Chapter 379: evidence, seeing the enemy in horror (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu was kneeling since she came up until now, her legs have long been numb. Seeing that the emperor still have no intention to let her go, Lin Chujiu took the initiative to speak: “Huangshang, this wangfei swear in the name of Xiao Wangfu, this wangfei didn’t poison the seventh prince. The poison used to the seventh prince was extremely powerful. If the poisoned was not removed in time, the seventh prince will die on the spot. This wangfei was at the scene, she quickly helped the seventh prince to vomit the poison. If his royal highness doesn’t believe it, please call the palace doctor and ask.”

“Really? Why didn’t you say that at the time?” Even after hearing Lin Chujiu’s words, the emperor was still someone reluctant to stop.

Of course, he knew that the palace doctor had mentioned it at the time. Fortunately, the seventh prince spits out the poison in time, the poison didn’t spread. Otherwise, even an immortal god cannot save his life.

“Huangshang, at that time, the situation was very complicated. It was inevitable to treat the seventh prince first. This wangfei thought that when the seventh prince condition’s improved, my name will be cleared, but who would have expected that this princess will encounter danger, that almost cause me to die.” If the seventh prince mentions this fact, her name will be cleared. But, Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to let go of Princess Fushou Zhang.

“Huangshang, if this wangfei knew that Princess Fushou Zhang will take this opportunity to put me to death. This wangfei should have asked his royal highness to prove her innocence since the beginning,”

Seeing Lin Chujiu kept mentioning Princess Fushou Zhang, the emperor was upset. Princess Fushou Zhang send someone to kill Lin Chujiu? There was no evidence for this. But, as for Princess Fushou Zhang sending people to humiliate her, that was an indisputable fact.

“Well, the poisoning about the seventh prince, zhen will check it again. But as for Princess Fushou Zhang trying to kill you, there is no evidence. Zhen doesn’t know which one to believe in you two.” The emperor then said with a cold face: “Princess Fushou Zhang was framed last night by a traitor. When she woke up, she said that it was your doing. Xiao Wangfei, how do expect zhen to believe you?”

“What? Princess Fushou Zhang was framed?” Lin Chujiu looked surprised, as if she just learn about it: “What happened? How can Princess Fushou Zhang be framed in the palace? Who is so courageous to framed Princess Fushou Zhang in the palace?”

What happened?

When the emperor thought of Princess Fushou Zhang, and also what the doctor said about her condition. The emperor couldn’t help but burn with anger. And Lin Chujiu became more and more a thorn in his eyes.

The incident about Princess Fushou Zhang, even if it wasn’t Lin Chujiu’s doing, it must have been Xiao Tianyao. In short, it was impossible not to connect it with Xiao Wangfu.

Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu must pray harder for him not to find evidence, otherwise… …

He will really destroy these two people!

The emperor didn’t answer Lin Chujiu’s question, he just looked at her in the eyes and said: “Zhen almost forgot that you are a doctor, you go and check Princess Fushou Zhang’s condition.”

Princess Fushou Zhang was badly hurt in her private part. No palace doctors dared to check it for her. The palace doctors also have limited skills, their treatment didn’t stop the bleeding.

“This wangfei will obey.” She was very happy to see how tragic her enemy’s condition is. Princess Fushou Zhang was very malicious to her, the medical system will not force her to heal her.

Lin Chujiu can finally climb up from the floor, but when she stood up her body swayed and she almost fell. The emperor wanted to pretend that he didn’t see anything, but Lin Chujiu said: “This wangfei haven’t eaten anything since yesterday up to now. This wangfei wasn’t even given a glass of water. Huangshang, please forgive me for being rude.”

Well, that was a good point… …

The emperor couldn’t help but be angry.

Lin Chujiu really didn’t forget to complain. Fortunately, he didn’t invite any outsiders to become witnesses, Otherwise, he would become a laughing stock.

“Someone come, bring Xiao Wangfei something to eat.” The emperor doesn’t want to give Lin Chujiu a face, but because she had mentioned it out loud, he couldn’t ignore it. He also needed someone to treat his sister.

“Thank you, huangshang, May you live a thousand more years,” Lin Chujiu paid respect with a bright smile. She could see that her achievements will not end to this… …


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