Chapter 37: Hitting the face and posting a note

After Xiao Wangfu (Mansion) sent back all the people that Lin Family had sent as part of Lin Chujiu’s dowry. Lin Family sell those maidservants for a high price and sent the money to the Wangfu. Which clearly shows that they want to start a conflict.

After all, Lin Family is one of the people that is loyal to the emperor and the crown prince. And although Prince Xiao is his son-in-law, but he is on the opposite side. So, if they successfully made Xiao Wangfu look bad to the outsiders, then even the dogs that is under the emperor doesn’t need to be afraid anymore.

Lin Family had said whatever they want to fight back, but… …

Xiao Tianyao didn’t even put their actions in his eyes and just sent Housekeeper Cao to Lin Chujiu, so that she will deal with them on her own. Housekeeper Cao went to Lin Chujiu’s courtyard and reported. “The Prince had said: Whatever Lin Chujiu want to do with the Lin Family, benwang (I) will agree and won’t intervene.

Obviously, he wanted to push everything to her. Lin Chujiu got angry and blurted out: “Xiao Tianyao, you bastard. Obviously, you just want to put me in a difficult situation but do you need to make it sound like your concern?”

“Ahem… …” Housekeeper Cao cough immediately to remind Lin Chujiu to lower her voice. If Prince Xiao learns what she had said, things won’t turn out good.

Although Prince Xiao normally doesn’t show any care to what ordinary people had said. But, once the Prince learn that there is something missing in their report. Prince Xiao will always remember it.

After all, their prince’s heart is only a little bigger than the needle’s hole.

Lin Chujiu understand what Housekeeper Cao meant. So, she obediently shut her mouth and no longer curse him. However, she didn’t send him away and so Housekeeper Cao wait to hear her decisions.

Wangfei (Princess), what should we do regarding this matter? Lin Xiang’s servant is still waiting outside. But, if wangfei doesn’t mind, this servant think that we shouldn’t accept those silvers. After all, if we accept them, the people will think that Wangfu is really insolent. And although no one would dare to stalk the Wangfu, there is still no guarantee that no one wouldn’t be so stiff to try.”

“Accept them. Why should I refuse? Those maidservants are part of my dowry. So, those silvers are actually mine.” Lin Chujiu said while showing a trace of murderous intent on her face. Housekeeper Cao felt dismay, but he still nodded his head.

He can say that their Princess is really unusual. So, he must be cautious not because Prince Xiao doesn’t show any importance to her, but because he is neglecting her.

“How much money did he bring?” Lin Chujiu ask then sneer.

Housekeeper Cao involuntarily stands straight and respectful reply: “one thousand liang.”

“Hmm, Lin family is so generous. Can you actually sell those maidservants with that price?” Even if Lin Chujiu still doesn’t understand much about how ancient market works, but she is sure that those people can only be sold by less than a thousand.

“You can’t sell maidservants with that price according to the law. But, the buyer and Lin Furen are familiar with each other. ” Housekeeper Cao said, so things got even more clear.

Lin Furen had sold those maidservants to someone she’s familiar. So, those maidservants are still under her hands.

“Lin Furen is really kind to send a thousand liang to buy a bunch of people that Xiao Wangfu doesn’t need.” Lin Chujiu said in mockery. But, pondered a moment and asked: “If I want to post a note in the official’s board, would that be okay?”

“Oh?” Housekeeper Cao doesn’t know why Lin Chujiu suddenly asked about the official’s board so he got stunned for a moment: “If it is important, then we just need to find a government official’s to write and post it. After all, we can’t just randomly post them.”

“So, we can post a note as long as a government official will write them. Then, ask them to make one and the content should be: Lin Family’s influence is really amazing. They could even sell four maidservants for thousand liang. When Xiao Wangfu who is part of imperial family couldn’t sell maidservants with such noble price. But because those maidservants contracts are not in my hands although they are part of my dowry. Lin Family easily sold them and sent the silvers to us. Lin Family has insisted that they won’t go away until we accepted them, so Xiao Wangfu could only accept, thank and help the Lin Family use the money in the right and proper place.”

Lin Chujiu was tapping her finger on the table while saying those words. However, she saw Housekeeper Cao so shocked, so she smile and said: ” Of course, we shouldn’t be so straightforward when we write them. Just let the government official polish it so ordinary people could understand the note. After all, if they won’t be able read and understand it, it will be boring.”

“This slave understand.” Housekeeper Cao forcefully nodded his head and bow down. He didn’t even dare to look at Lin Chujiu once again.

After all, he didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu would act that way to her father once she got married. But, of course, he didn’t saw what kind of father Lin Xiang is.

“Use the money in the right and proper place. Where is the right place?” Housekeeper Cao wanted to leave, but he needs to ask.

One thousand liang is a big amount, so if he just said ‘right place’ wouldn’t someone think it’s fishy.

“That money was taken away from the people, so shouldn’t the people use it?” When Lin Chujiu finished her words, Housekeeper Cao got dumbfounded: Taken away from the people? Should be used by the people?  Aren’t those silvers came from Lin Family’s acquaintance?

