Chapter 372: Surrounded, return to the palace (Part 1)

There was nothing wrong with Demon Lord’s eyes. At this moment, Lin Chujiu didn’t have him in her eyes.  Right now, in her eyes, only Meng Xiuyuan’s injury exists.

In the hospital, even if it was only minor surgery, a surgical assistant will pass her the surgical instrument. Lin Chujiu only need to lift the scalpel, but now?

She only has herself, she is responsible for the entire operation. No one can pass her the surgical instruments. Under such circumstances,  Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to slack off, even if she was not nervous at the moment.

Lin Chujiu’s attention was only focused on the scalpel. After making an incision, the hemostatic forceps and scalpel keep switching on her hand. Her movements were not fast, but extremely neat, even without pausing.


After the small knife was taken out to the throat, Demon Lord saw Lin Chujiu used small pliers to pull the flesh that was cut opened, then she quickly picked up the small knife again.

The small knife was moving gently inside. Unfortunately, it was impossible for Demon Lord to see what’s happening inside. He could only see Lin Chujiu’s hand moving faster and faster. There were strange things lining up on the table, Lin Chujiu didn’t look at them, but she could accurately get the thing she needs.

Demon Lord was hiding in the dark, but a bit earlier, he clearly saw Lin Chujiu spend so much effort to familiarize herself with the location of those strange tools.

This woman has always been like this, she always does her best.


Who knows what happened, but suddenly the blood spurt out from Meng Xiuyuan’s neck, and splashed on Lin Chujiu’s face and clothes.

Demon Lord got shocked, his hand stretched out involuntarily. He wanted to come forward to help Lin Chujiu, but… …

He’s not needed at all!

Lin Chujiu doesn’t need his help!

When the blood spurted out, Lin Chujiu didn’t panic. She calmly picked up a piece of white cloth and pressed it on Meng Xiuyuan’s neck. When the blood flow slowed down, Lin Chujiu threw the blood-stained cloth aside, then continued her unfinished work at hand.

Lin Chujiu used the small pliers to clip a small portion of the sarcoma and pulled it to the side, then she picked up the small knife again, trying to peel off the membrane on the sarcoma… …

Her movements were very meticulous and accurate. Demon Lord was confident that Lin Chujiu can do it. And in no time, Lin Chujiu successfully peeled it off without any damage.

After peeling off the membrane, Lin Chujiu removed the sarcoma.

When the sarcoma was the removed, the blood spurted out again. This time, it was a lot more than before. However, Demon Lord didn’t get worried. He believed Lin Chujiu has been prepared for this earlier.

Demon Lord didn’t wait for a long time. Lin Chujiu soon stopped the bleeding. And then, she neatly put some medicine, sutured and administer infusion to Meng Xiuyuan in one go.

The process of the surgery was quite fast. If the waiting time for the anesthesia to take effect was not included. Lin Chujiu all in all was busy for 2 hours. Lin Chujiu stood in front of the operating table for 2 hours, and her hands didn’t stop even for a bit.

After the infusion bottle was hung, Demon Lord could clearly see Lin Chujiu was breathing normally. He knew Lin Chujiu has no worries, so he didn’t stay long. And just like a ghost, he disappeared in front of the window in a flash.

Lin Chujiu didn’t notice anything at all, that someone has been standing outside the window in front of her. She didn’t see any slight movement.

After giving Meng Xiuyuan an infusion, Lin Chujiu once again checked his condition to make sure that he was only physically weak. Lin Chujiu doesn’t have the intention to give Meng Xiuyuan blood transfusion.

She was afraid to cause unnecessary troubles. She doesn’t know if she could find a suitable donor. And she doesn’t have a stock that she can use.


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