Chapter 346: Dinner banquet, will people have stomachache (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu checked her appearance, when she determined there was no problem, she walked towards the front yard.

In the front yard, Su Cha and Liu Bai were accompanying Xiao Tianyao to wait for Lin Chujiu. In the beginning, Su Cha complained about why Lin Chujiu was so slow and said a woman shouldn’t act so pampered like this. However, when he heard Xiao Tianyao said that he didn’t tell Lin Chujiu about tonight’s banquet. Su Cha immediately shut his mouth and look at Xiao Tianyao without any sympathy.

If Xiao Tianyao keeps this up, it will be very impossible for him to enter their Wangfei’s door for his entire life.

Su Cha suddenly sympathized with Lin Chujiu, she had to live with a man like Xiao Tianyao for a lifetime. How many more suffering she must have experience?

Lin Chujiu was late, but none of them felt that there was something wrong with it. Su Cha’s face was filled with a smile, as he was reading to pay respect. However, before he could do so, Xiao Tianyao stepped forward and interrupted him: “The time is not too early. Let’s go.”

“Yes, Wangye.” Lin Chujiu replied, and the two walked in the direction of the carriage, leaving Su Cha standing in the same place… …

Liu Bai was responsible for the safety of other people in the banquet tonight, so he has to follow the two. When he walked past by Su Cha, he patted his shoulder and said: “You…restrain your grief.”

“What restrain your grief? I didn’t say anything.” Su Cha punched Liu Bai, but he avoided him in a flash.


The carriage in front still has the logo of Xiao Wangfu, but it was not the usual one. The space inside was very large, not even a single tea table could be seen. The floor was covered with a snowy white blanket, which could make a person hesitate to step into.

“Do you want to take off your shoes?” It’s so clean, Lin Chujiu really couldn’t afford to step on it.

It’s a pity to step on it and make it dirty.

“Mmm.” Well, this was what he used to sleep, so of course, he can’t step his shoes on it.

Lin Chujiu was glad that she doesn’t have athlete’s foot, she took off her shoes and put it on the side, then step with bare feet. The blanket was so soft and comfortable, if Lin Chujiu was not afraid to wrinkle her clothes, she really wanted to lie directly on it.

In just one glance, Xiao Tianyao understood what on Lin Chujiu’s mind, but he didn’t say anything. He took off his outer coat, and then directly sat down on the blanket and leaned his back.

His legs were slightly curved, his head was resting on a porcelain pillow, his hair was laid down. His appearance couldn’t be said as lazy, but rather tempting… …

After Lin Chujiu took a glanced, she firmly removed her eyes.

This man is really… … so annoying.

The smile in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes got even more obvious. He poked Lin Chujiu with his finger and said: “Take off your coat and lie down.”

“No!” Lin Chujiu shook her head firmly.

Her coat was very complicated to remove. But of course, that was not the important thing. The main point was if her clothes and hair got messy, how will she explain it when she gets outside?

“Going to the banquet outside the capital takes one and a half hour, are you sure you will sit all the way?” Xiao Tianyao didn’t hesitate to tell the ‘seriousness’ of the matter. But when Lin Chujiu heard his words, she said: “One and a half hour, can you guarantee that your clothes and hair will not get messy?”

The bumpy road can easily mess up the hair. It’s true that half lying down was better than just sitting. However, Lin Chujiu was a bit hesitant… …

Seeing Xiao Tianyao occupied most of the area, Lin Chujiu firmly shook her head.

Just kidding, she really wanted to lie down, but can she lean and use Xiao Tianyao’s arm as a pillow?

“Do as you like… …” Xiao Tianyao simply said.

Inside the carriage, there was Lin Chujiu’s existence. Even if he wasn’t embracing the actual person, Xiao Tianyao still feels at ease, and soon, he fell asleep.

Maybe, this sleep will be a good one in this entire year… …

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    It’s called: Golden Age Legitimate Fei

    1. You’ve tempted me to read it (I’m not the translator btw) ,however could everyone please just stop dissing XTY he is improving and it’s nice to see the changes in him . every girl wants a bad boy to transform because the nice ones are too boring. if he was good starting the first chapter i would’ve already gotten bored.

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