Chapter 377: Arrogant, troublesome woman (Part 2)

The Imperial Guard has no choice but to endure. Even if he couldn’t endure it anymore, he still endured and waited for Lin Chujiu, who was walking slowly.

To deal with the Imperial guards, a group of arrogant and bully people, she mustn’t show slight weakness.

In the palace hall, the emperor waited for Lin Chujiu for a very long time. He clearly sent his people this morning to bring back Lin Chujiu in the palace, but he didn’t see anyone coming back to report. The emperor was furious and sent his imperial guards to look for her.

The emperor’s personal eunuch rushed outside to look for the people. When he arrived outside, he saw the Imperial Guard and Lin Chujiu, who was walking slowly. The eunuch’s face drastically changed. He came forward and coldly said: “I’m saying, Xiao Wangfei, can’t you move faster? Don’t you know that his Highness has long been waiting for you? Your delaying his highness’s businesses. Even if you have 10 heads, I’m afraid it won’t be enough.”

The eunuch’s voice was very sharp and harsh. His tone was full of ridicule and disgust. Lin Chujiu stopped her footsteps and looked at the eunuch from head to toe: “You came here to tell me, that because I am late, the emperor will chop off my head?”

The eunuch was also wise in words. He didn’t answer Lin Chujiu’s questions. Instead, he said:  “The emperor had summoned you, you should hurry to come. Xiao Wangfei, you made the emperor wait for you for 2 hours, do you know this is your sin?”

“So? In behalf of the emperor you came to punish me?” Lin Chujiu asked with a smile. She didn’t put the eunuch in her eyes.

The eunuch’s heart skipped a beat. He finally understood that he encountered a torn. He secretly scolded himself. Then, he simply said: “Xiao Wangfei, the time is not early, you better move faster. If the palace closing time arrives, you can’t go back tonight,”

“Oh? Really?” Lin Chujiu didn’t show any care.

What palace closing time? It’s nothing but the emperor’s words. If the emperor sends her out of the palace, she could leave even in the middle of the night. If the emperor will not let her out, she can’t leave even if the palace gate is open.

“Of course, Xiao Wangfei, let’s hurry.” When the eunuch saw Lin Chujiu was not moving, he stretched out his arm to pull her, but he was avoided by Lin Chujiu: “Gonggong, it’s better if you will not touch me. If you hurt me, I will not let you see the sun another day.”

This is a threat, this is definitely a threat!

The eunuch sneered and immediately answered sarcastically: “This lowly servant has been working in the palace for so many years, but hasn’t seen anyone as arrogant as Xiao Wangfei. Even Xiao Wangye has never threatened people in the palace.”

Xiao Tianyao never threatened people in the palace, because no one among them dared to risk their lives.

“Gonggong, you can try. Here’s my hand, go on and touch it.” Lin Chujiu reached out her hand and smiled at the eunuch.

“You, you… …” The eunuch wanted to touch, but after remembering what happened to Princess Fushou Zhang. He had a cold sweat and didn’t dare to touch.

“Hmph,” The eunuch waved his sleeve and said: “This lowly slave will not care about you.”

Lin Chujiu retracted back her hand and smiled without saying anything. When the eunuch turned around and went to the palace hall to report back, Lin Chujiu continued to come forward, but her speed didn’t increase a bit.

When the Imperial Guard saw this scene, he couldn’t help but secretly wipe his sweat: Xiao Wangfei is simply crazy. Huangshang must teach her a lesson, otherwise, no one will really dare to touch her.

The eunuch was humiliated by Lin Chujiu. When he went back to report, he said what happened but with a bit more exaggeration. He wanted the emperor to give Lin Chujiu a lesson. But, when the emperor heard the eunuch’s words, he didn’t get angry. Instead, he fell into deep thoughts… …

Lin Chujiu dared to act crazy, did she found out about it?


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  1. You bet she did. She has come prepared. Now be ready to cry and cough blood. Want to punish her even though she saved your son’s life? Try again. Go bully them all LCJ! Show them who Xiao Wangfei is.

    Thanks for the chapter and thanks for sponsoring it Yesenia!

  2. I cannot wait to see what song and dance the Emperor will do to save face and get himself out of the situation he is in.

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