Chapter 352: Tenderness, lost something (Part 2)

With such a thought in mind, the Crown Prince looked at Lin Chujiu’s eyes. Seeing Lin Chujiu’s face looked peaceful and calm, and her manners were graceful. His eyes flashed with a trace of confusion. Is this the Lin Chujiu that he knows?

Even after Nannuo Yao humiliated her, there was no trace of gloominess in her face, which can make people impossible to look at her.

With such a thought in mind, the Crown Prince’s eyes couldn’t help but flash with a bit trace of sadness. The vulgar thoughts in his heart also disappeared.

The Crown Prince stood up, but Xiao Tianyao remained sitting. He only raised his cup but didn’t drink. He impolitely warned him by saying: “Crown Prince, your Imperial Aunt’s age is too young to be your elder. But remember, if there will be next time, don’t blame benwang for being impolite.”

To make it clear, before, he was only secretly supporting Lin Chujiu. But now, he expressed it very clearly.

The Crown Prince’s face became pale and said with a bit difficulty: “Yes, Imperial Uncle. This prince will remember.” He was only being polite, but Xiao Tianyao unexpectedly warned him.

In front of the two younger princes, the Crown Prince was disciplined by Xiao Tianyao.  The Crown Prince couldn’t get out of the dilemma, he could only look at Xiao Tianyao cold’s face. He didn’t dare to say another word, he only sat down after drinking the wine.

After killing the chicken to warn the monkey. Xiao Tianyao didn’t attack the others after beating the Crown Prince. They just continued to eat their meal.

After the meal, the servants in the courtyard arranged another place for everyone to enjoy the scenery.

The Crown Prince was unwilling to go, especially, after seeing Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao harmoniously standing together.

The Crown Prince doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. Before, when he saw Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao standing close together, he doesn’t feel anything. But seeing the two of them tonight, he felt like something was pressing his heart.

However, in this kind of occasion, the Crown Prince was not allowed to go. He has to go with them, even if he doesn’t want to.

Xiao Zian was leisurely walking at the back, so he saw how uneasy was the Crown Prince. And he saw him spoke to Lin Wanting to the side. Xiao Zian couldn’t help but sigh with regret.

The Crown Prince will understand sooner or later that he has lost something.

Xiao Tianyao brought them to another pavilion not only to listen to the sound of rain but also to enjoy the scenery of other people’s houses. Of course, today’s weather was good, there was no rain at all. But to enjoy the scenery much better, Xiao Tianyao specially made an arrangement.

A group of people responsible for calling rain came to the pavilion. Not long after, the rain fell down from the sky. Looking up above, they saw the bright moon, but the rain constantly falling to the pavilion.

The raindrops sound like silver bells. The sounds seem to have rhythm, making people unconsciously intoxicated.

Before, Xiao Zian has leg problems, so he never went outside the palace. But because he read thousands of books, his knowledge was not less than the average person: “Listening to the sound of the rain is called the Night Wind from the ancient book. Imperial Uncle, letting us hear this wonderful sounds, this prince truly admires.”

“Small things.” Xiao Tianyao said with indifferent tone, he didn’t put Xiao Zian’s words in his heart.

Listening to the rain in this pavilion was just out on a whim. After finishing his business, if Su Cha didn’t remind him, he wouldn’t have thought of taking Lin Chujiu out of the capital.

When the Crown Prince saw Xiao Zian constantly smooth talking with Xiao Tianyao, he also didn’t let this chance slide: “Imperial Uncle, listening to the sound of rain has become quite popular. So before, this prince built a pavilion with the same design of this rain pavilion in his courtyard. It’s just, this prince hasn’t tried it.”

What Lin Wanting has said was right. If he wanted to stay as the crown prince and ascend to the throne. He needs his Imperial Uncle’s support. Or if he can’t win his Imperial Uncle’s support, he shouldn’t let the Third Prince win his favor… …

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