Chapter 369: Embarrass, must succeed (Part 2)

“Good boy, just rest, mother will stay here to accompany you.” The Empress caressed the forehead of the seventh prince, and stick her cheek to his face while trying hard not to let her tears fall.

How cruel of heaven to treat them, mother and child like this.

After the Seventh Prince fell asleep, the empress slightly cleaned up herself. When she regained her usual elegance and grace, she went to the side chamber with the help of the Old Mama.

In there, there were dozen of people. These people were all palace maids in Mo Yuer’s courtyard. Whether they were involved or not, the Empress tied them up.


Not long after Lin Chujiu got inside the carriage, she arrived at the agreed place where she will cure Meng Xiuyuan.

It can be seen, that the agreed place was a new wooden house. The new wooden house only has three rooms. But it was circled with very tall stone walls. They can’t see anything outside.

When the Shadow Guard showed his token, someone opened the gate and let their carriage go inside.

In a closer look, people will find the yard very clean.  There were no flowers or plants. The courtyard was covered with wooden flooring, which made it looked extremely luxurious.

In addition, the courtyard has no threshold. Even outside the three rooms in the house has no threshold. It was very convenient for the carriage to get in and out.


Lin Chujiu got off the carriage, and Meng Daren came out and personally greet Lin Chujiu as soon as he received the news: “Xiao Wangfei is really a trustworthy person. Yesterday, when I received the news from the palace. This old man is very worried that Wangfei cannot come.”

“I made a promised to Meng Daren, naturally I will do it.” Lin Chujiu smile and calmly said. She looked completely unaffected with the current event in the palace.

While she was still inside the carriage before, she received news from Xiao Wangfu that they found out the person who put the poison and slandered the Seventh Prince. And also, tried to put the blame on her. There is conclusive evidence at hand, they were just waiting for her to return.

“Xiao Wangfei not only have high medical skills but also has high medical ethics. This old man can’t but truly admire.” If he was only thankful to Lin Chujiu by seventh points before, now he was completely thankful.

Lin Chujiu will cure his son but only asked for a medical fee. She didn’t ask for help in the name of the Meng Family. Their Meng Family, although their heart was full of doubts, Lin Chujiu kept her heart clear.

Obviously, knowing the current situation in the capital was not good for her, her best shield will be their Meng Family. However, she didn’t use them, she even came to the agreed time of treatment, which made them really admire her.

Although there was no difference between early treatment and late treatment, for them, another day is a torment.  Lin Chujiu completely stood in their position and considered their thoughts. So, how can they not felt move?

Yesterday, the palace went imprisoned Lin Chujiu for her crime, but people with discerning eyes could see that the emperor and empress only intend to make connections with the Meng Family. The event completely has no connection to her, the real goal was their Meng Family, but… …

Lin Chujiu didn’t sit idly and drag them to the incident. So how can they not feel grateful to her?

Their Meng family cannot be swayed easily by the kindness of people. But with aLin Chujiu’s kindness to them, they will never forget.

Meng Daren didn’t say any sweet words to Lin Chujiu, he only shared the sentiments in his mind. After the pleasantries, he led Lin Chujiu to the room.

Lin Chujiu and Meng Family’s meeting went smooth, seemingly didn’t wake up any storm, but in reality, it was only calm after the storm.

Lin Chujiu’s whereabouts were kept in the utmost secret. The spy in the palace didn’t know that she had left, but… …

Every move of the Meng family was under the supervision of the emperor. When the emperor learned that the Meng Family left the capital, he couldn’t help but frown, he immediately ordered someone to go to the prison and check Lin Chujiu… …


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  1. I hope that Lin Chujiu will not get caught by the Emperor. That would be so unfair.

    As for Mo Yuer, why can’t she die already? Still hanging around in the palace causing problems.

    1. I’m curious why this Meng Family didn’t think about some smokescreen. They are scholar and couldn’t think that they are spied?

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