did you see Wangye’s back? His back looks very lonely, making people wanted to cry.” The youngest shadow guard said. He just joined in, so he hasn’t seen Xiao Tianyao’s coldness.

When the other shadow guards heard his words, their eyes widen in shocked: “Which eye of yours has seen Wangye’s shadow lonely? His back is as tall as always.”

A few shadow guards had arguments, adding a bit of fun to the silent night. Unfortunately, no one heard it aside from them.


When Lin Chujiu got up in the morning, the four maidservants served her as usual, it’s just… …

When Lin Chujiu preparing to read a book on the swing, a shadow guard said to her: “Wangfei, Wangye came over last night, but didn’t enter the yard. Wangye only looked at the entrance and left.”

The shadow guard didn’t mean anything else. He simply thought that their Wangye was pitiful.

The entire Xiao Wangfu belong to their Wangye. When was their Wangye ever treated so cold like this? Their Wangfei was so cruel.

Lin Chujiu’s hand that was holding the book tighten, but she nonchalantly said: “Really?”

Her casual tone showed that she doesn’t care about Xiao Tianyao, but only she, herself knew that she was actually upset… …

Xiao Tianyao’s actions these past two days really pissed her off.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know how to explain it. However, every time she got disappointed to Xiao Tianyao, he will press her harder and will not give her a chance to breathe. But when she was ready to give him a chance, Xiao Tianyao will just suddenly let it go.

Again, he’s so good in torturing people… …

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