Since Xiao Tianyao let her do this on her own. Then, she will do it the way that she wants.

“Although the capital have a lot of elite senior officials. There are still many poor citizens everywhere, so we need to make a good use of those money on behalf of Lin Family. So, sent back those silvers to Lin Family and exchange them all to coins. Then go to the poorest part of the capital to scatter them all. I don’t need to be more specific with this operation, right?”

What else is there to ask when the master had already said so?

However, Housekeeper Cao wanted to ask a few more details, but when he saw Lin Chujiu’s eyes seems smiling when it’s not showing on her face. He didn’t dare to say a word anymore.

But, can he really said those ruthless words when he is only a housekeeper?

Housekeeper Cao patted his chest to ensure that he will be able to run this errand to let the people know the value of Lin Family’s servant and how rich they are.

“Housekeeper Cao have a bright future.” Lin Chujiu said.

Housekeeper Cao was determined to do Lin Chujiu’s plan. However, he only left her courtyard, but didn’t implemented them immediately.

Lin Chujiu’s plan seems like a child that lost her temper. So, he didn’t dare to start a chaos without Prince Xiao’s consent.

Housekeeper Cao thought that with Prince Xiao’s strict personality, he will reprimand Lin Chujiu’s nonsense. However, he didn’t expect that Prince Xiao will just laugh it off and said to do it according to her plan.

Wangye, how could you just agree with Wangfei‘s nonsense?” Housekeeper Cao said while looking at the sun in a daze. But then, he just shook his head and was about to arrange people that will complete Lin Chujiu’s plan. But… …

How many baskets do I need to exchange a thousand of silvers to coins?

Housekeeper Cao thinks hard, after all, he had to do it according to Lin Chujiu’s plan.

But then, Housekeeper Cao only sigh and speed up his pace. He just took two steps ahead when he suddenly hear someone’s footsteps behind him: “Housekeeper Cao, Housekeeper Cao, wait… …”

Housekeeper Cao turns back and saw a young servant ran to him. At that moment, his mood change. After all, running in the hallway is prohibited in Xiao Wangfu.

Housekeeper Cao was about to reprimand the young servant that looks happy, but when the young servant said: “Housekeeper Cao, you can relax now. Big brother Cao Lin woke up and Doctor Wu said Big brother Cao Lin’s brain didn’t get burned.”

“What?” This time, Housekeeper Cao couldn’t help but shout: “You said Cao Lin woke up and he’s fine? Is that true?”

“Mmm, Doctor Wu also said that Big brother Cao Lin can sit up.” The young servant look so excited, as if Cao Lin is his own brother.

“It ‘s a good news,” Housekeeper Cao was so happy and even forgot where is the west side of the mansion. But still, he grabs a silver and gives it to the young servant: “It’s yours.”

When he finished, Housekeeper Cao pulls his legs toward the West Mansion. While running, he thought that he must do a good job and complete Lin Chujiu’s plan. He must make Lin Chujiu happy to return the kindness for saving Cao Lin!

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  1. Oh so many plots and strategies! I don’t understand what she wants to do although I think she intends to ridicule her family… Still, I want to know about her visit to the emperor…
    Thanks for the chapter. Mwah!

    1. I’m not super clear on the scheme, but I think it’s something like this:

      Lin Chujiu’s dowry was supposed to be the maidservants, but she sent them back. The Lin family “sells” the 4 maidservants for 1000 silvers and sends it to Lin Chujiu, saying that since Prince Xiao (since usually its the groom that accepts the dowry) didn’t like them, they converted the maidservants to cash so he could buy servants that he liked. The Lin family is allied with the Emperor, so they’re trying to make it seem that Prince Xiao is insolent.

      Lin Chujiu doesn’t like this development since if Prince Xiao’s reputation drops because of her, he might threaten her life. She finds out that the servants were sold for a price over what is allowed by the law by “selling” them to someone they knew (hence, not really selling them, just faking it) for 1000 silvers. She then sends a request for a government official to announce that since “the Lin family is so able to sell off the rightful dowry and insist on sending money instead, let’s help them spend the money correctly” by essentially giving the money away to commoners.

      Basically making the Lin family look bad while raising the reputation of Prince Xiao’s estate.

      1. Yes, she accepted the money to make the lin family lost more cash. And also want show the people that they are getting more and more thick headed… but then she tried to reverse the situation by giving off the money… people will think prince xiao is still the people’s hero while lin family is getting more and more rich but doesn’t share or show care.

    2. Basically, even though the maids were hers to do with as she wanted, she didn’t hold their contracts; they were still in her stepmother’s hands and were therefore her stepmother’s people. By them being able to sell them shows that Lin Chiuyu never had the all important contracts in the first place despite them being part of her official dowry. It’s like bearer bonds: you hold it, you own it. That’s why people put them in safes.

      By announcing that the maids were sold off for a 1000 silvers (which is 250 a piece, simply astronomical), LC is hinting at some sort of underhanded wrongdoing on the part of the Lin family. So she in turn had the note posted and gave the proceeds remaining to charity.

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