Chapter 374: Threat, go back home first (Part 2)

The Meng family will help Lin Chujiu, but the premise is, it shouldn’t damage the principle of the Meng Family. The Meng Family will never let Lin Chujiu and the emperor lean on their shoulders.

Lin Chujiu smiled with a bit trace of ridicule: “Why will the emperor punish me? Is it because of the Seventh Prince was poison? I have evidence that someone else poisoned him.”

Although Lin Chujiu doesn’t know if Demon Lord is a friend or a foe, she was sure that Xiao Tianyao will not invite people that will sell him out: “As for escaping the prison?”

Lin Chujiu’s smile widen and said in a soft voice: “Did I escape from the prison? Anyone one with discerning eyes knows last night, that Princess Fushou Zhang sent two female public servants to humiliate me. This morning, one of those ladies take me out of the palace to set me up and kill me. Fortunately, I was able to escape her.”

Lin Chujiu’s face looked very serious even though she talked nonsense. That looked in her face is cute. Of course, in Demon Lord’s eyes, she looked cute. But in the eyes of the emperor, she is hateful.

When Lin Chujiu spoke, she pushed all the blame to Princess Fushou Zhang’s people. Although what she said were false, she has no other choice.

Lin Chujiu can produce evidence that she didn’t poison the seventh prince. The emperor cannot punish her for this crime. As for escaping the prison?

If Lin Chujiu insisted that she was brought outside by the princess’s people. Who can prove her wrong?

Princess Fushou Zhang was still unconscious. Even if she woke up, she has no face to see people. As for the female public servant she brought out with her?

The person was dead, there is no evidence!

Regardless of what, Lin Chujiu is also Xiao Wangfei. If this incident came out, the emperor not only needs to clear her name but also appease her.

“Good, your brain works fast.” The corner of Demon Lord’s lips and eyes showed a smile.

“Fight fire with fire.” Lin Chujiu said without a smile.

She couldn’t smile when she remembered how she was defamed in the palace.

Everyone knows that she was wronged, but because the seventh prince had an accident, even if she was the one who gave him first aid, they still suspected her.

When Demon Lord confirmed that Lin Chujiu had a plan in mind, he didn’t insist on it. He left after saying: “If there is something, go the devil’s castle and look for this lord.” Not long after he left, Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen solved the people sent by the emperor.

“Wangfei, what do you want us to do next?” The guard was covered with blood when he came in to report. Lin Chujiu doesn’t want any baggage, so she said: “Bury them all, then send me back to the capital.”

“Yes.” The guard immediately made an arrangement, after a quarter of an hour, everything was prepared.

Lin Chujiu bid farewell to Meng Daren, then she got up the carriage and went back to the capital. As soon as she entered the capital, she met the group of Imperial Army that was sent by the emperor.

In the capital, the emperor’s people approach was polite. They didn’t forcefully try to grab Lin Chujiu. They politely invited her to enter the palace.

“I also want to enter the palace to talk to his highness, but at this moment, the clothes I’m wearing is not appropriate to face the emperor. Let me change clothes first and then I’ll enter the palace.” Lin Chujiu said while inside the carriage, she didn’t show her face.

“Xiao Wangfei, the emperor asked you to enter the palace immediately, no further delay is allowed.” The imperial guard didn’t abruptly block the path Lin Chujiu was taking, he just repeated asked her to enter the palace immediately. Lin Chujiu coldly sneered, then said with a loud voice: “Well then, I will get off the carriage now and show to the people in the capital how Princess Fushou Zhang insulted this wangfei!”

This is a threat. The Imperial guard originally will not put this in his eyes, but at this moment, he has to think about it first.

Although the imperial guard felt wronged when Lin Chujiu shamelessly poured dirty water on Princess Fushou Zhang’s head. He gritted his teeth and forcefully said: “I was rude, I ask Xiao Wangfei’s forgiveness. Xiao Wangfei, please!”


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 374: Threat, go back home first (Part 2)

  1. Lin Chujiu’s relationship with demon lord is so weird! At this point in the story she’s been tricked into thinking he works for Xiao Tianyao, but ever since she found that out she hasn’t thought it was strange that he offered to take her as a slave in their first meeting despite that? Even if she silently wrote that incident off as Xiao Tianyao testing her loyalty, what about the time he snuck into her room at night and tried to force her into a french kiss?! Yeah he behaved himself in the mountain last time, but I don’t know her casualness with him just feels off.

    1. I think she is more worried that he will turn violent if confronted. But, her quick mind still has not thought TXY and DL are the same person. Maybe she thinks those at the peak of martial arts develope this need for cleanliness?

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