Chapter 360: Waiting for her, glorious life (Part 1)

Good people, in the end, do things beautifully. Although she wrapped the porcelain bottles carefully, Lin Chujiu still decided to look for a medicine box. However, even after turning upside down the cabinet, she didn’t find a satisfactory box.

Without other choices, Lin Chujiu took out a small medicine box inside the medical system with a lock.

The small medicine box was only a little bigger than palm size. It was very easy to hold. After putting the medicines, Lin Chujiu also put some bandages on the remaining side, so as to avoid breaking the bottles.

Things are now ready, but how she will give it to Xiao Tianyao?

Does she need to deliver it personally?

If she let the maidservant send it, she will look less affectionate. And in case of Xiao Tianyao visit to thank her, she will spend energy to send him away.

“How annoying!” Lin Chujiu threw the medicine box on the bed, then… …

She took a shower!

Lin Chujiu was not a clean freak, she just developed such a habit when she starts working in the hospital. After work, she will feel very uncomfortable if she will not wash.

She doesn’t have mysophobia, this was just a strange disease that doctors acquired!

Every day she was in the hospital. A place where you can find all the virus and bacteria. Who knows if she got some on her body, so Lin Chujiu couldn’t sleep well if she will not wash.

Bathing was also her way of relaxing. Lin Chujiu liked and enjoyed it very much. When she’s taking a bath, she emptied her brain, relaxing her body, letting the surrounding heat open her pores and comfort her body.

After bathing, Lin Chujiu went back to the room and let her maidservants dry her hair.

When her hair gets dry, Lin Chujiu decided to read a book. But when she was preparing to read, she saw the medicine box she threw on the bed.

“Forget it, I’ll go and send it myself.” Lin Chujiu grabbed the medicine box and went outside.

There is no possibility that a man like Xiao Tianyao will be wronged.

As she went outside, she met Zhenzhu and Shanhu. The two asked: “Wangfei, it’s late, you still want to go outside?”

“Mmm.” Lin Chujiu simply cried. Zhenzhu and Shanhu didn’t dare to ask another question. They just let Lin Chujiu wait for a while to get lanterns. Then, they lead the way.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t believe that she wouldn’t alarm anyone that she will go to visit Xiao Tianyao. So, she didn’t mind taking Zhenzhu and Shanhu with her.

With the faint candlelight, Lin Chujiu slowly walked forward. Zhenzhu and Shanhu didn’t dare to ask where Lin Chujiu is going, they just hold the lanterns and closely followed behind her. Seeing Lin Chujiu heading towards their Wangye’s courtyard, the two blinked their eyes, as they secretly rejoiced inside their heart.

Their Wangye and Wangfei finally reconciled. If these two people had a fight again, they will get in trouble.


It’s not easy to travel during the night, plus the road was quite long. Lin Chujiu walked for almost a quarter an hour, which was longer than usual.

Seeing the guards at the entrance of the courtyard, Lin Chujiu asked: “Is Wangye now resting?”

“No, Wangye is in the study room.” The guards actually wanted to say that their Wangye was originally about to sleep. However, after hearing she was about to come, he went back to his study room.

Originally… …

Their Wangye said he had unfinished work to do, but people with discerning eyes could tell that he was waiting for their Wangfei.

But of course, these guards will never dare to say those words to Lin Chujiu.

The guard with a wood looking face opened the door for Lin Chujiu and respectfully made a gesture for her to enter. However, he didn’t let Zhenzhu and Shanhu come inside. Shanhu opened her mouth, wanting to reprimand the guard, but she was pulled away by Zhenzhu.

Zhenzhu didn’t open her mouth, she only stared at Shanhu with a meaningful look: Wangye and Wangfei need time to be alone, why are you going inside? 

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