Chapter 347: Pampering, satisfying all the fantasies (Part 2)

There was no trace of confusion, nor drowsiness in his deep eyes. His eyes were clear and calm. If Lin Chujiu didn’t know that Xiao Tianyao really fell asleep, she would think that he only closed his eyes.

Xiao Tianyao’s clothes and long hair were in chaos. They need to be sorted out before they get off the carriage. Lin Chujiu don’t have the intention to wait for Xiao Tianyao, but… … Xiao Tianyao blocked the door.

Lin Chujiu helplessly said: “Wangye, you are blocking my way.”

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao casually responded with a hum but didn’t give way. He took his outer coat from the hanger and dressed in front of Lin Chujiu. Then, said with a natural tone: “Collar, messy.” Meaning, Lin Chujiu should help him fix it out.

 Lin Chujiu didn’t speak, she only looked at Xiao Tianyao in silence.

This man, is he so bored?

Xiao Tianyao also didn’t speak another word, he only bent his waist a little in front of Lin Chujiu. The meaning of his action was very clear.

The two people’s line of sight intersected, but there were no romantic sparks. Only a bland confrontation. And neither of them want to give in.

As time passed by, the guardsmen that were waiting outside couldn’t help but stare at the door. But still, Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu didn’t show up their face. The guardsmen’s face darkens one by one.

What are Wangye and Wangfei doing inside the carriage?

A long time had passed, why they’re still not coming out?

If they delay any further, the Southern Princess and the Western Prince will arrive.

The guardsmen were anxious, they thought of reminding their masters, but no one could dare to speak. They could only hope for the two to hurry up.

Inside the carriage, Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao were still staring at each other. But as time passed by, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but knitted her eyebrows, while Xiao Tianyao’s face was still expressionless. He hasn’t achieved what he wants, so he will not give up.

With that, it can be seen that he still care about winning or losing.

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t care if he loses his face, but Lin Chujiu was not as shameless as him.

They are the masters of this banquet, they should make arrangements in advance, so why are they wasting time inside the carriage?

After a while, Lin Chuji sighed helplessly, then she stepped forward and sort out Xiao Tianyao’s collar.

She admitted that she was defeated!

Cold fingers touched his neck. If it was other people, Xiao Tianyao will definitely kill people before the other party gets close to him.

The neck was extremely fragile, so it was an excellent place for a sneak attack. Xiao Tianyao never let other people touch him. Even Su Cha and Liu Bai were no exception. Only Lin Chujiu was given this chance.

Lin Chujiu’s speed was fast, she fixed Xiao Tianyao’s collar in just a minute or two. Xiao Tianyao also no longer drag the matter, when his collar was fixed. He sorted his sleeves and the front side of his coat all by himself.

Xiao Tianyao rarely let people get close to him, so there were no people serving him. He always takes care of his clothes on his own. After fixing his outer coat, Xiao Tianyao also quickly fixed his hair neatly. It can be seen that he was very accustomed to it.

The next moment, the serene looked in his face has disappeared. The usual cold and indifferent Xiao Tianyao appeared in front of her again.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t cause trouble to Lin Chujiu again. He turned around to picked up shoes. Lin Chujiu sighed and decided to wait for Xiao Tianyao to finish wearing his shoes. But then, Xiao Tianyao picked her up shoes and not his.

“You help benwang fixed his clothes, benwang will help you wear your shoes.” Xiao Tianyao said while holding Lin Chujiu’s embroidered shoes. And without any hesitation, he calmly crouched in front of her: “Lift your feet!”

“… …” Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao, and for a moment, she forgot to react.

Is she dreaming?

Xiao Tianyao, who was so proud, actually crouched in front of her to help her wear shoes?

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  1. I don’t know what it is… this is the first time that I don’t actually like the ML that much.. even after so many chapters…

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