Chapter 378: Complaints, seeking justice (Part 2)

“You have no evidence, how do you expect zhen to believe you? With just mere words, you want zhen to believe that this is Princess Fushou Zhang’s fault?” The emperor made a ridiculous facial expression, but he sneered inside his heart.

Not only the female public servant who went outside with Lin Chujiu died but also the other one who was left behind in the prison. She was not killed by Lin Chujiu, but when she was released, she fell and hit her head on a stone, then died on the spot.

Of course, the emperor will not be so foolish to believe that this was an accident. This must be planned. But, it was the same for him. They cannot find evidence at all.

Lin Chujiu bitterly said: “Huangshang, this wangfei is not lying. There is no need to lie about this matter. I know very well that I am innocent. I have no reason to escape from prison. If I really want to escape, why should I come back?”

“Whether it’s true or false, with just one-sided statement, you cannot accuse Princess Fushou Zhang.” The emperor wanted to know if Lin Chujiu in the end, has evidence in hand or not.

Or, how much evidence Lin Chujiu have in hand that can prove her innocence.

“Huangshang, this wangfei’s words are true, please believe me.” Seeing the emperor speaking in circles, Lin Chujiu made a guess that she was being tested. With that, she repeated herself again and said: “Huangshang, this wangfei is really being framed by Princess Fushou Zhang. I have enough evidence in hand to prove that I’m not the person who poisoned the seventh prince. So, why should I escape?”

“Evidence? What evidence do you have in your hand?” Seeing Lin Chujiu’s arrogantly entered the palace, the emperor knew that Lin Chujiu was prepared. He let Lin Chujiu say so much nonsense because he wanted to know how much she knows.

“Yes, I have evidence to prove that the Seventh Prince was harmed by someone else.” Lin Chujiu straightened her back and directly looked at the emperor. Indicating that she was prepared.

“Present it!” The emperor had already found out that Mo Yuer had planned everything, but he didn’t make a move.

Lin Chujiu didn’t hesitate to take out the evidence that Su Cha found: “Huangshang, I have enough evidence to prove that the person who poisoned the seventh prince is Yu Meiren.  Yu Meiren has no grudge against the seventh prince, but she poisoned the seventh prince because she wanted to frame me.”

Su Cha’s evidence was very detailed. It was only a few pieces of papers, but it was enough to prove Lin Chujiu is innocent. The emperor hasn’t finished reading it, but his face was black.

In just one day and one night, Xiao Wangfu’s people found out more things than his people. He doesn’t know some of these events in the palace, but Xiao Wangfu’s people know.

Is this his palace or Xiao Tianyao?

*Plop* After the emperor put down the evidence on the table, he angrily said: “Lin Chujiu, you are so bold. How dare you spy in the harem, do you know this is a big crime!”

“This wangfei doesn’t know what his highness is saying, please enlighten me,” Lin Chujiu blink her eyes, looking so innocent.

“You don’t know? Hmph… …The different kinds of flowers and plants in Yu Meiren’s courtyard. How did you know all of them? The medicines Yu Meiren took in the palace hospital. How did you know all of them?” Even him, the emperor didn’t found out all of these things, which made him so mad.

Lin Chujiu was not affected by the emperor’s anger. Her face looked calm: “Huangshang, this wangfei had been to Yu Meiren’s palace courtyard. I’ve seen them at that time and take down notes. If his highness doesn’t believe it, I can also tell you all the flowers and plants in the empress’s palace courtyard, Imperial Concubine Zhou’s palace courtyard, and Third Prince Xiao Zian’s courtyard.”

It’s not that Lin Chujiu have a photographic memory and doesn’t need to take a look at things again, but because she had prepared everything in advance.

The flowers and plants in the palace are only a few kinds. Lin Chujiu took down notes, but it didn’t take her a lot of time.

Today, no matter what the emperor does, she can face it.


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