Chapter 350: Disgrace, offending the dead (Part 2)

When Xiao Tianyao’s pair of cold eyes swept over him, he became timid again.

When Ji Fengyu saw it, he also took back the idea of helping the Crown Prince. He just slowly eat his meal.


The Crown Prince didn’t dare to help Nannuo Yao again, so Nannuo Yao awkwardly stood in the same place with burning eyes. This shameful event was recorded under Lin Chujiu’s head.

When the servant noticed the awkward situation, he guided Nannuo Yao to take a seat again. Nannuo Yao didn’t refuse this time. She coldly snorted and went over the screen. But… …


As soon as Nannuo Yao walked into the screen, the sound of shattering bowls sounded. Even her dissatisfaction to Lin Chujiu was heard: “Xiao Wangfei, is this how you treat your guest? You trapped this princess alone in the backyard, you didn’t wait for this princess to sit first before you eat. Do you have this princess as your guest in your eyes?”

Hateful events came one after another, so Nannuo Yao, who was so proud could no longer suppress her anger. She released everything to Lin Chujiu as soon as she saw her.

Lin Chujiu looked at the half-ruined food, then frowned: “Princess Nannuo Yao, if you want to make trouble without a cause, don’t blame it on me. You’re welcome.” This Princess Nannuo Yao, does she think all the people in the East will bow down their head on her and let her arrogance aside?

“You’re welcome, are you being polite to me? How should I say this, it seems Xiao Wangfei you don’t understand how to treat this princess as a guest, right?” Nannuo Yao’s voice was so loud, it was very clear that she wanted Lin Chujiu’s image to get ugly.

When she finished saying those words, she continued to say: “Oh, I forgot, Xiao Wangfei’s mother died so early, so no one taught you these things. Then, I guess it doesn’t matter.”


Lin Chujiu slammed the table and stood up, then said: “Princess Nannuo Yao, apologize!”

Lin Chujiu doesn’t really want to bother to care with Nannuo Yao, but there was a limit to everything. Lin Chujiu had no feelings for this dead mother of her, but it doesn’t mean she will let Nannuo Yao humiliate her.

She admits that she had no mother in her previous life or in this lifetime, but it doesn’t mean she didn’t learn anything.

“Apologize? Are you kidding me?” Nannuo Yao showed a sly smile on her beautiful face.

Remembering that she was trapped in the backyard this afternoon, and the fact that Xiao Tianyao humiliated her, Nannuo Yao really wanted to kill Lin Chujiu.

Nannuo Yao proudly walked closed in front of Lin Chujiu, then she contemptuously hit the sorest part of her, by saying: “You’re nothing but a sly flower, a woman who’s chasing after a man. This princess only calls you Xiao Wangfei to give you a face.”

Nannuo Yao said in public. Half of the reason for this was, she loses her mind in anger, and she wanted to shame Lin Chujiu.

She doesn’t believe that Xiao Tianyao didn’t care about Lin Chujiu and the Crown Prince’s past relationship. She doesn’t believe that Xiao Tianyao truly fancies the woman that the emperor gave to him.

“Princess Nannuo Yao, you are really good… …” Lin Chujiu was really angry this time, she doesn’t want to give Nannuo Yao a slap in the face, but: “Princess Nannuo Yao, this slap is the price for speaking the unspeakable. My matter in the east is not something for an outsider like you to judge.”

Lin Chujiu’s entanglement to the Crown Prince was not a secret in the East. Many people knew about it. Nannuo Yao mentioned it in the face of Xiao Tianyao to make his heart feel uncomfortable, and so that Lin Chujiu will have bad luck.


When a loud slapping sound was heard, not only Nannuo Yao was shocked, but also the men to the other side of the screen, including Xiao Tianyao, was shocked.

Is Lin Chujiu’s temper still so bad?

However, Nannuo Yao really shouldn’t have played around. Lin Chujiu and the Crown Prince’s past relationship was something she shouldn’t have mentioned… …

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  1. How fitting. She desreves it. I really wanted to see xiao tianyao backed her up by saying.

    “U hurt benwang’s wife with your face. Should this king tolerate you for hurting my beloved wife’s hand?”

    Then had someone disfigured that face. Hahahahahah

  2. I guess this will be the longest of waiting next chapter for me, so excited n can’t wait to see how the most restrained person like lin chujiu got lost her temper. And once again crushes a crazy bitch nannuao yao

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