Chapter 371: Sex scandal, perfect match (Part 1)

The palace guards called out Princess Fushou Zhang upstairs a few times. After not hearing a response for a long time, they harden their scalp and looked for the princess’s palace maidservants, for them to talk to the princess.

When they heard its related to the emperor, they didn’t dare to delay, they climbed up in a hurry. But when they opened the door, they got very scared… …

“Ahhh… ….”

Scream of horror sounded loudly upstairs. When the experienced palace guards heard this, they knew right away something wrong happened.

Without hesitation, the palace guards climbed up the stairs and rushed inside to look, but they were all dumbfounded!

The princess, she, she… …

Her whole body was exposed, her four limbs were tied on the bed. Her private part could be seen by them all.

Princess Fushou Zhang’s white skin was covered with blueish purple bruises, but it didn’t make her look pitiful. Instead, there was this inexplicable beauty.

The palace guards immediately released the person. The bruises on the princess’s body looked scary, but they know she was not in danger. It will be cured after 10 days or so. The most serious injury was on the princess’s lower body… …

It’s horrible looked cannot be described by words.

This was the palace guards’ first time to see such a scene. They couldn’t recover their mind for a long time. But as soon as they came back to their senses, they grabbed the quilt on the bed and wrapped the princess with it.

Although the princess was horribly abused, her life was not in danger. The palace guards could see her breathing smoothly. So, they let the palace maid to slightly clean up the princess first. They were ready to take the princess back to the palace, but… …

While cleaning up, they found out her injuries were not something they could do. Only a doctor could deal with it.

“Put the clothes first, then bring the princess back to the palace.” Even though Princess Fushou Zhang was famous for being a slut, the palace guards didn’t dare to touch her.

When the person was brought back to the palace, Princess Fushou Zhang was unconscious, and naturally couldn’t meet the emperor. She could only return to her own courtyard.

The palace guard went back to report, but it was hard for him to describe the princess’s injury. He doesn’t know what exactly to say. He could only say a few words, but is the emperor someone can easily be fooled?

The palace guard’s report was unclear, so the emperor summoned his hidden spy and the doctor who treated Princess Fushou Zhang.

After hearing it, the emperor immediately fired up in anger.

This was definitely an imperial family’s sex scandal!

But, this was not exactly the reason why the emperor was very angry. The thing that him very angry was, when his hidden spy reported to him, he presented a painting while saying, this morning, Princess Fushou Zhang’s nude painting quickly spread all over the capital!

The painting shows Princess Fushou Zhang was being abused, but her face didn’t show painful expression, more like, she was in so much fun.


The emperor immediately torn the painting into pieces: “How many of this painting was spread? And how did it spread?”

“There’s a lot, at least a thousand copy. Just like the last time, it was spread in downtown streets and brothels, so many people saw it.” The hidden spy lowered his head and did not dare to look at the emperor.

This method… …

The emperor doesn’t need to think about it.

“Xiao Tianyao, you… … are so ruthless!” The emperor was so angry that he smashed his hand on the table. The golden table stayed motionless, but the emperor’s hand was bleeding.

“Huangshang please appease your anger!” The Hidden Spy heavily kowtowed, and soon his head was bleeding.

“This is a big shame of the royal family. How do you expect zhen not to get angry?” The emperor suddenly felt a burst of pain his head and his vision was getting blurred.

“This subordinate is useless, please huangshang, take care of your dragon body,” The hidden spy’s face was full of blood, he looked horrible.

At this time, the emperor only felt that his eyes were getting blurred, his ears were buzzing, and he couldn’t hear clearly… …


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  1. ROFL. The Emperor only knows how to blame Xiao Tianyao. He totally forgets that he offends so many people, who is to say that it isn’t one of his enemies doing this.

  2. How it is difficult to have painting with someone face? And these guards really are sensitive drop of blood, naked body and they must always recover from shock. What with immunize on strange scenes.

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