Chapter 354: Didn’t ask, don’t have the intention to sleep (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu were the owners of the mansion. So they naturally stayed in the largest courtyard. Who knows if it’s intentional or not, but the servants only cleaned up the master bedroom, and only prepared a quilt in there.

Lin Chujiu didn’t speak, she just quietly went to the bathroom to wash. When she went back, Xiao Tianyao, who also finished to freshen up, came in with cold eyes. Feicui was about to dry Lin Chujiu’s hair, but she was scared to stay because Xiao Tianyao was around.

Lin Chujiu sighed and waved her, indicating Feicui to leave. Feicui ran outside in a hurry as if someone was chasing behind her.

“Wangye, do you have something to say?” Lin Chujiu took the towel to personally wipe dry her hair.

About her and the Crown Prince’s relationship before, Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything earlier. But this time, seeing Xiao Tianyao scrupled face, he must have wanted to ask. So, Lin Chujiu psychologically prepared herself.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao stepped forward and took the towel from Lin Chujiu’s hand. He didn’t use internal force, he used the towel to dry her hair.

Lin Chujiu didn’t refuse, nor steal back the towel. She let Xiao Tianyao do what he wants and waited for him to open things up.

Xiao Tianyao opened his mouth to speak, but his words were very different from what Lin Chujiu expecting. He said: “Benwang will give assistance to the Crown Prince, so he will get busy during the time benwang is away from the capital.”

How could Lin Chujiu not understand what Xiao Tianyao actually mean as ‘busy’? She knew that the Crown Prince will be busy with Xiao Zian.

“As for the Southern Princess, you don’t have to worry about her, she is nothing but an idiot. She caused trouble tonight. The Emperor will use this opportunity to get a benefit to the South. He will help you block her. What you should pay attention to is, the Southern Fifth Prince behind her. He has already arrived in the East. If no problem arises these days, he will probably appear when benwang leaves.”

“As for Fushou Zhang and Mo Yuer, don’t worry about them, the Empress will help you block them. But of course, you have to be careful about the empress.”

Xiao Tianyao slowly made his speech, every word drawn the image of the situation in the capital altogether. Although he will leave Lin Chujiu in the capital, he did his best to stop every trouble that may arise in front of her, but still… …

“These arrangements can only be blocked on the surface. If they really make calculations to you, you can only rely on yourself.”

“I know.” Lin Chujiu gently nodded her head, trying to hide the irritability and powerlessness in her eyes.

No matter how good Xiao Tianyao made arrangement, once he left the capital, she will become a person without shelter. If something bad happened to him on the battlefield, those people will immediately crush her in this capital.

“You must come back safely.” If this happened during the early days of their marriage, people will only see her as a widow. But now, she’s afraid that it will not work.

“Are you worried about benwang?” Xiao Tianyao’s mesmerizing tone revealed that he was in a good mood.

However, Lin Chujiu immediately poured cold water on him. “Wangye, don’t think too much. I am just worried that if you die, I will have no backing.”

“So originally, you’re only worried about no backing.” Xiao Tianyao’s face sank, he wrapped his finger around Lin Chujiu’s long hair and forcefully pulled it… …

This woman should be ought to teach a lesson.

“Oh… it hurts!” Lin Chujiu busily grabbed her hair and turned her head to face Xiao Tianyao: “Wangye, do you have anything else to say or ask?”

Aren’t you going to mention anything else about the Crown Prince?

“You deserved this pain.” Xiao Tianyao pushed away Lin Chujiu’s hand on her head, then he continued to wipe dry her hair. Seeing Lin Chujiu still staring at him: “Close your eyes, benwang has nothing to ask you.”


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