Chapter 369: Embarrass, must succeed (Part 1)

When he received news that Xiao Wangfu’s people came and said that the treatment will go according to the agreed time, Meng Xiuyuan was relieved.

He was actually not so calm and indifferent as what he looked like. He waited for 23 years to get this chance to speak. But, the palace came up with such a deceitful plan, so how could he not be angry? How could he not get worried?

However, he knew very clearly, that this was part of the people in the palace’s calculations. So, if he suddenly rushed to enter the palace, he will fall into their trap. At that time, Lin Chujiu will cure his illness, but their Meng Family will owe the emperor. And Lin Chujiu will owe them as her life-saving grace.

Calculating it, he and Lin Chujiu both lost, only the people in the palace gained something, but… …

Fortunately, Xiao Wangfu was not vegetarian. Under the eyes of the emperor, they brought Xiao Wangfei out of the prison. The Xiao Wangfu was really unfathomable.

Meng Xiuyuan’s finger unconsciously wrote the word “Jiu” on the table, and his black eyes flashed with unknown meaning.


After Lin Chujiu was imprisoned in the palace prison, the emperor and the empress didn’t care about her anymore. In their eyes, Lin Chujiu was only a woman even if she has medical skills. She has no ability to get out of the palace prison. They only need to watch the event outside, to not let any Xiao Wangfu’s people save Lin Chujiu.

Besides, Lin Chujiu was still not clear of her crimes. If she escaped, she will only add sins to herself. The Emperor and the Empress don’t think that Lin Chujiu would be so stupid to endanger herself for the sake of Meng Family.

The palace was peaceful, everyone was just doing their job in an orderly manner. The chaos in Luanfeng Hall also ended as soon as the poison was cleared in the seventh prince’s body.

The Emperor accompanied the seventh prince for one night and just left when the morning came. When the emperor left, it didn’t take long for the seventh prince to wake up.

Or more likely, the Seven Prince has long been awake but pretended to be sleeping until the emperor left. When he sensed there were no other people, he opened his eyes.

“Imperial mother… …” The Seventh Prince, who was lying in the bed faintly said. When the Empress heard of this, she rushed to the bed and held the hand of her son. She said while choking: “Little Seven, you finally woke up, you scared mother.” The Empress never thought to use the Seventh Prince to make calculations at Lin Chujiu. Her original plan was to use the Crown Prince. Unfortunately, she was robbed first.

“Imperial mother, I am fine.” Although the Seven Prince woke up, he was still feeling weak. He wanted to wipe the tears of his mother, but he could only comfort her with words: “Imperial Aunt save me, she detoxify the poison.”

“Chujiu saved you?” When the Empress heard this, her face slightly changed.

The Seventh Prince nodded her head, then asked: “Imperial mother, did something happened to Imperial Aunt?”

“Yes,” The Empress was quite feeling uncomfortable, but she didn’t conceal things to the Seventh Prince: “She was imprisoned by your imperial father for poisoning you.”

“Imperial Mother, Imperial Aunt saved little seven.” The Seventh Prince frowned his eyebrows and he felt guilty inside his heart.

In the end, he was still a child, the conscience in his heart hasn’t completely eradicated.

The Empress embarrassingly said: “Imperial mother knows, you don’t have to worry. Imperial mother will deal with this matter. Your father will not embarrass Lin Chujiu, he will let her out after 3 or 5 days.”

What they actually want is for the Meng Family to bow down their heads and promise a few conditions to the East before they let Lin Chujiu to cure  Meng Xiuyuan.

The Seven Prince didn’t believe his mother, he only stared at her face. He only moved his eyes, when the Empress repeatedly nodded her head: “Imperial Mother, I’m tired.” His heart also felt tired.

Lin Chujiu has always been good to him. If it weren’t for his mother’s illness, he really doesn’t want to approach her.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 369: Embarrass, must succeed (Part 1)

  1. I am just wondering how will Meng family explain the sudden recovery of Meng Xiuyuan if Lin Chujiu is in the Imperial prison. Or she will pretend to cure him after she has been let out by the Emperor? I cannot wait to see how this play ends.

    Stupid Empress!! Who ask her to plot so much? She almost killed her own son. I wonder whose stupid advice did she follow or she was pushed by the Emperor.

    1. Maybe they still will pretend that he is mute to the moment they come back to they country.
      And it was not plot from empress but Mo Yuer, empress propably think about some kind of ‘you offended me’, but now it’s emperor who can pretend righteous. And it’s looks like that 7th prince also make his own plans what a scary family. What a luck that now we can laugh from wealthy and not only count for their benevolence.

  2. Did 7th Prince care anything about Lin Chujiu? When they first met, I did not think so. I certainly did not think he had much of a conscience. Did his attitude change because she saved him?

    Also, Mo Yuer putting poison in the snacks. Did she know that 7th Prince would barge in and eat them? Would have made more sense (to me) if she were trying to poison Lin Chujiu with the Empress as a bonus if she ate them.

    It feels like I missed something.

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