Chapter 378: Complaints, seeking justice (Part 1)

The emperor was not sure how much Lin Chujiu knew about the matter. In order not to embarrass himself, even if he was upset, he didn’t send another group of people to capture Lin Chujiu. Instead, he just sat there and waited for Lin Chujiu to open her mouth.

Lin Chujiu saw the eunuch came back, but the emperor didn’t make any move, She knew the emperor was feeling guilty, or maybe, he doesn’t know how many cards she has at hand, so the emperor didn’t dare to act rashly.

Without question, her achievements in this battle today is enormous.

Although Lin Chujiu didn’t increase her, she didn’t deliberately waste time. She walked elegantly step by step into the palace hall, under the watchful eyes of everyone.

Despite the tense atmosphere in the surroundings, Lin Chujiu elegantly paid respect: “This wangfei greets the emperor, may you live a thousand more years.”

After kneeling and bowing her head, the emperor didn’t see Lin Chujiu move. She was just kneeling quietly, looking so gentle and lovely. If Xiao Tianyao was there, he will think that it was only an illusion.

If Lin Chujiu was gentle and lovely, she is not Lin Chujiu.

The emperor, who was sitting from the top, looked at Lin Chujiu. His half squinting eyes flashed with a dangerous light. His invisible imperial power was released. At that moment, the eunuch and palace maidservants shivered in fear, but Lin Chujiu didn’t react even a bit.

Is she so stupid that she can’t detect the danger, or too courageous to put his threat to her eyes?

The emperor frowned and deeply thought about it. If Lin Chujiu was the same as before, the emperor will not have a second thought, but now?

The emperor couldn’t tell if Lin Chujiu was really smart or simply a puppet to Xiao Tianyao. Who knows if she came forward to carry out Xiao Tianyao’s order.

After a long silence, the emperor finally spoke up, “Xiao Wangfei!”

His voice was not loud, but the momentum can make a person tremble. Lin Chujiu’s eyebrows slight frown, then said after lowering her head: “This wangfei is here.”

“Do you know your sins?” The emperor opened his mouth again. The momentum was  even worse than before, but Lin Chujiu remained the same and said: “This wangfei doesn’t know.”

In dissatisfaction, the emperor coldly said: “You don’t know? You are suspected of poisoning and killing the seventh prince, and you escape from the prison. But, you are saying you don’t know your sins?”

“Huangshang, about poisoning and killing the seventh prince, please leave it aside for a while. But as for leaving the prison without permission, this wangfei will not recognize it.” Lin Chujiu slightly looked up and said with full of grievances: “Huangshang, this wangfei believes that what is clean is clean, and what is muddy is muddy. After this wangfei was locked in the prison yesterday, I stayed in the prison silently and waited for his majesty to clear my name. But, I didn’t expect… …”

After Lin Chujiu said those words, she paused. She looked like she doesn’t want to recall the event, but she has to say it: “I didn’t expect that… … Princess Fushou Zhang will send two female public servants to humiliate me. Not only that, one of them insisted for us to go outside to kill me. If this wangfei didn’t happened to meet a palace guard, I’m afraid I will be dead by now. Huangshang, this wangfei is asking you to seek justice for me.”

While speaking, Lin Chujiu was choking from crying.

When the emperor heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he doesn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Lin Chujiu’s words were half true and half false. But who can tell which part is true and false, because… …

“You said that Princess Fushou Zhang sent people to humiliate you, do you have a witness? Do you have evidence?” The emperor asked coldly. Lin Chujiu wiped her tears and said: “This wangfei accidentally killed the public servant, your majesty, please forgive me. This wangfei doesn’t want to kill, but, but… … she wants to kill me. I have to fight back to defend myself.”


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  1. I wonder what her plan is, because her saying she killed the servant doesn’t sound very innocent, not to mention that the emperor is going to do all he can to throw her back into jail

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