Chapter 361: People, internal fight (Part 2)

“She indeed deserves to be punished. After she got married, if she only caused trouble and play, then she might be able to keep her life, but she didn’t. She wants to be the protagonist, then zhen will be the villain.” When the eyes of the emperor flashed with killing intent, the eunuch had a cold sweat on his back. He lowered his head and said: “Huangshang, half an hour ago, Imperial Concubine Zhou visit Princess Nannuo Yao.” Regarding this matter, the eunuch doesn’t really want to say. But seeing the emperor hated Xiao Wangfei so much, he didn’t dare to hide it.

“Why did Imperial Concubine Zhou visit Princess Nannuo Yao?” The emperor frowned and his eyes were full of impatience.

Ever since Nannuo Yao came to the east, the only thing she did is to cause trouble. Although most of them were directed at Xiao Wangfu, none of them was fruitful. Because of this, the emperor was very dissatisfied with this princess.

“This slave heard that when they talked about the matter of the heart, she learned Princess Nannuo Yao is actually smart.” The eunuch reported with interesting tone.

Imperial Concubine Zhou and Nannuo Yao were not close. But, she took the initiative to come and find her to talk. So to say there was no deep meaning to it, that would be impossible.

The emperor immediately became interested and summoned Imperial Concubine Zhou.


Imperial Concubine Zhou seems to have long been expecting that the emperor will summon her. In just a short moment, she arrived and paid her respect: “Huangshang.”

Her voice sounds very charming. Listening to it, the emperor’s heart couldn’t help but get soft. Just when Imperial Concubine Zhou half kneeling, the emperor said: “My love, you don’t need to pay respect. Come have a seat.”

As soon as Imperial Concubine Zhou sat down, the emperor asked: “My love, zhen heard that you went to see Princess Nannuo Yao?”

“Princess Nannuo Yao is naive and straightforward. This concubine like her since the first time I saw her. And since this concubine has time, she naturally came to visit.” Imperial Concubine Zhou deliberately spread this news, so she will naturally not deny it.

“Really? What did you say to her?” The emperor asked carelessly.

He believes that Imperial Concubine Zhou is a smart woman, so she naturally knows what he was specifically asking.

Imperial Concubine Zhou unhurriedly said: “This concubine heard what happened to the rainy mansion last night. And then head to Princess Nannuo Yao to ask. Princess Nannuo Yao really has a big temper. This concubine cannot stand by idly and watch, so this concubine gave her advice.”

Imperial Concubine Zhou said with a bit trace of encouragement.


When Imperial Concubine Zhou met Nannuo Yao, she only said three paragraphs, the first one was: “Princess Nannuo Yao, you and Lin Chujiu are not the same. Even if you continue embarrassing yourself, act clumsy or ignorant in front of the emperor. The emperor will not allow you to marry Xiao Wangye.”

After Nannuo Yao asked why, Imperial Concubine Zhou gave an answer, which was her second paragraph: “Because you have the southern country behind you. You are the favored daughter of the southern emperor, that’s why Xiao Wangye could never marry you.”

It’s not because Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to get married again, but because the emperor will not allow Xiao Tianyao to marry a woman with power.

The emperor agreed with the Empress’s proposal, to let Xiao Tianyao married Lin Chujiu as the main wife because Lin Chujiu was Lin Xiang’s daughter, who was good for nothing. She will not be useful to Xiao Wangye. The only family she could rely on was the Meng Family. And Meng Laofuren’s influence has long been suppressed. She also has no use to Xiao Tianyao.

The third paragraph that Imperial Concubine Zhou gave to Nannuo Yao was: “Princess Nannuo Yao, think about it, do you think these reasons are not acceptable? In addition, this concubine wanted to give you advice. Think about the person who gave you such a bad idea, not only he discredit your reputation, but also the southern country.”

The last sentence Imperial Concubine Zhou said was actually her main goal on finding Nannuo Yao. Xiao Tianyao asked her to say these words with deep meaning.

Xiao Tianyao wanted the southern people to have an internal fight. It’s best if Nannuo Li, who was hiding in the mountains, will be bitten by Nannuo Yao… …

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  1. “After she got married, if she only caused trouble and play, then she might be able to keep her life.” Uhm… if she’d done that Xiao Tianyao would have killed her a long time ago, stupid emperor

    1. Those two don’t like each other. If Nannou Yao knows Nannou Li is trying to kill the one she loves, she may use her influence as the favored daughter to cause him trouble?

  2. So NY is so intelligent that now she will be used to attack her own country? It’s rather called useful idiot than smart person.

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