Chapter 377: Arrogant, troublesome woman (Part 1)

As Lin Chujiu thought, when Xiao Tianyao wrote this letter, his face looked terrible, people could hardly look at him. After sending out the letter, he went straight back into the carriage and completely disappeared.

Xiao Wangye looked very cold, no one dared to look at him. Seeing  Xiao Tianyao ride the carriage, instead of his horse, everyone was relieved.

Xiao Tianyao’s face looked terrible, but he never regretted sending out the letter. He had always known what he wanted. He admired Lin Chujiu’s character now, but he also likes her old self that only think of him before. So, he didn’t hesitate to write a letter to her, so that Lin Chujiu can understand his preferences.

Xiao Tianyao’s face looked terrible, because Lin Chujiu, that woman was too arrogant. He left the capital for so long, but she didn’t even send him a letter, asking if his trip went smoothly. Instead, she let him take the initiative to write!

However, after thinking that he left her in the capital, he decided to be generous. He decided not to think about that woman’s little temper.

Although Lin Chujiu made a lot of mistakes, he accepted her as his woman. He doesn’t mind letting her go this time. This mistake of her was still within the scope of his tolerance.

Lowering one’s head to make peace?

If Lin Chujiu knows that Xiao Tianyao was writing that letter with this intention in mind. Xiao Tianyao will definitely be depressed and hit his head on the wall.

Lowering his head?

The elegant and sharp font style, and the overbearing and fierceness of every stroke. He was obviously still being arrogant. Which part of it shows that he’s lowering his head?

Make peace?

Word by word, he proudly said to her, that he, Xiao Tianyao, like her. And she, Lin Chujiu likes him too. If Lin Chujiu wants him to like her more, she must do what he likes, otherwise, he will be upset. Are those words sounds like asking for peace?

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what exactly was going on in his head. Otherwise,  the two of them will quarrel.


After reading the letter, Lin Chujiu kept thinking inside her mind, how suffocating and depressing it must be for Xiao Tianyao when he was writing the letter. So, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Because of this, the boring journey was not that uncomfortable anymore.

In the evening, the carriage arrived at the entrance of the palace. After a simple inspection, the palace guards let her inside, but Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen were left outside.

This was the rule. Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen can never enter the palace. Lin Chujiu was aware of it, so she didn’t ask for an impossible request.

Naive or ignorant, she knows there must be a decree. The original Lin Chujiu knows who can be provoked and not, and what rules must be followed. She was not as stupid as Nannuo Yao.

The carriage stopped at a special location assigned for Xiao Wangfu. When Lin Chujii got off the carriage, the Imperial Guard came forward: “Xiao Wangfei, please… …”

Unlike his polite attitude in Xiao Wangfu, this time, the Imperial Guard didn’t give Lin Chujiu much face.

This Imperial Guard, just like what Lin Chujiu said before, he is guilty like others.

Lin Chujiu didn’t put the Imperial Guard’s fierce behavior in her eyes, she didn’t walk in a hurry. On the way, the Imperial Guard urged her to hurry twice, he even dares to drag her, but before he could do so. Lin Chujiu coldly said to him: “If you dare to touch even a single strand of my hair, I will dare to withdraw. You know how serious of a crime offending an imperial princess is, right?”

When Lin Chujiu said those words, she didn’t even bat an eye. She doesn’t look like joking. As soon as the Imperial Guard decide to touch her, she will go.

At ordinary times, the Imperial Guard doesn’t encounter this kind of situation. There was no one who walked so slow like Lin Chujiu, after being summoned by the emperor. So, although it was Lin Chujiu’s fault for not putting the Imperial Guard into her eyes, the Imperial Guard was afraid to make a move.



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