Chapter 358: Pushes far, the emperor is not happy (Part 1)

Xiao Tianyao’s speed was extremely fast. He arrived at the rainy mansion before dawn. After bathing, he was full of spirits. There was no trace of fatigue on his face. No one will think that he traveled back and forth a hundred miles last night and killed countless people.

If Lin Chujiu didn’t saw him leave last night wearing night clothes. She will also think that he just slept well last night and didn’t do anything bad.

Lin Chujiu secretly looked at Xiao Tianyao, but whenever their line of sight was about to meet, she will sweep away her eyes… …

Not long after, the Crown Prince and others came over. Contrary to Xiao Tianyao’s refreshing appearance, the Crown Prince and Ji Fengyu’s face was pale, and they have dark circle under their eyes. At first glance, it can be seen that they didn’t sleep well last night.

Presumably, the two just tossed around themselves and think about what happened last night. Guessing all night who could be the person took a shot at Xiao Tianyao.

The Crown Prince and Ji Fengyu’s mind was shallow. Lin Chujiu could easily guess what’s on their mind by seven to eight points. On the contrary, Xiao Zian and the Seventh Prince looked good and they a charming smile on their face as if nothing happened last night.

As for Lin Wanting?

She obviously doesn’t know what happened last night, but looking at her, she seemed a bit low in spirit. Presumably, she had thought a lot of matters about love… …

However, Lin Chujiu just kept all these thoughts inside her heart.


When everyone arrived, the servants quickly served the breakfast. Everyone eat their meal without saying a word. The room was so quiet as if everyone was sleeping. Except for Lin Chujiu, the other people’s mind obviously was not on the breakfast.

After finishing their meal, the Crown Prince and Ji Fengyu looked at Xiao Tianyao as if they wanted to say something. However, they couldn’t open their mouth. So, they waited for Xiao Tianyao to take initiative himself, but… …

Even with their obvious actions. Xiao Tianyao only acted like he didn’t see anything. Not to mention, even Lin Chujiu. After finishing her meal, she excuses herself to arrange things for everyone’s departure.

As the hostess, this reason was impeccable. But, Lin Wanting, who rarely get smart, seemed to have noticed the situation was not right. Seeing it, she also followed behind Lin Chujiu.

Xiao Tianyao and the Crown Prince discussed something. Lin Chujiu had no idea about it. She only knew that after they waited for an hour. When the two came out, the Crown Prince’s facial expression obviously looked a lot better. Everyone could tell in a glance.

Lin Chujiu shook her head while smiling. Xiao Tianyao was really ruthless. He just used a sweet strategy to slap the face of his enemy, but the Crown Prince was feeling flattered.

Just like the last time, Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao stayed in the carriage with white blankets, which can be used to sleep. Xiao Tianyao sleep all the way to the Xiao Wangfu… …


While Xiao Tianyao was having a good sleep, the other people were feeling miserable.

When Xiao Tianyao left the southern hidden village last night, he let his people reveal the location to the emperor’s secret spies. And soon, the news was sent to the emperor.

This matter was of great importance. So, whether it is true or not, the emperor must send people. At the same night, a thousand elite soldiers departed the capital and quietly came to the hidden village, but… …

They didn’t expect that the seeming looking ordinary mountains in front of them, were full of traps everywhere.

After losing more than 300 people, they finally found the southern hidden village before dawn, but… …

Nobody was there!

If there were no more than a hundred dead bodies on the ground. They will think that they have only been played.

“Find them!”

Seven hundred elite soldiers searched the whole village. They tried to find the people who were hiding. and tried to search for traces of their departure, but… …


There was nothing at all!

From dawn until daylight, the emperor’s elite soldiers didn’t find any living person. The traces in the villages showed that there were at least thousands of people living in there, and most of these people were trained assassins.


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