Chapter 351: Cruel, no man can accept (Part 2)

“Do I have to explain for you to understand why you suddenly disappear this afternoon? And why do you always targeting me? Do you think you have covered your intention too well?” Lin Chujiu coldly said while looking at Nannuo Yao disdainfully. Nannuo Yao dared to pour dirty water on her head, then she must ready herself to face the consequences.

In this kind of thing, there was no need to elaborate more with words to be understood. But… …

Lin Chujiu said in an awe-inspiring tone: “A princess, who hasn’t bestowed a marriage, followed and chased after my husband, and because she failed to meet him, she’s releasing her anger at me, arbitrarily slandering the crown prince and my innocence. Is this how the south educate their princess?”

Nannuo Yao’s mind was in chaos, she felt a little bit guilty, but she still said in an angry manner: “How the south educate their princess has nothing to do with you. After all, it’s still better than your Lin Family. They educate their daughter to chase after a powerful man. Xiao Wangye marrying you, literally a disgraced. You think that… …”

“Enough!” Xiao Tianyao interrupted Nannuo Yao, then coldly said: “Princess Nannuo Yao, no matter what purpose you have, benwang will remember this thing today. Someone come… …”

“Xiao Wangye, I was just… …” Nannuo Yao still wanted to speak, but no one pays attention to her. The servant respectfully came forward and said: “This slave is here.”

“Take Princess Nannuo Yao away and send her back to the palace.” Nannuo Yao didn’t try to control her mouth, and so Xiao Tianyao did the same. But, he didn’t show that Lin Chujiu and the Crown Prince’s matter shook him up.

“Xiao Wangye, you can’t do this to me, I am a princess of the South.” Seeing Xiao Tianyao maintaining Lin Chujiu’s dignity, Nannuo Yao didn’t get mad.

Xiao Tianyao was maintaining Lin Chujiu’s dignity, but she knew he was angry at her.

Xiao Tianyao ignored Nannuo Yao and waved his hand for her to be drag away. Nannuo Yao didn’t struggle, she even said she would go away on her own.

But before leaving, Nannuo Yao looked at Lin Chujiu with provocative eyes and proudly smile.

To no surprise, Nannuo Yao’s provocative actions were quite effective. At least, it made the Crown Prince and the others wonder.

No one would have thought that tonight’s dinner banquet will turn out like this.

Everyone present in the room was thinking about Nannuo Yao’s words, but no one dared to entangle themselves in this thing.

Lin Chujiu was also very angry inside her heart. But at this time, she shouldn’t act guilty, nor embarrassed. She exposed Nannuo Yao’s plan.

Lin Chujiu had nothing to do with the general situation, so she generously said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this thing to happen. This afternoon, when Princess Nannuo Yao arrived, she chased after Wangye. In order not to embarrass Princess Nannuo Yao, Wangye didn’t stop her but ignored her, which made Princess Nannuo Yao dissatisfied and stirred up this trouble in the banquet.”

Lin Chujiu didn’t explain or prove her innocence, she just simply state those words. Letting everyone think how unreasonable Nannuo Yao is.

Ji Fengyu almost dies in awkwardness, so when he heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he immediately gave a follow-up statement: “No wonder Princess Nannuo Yao keep targeting Xiao Wangfei. In this case… … Xiao Wangye is truly blessed.” His last sentence was meant to be a joke, as to make the atmosphere lively.

When Xiao Zian noticed it, he also tried to liven the atmosphere: “Imperial Uncle, you are really charming. Princess Nannuo Yao only sees you in her eyes and fall in love with you whole-heartedly. Imperial Aunt, this is really terrible… …”

The Crown Prince originally felt guilty, but it was very obvious that no one wants to mention the issue about him. So, in order to prove his innocence, he also jokingly said: “Imperial Uncle, I’m scared for you. This Southern Princess is really daring.”

Everyone said one sentence after another, trying to hide the awkward atmosphere. Soon enough, the atmosphere became lively again, as if they didn’t hear Nannuo Yao’s provocative words, but… …

Just because they act indifferent, doesn’t mean their heart has forgotten… …

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  1. thankyou for the chapter waiting for there be problems between lin chiju and xiao tingxiao because of this stupid princess plan ? if it hapens this princess nanuo should live a life worth (peor) thant death

  2. Arrrrggffhhhh.. I really wished tianyao would just hug his wife In front of them all and announce it to the world. There would be no other than her for me!

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