Chapter 380: Angry, beating down the dog (Part 2)

Such a loud voice, obviously, he wanted Princess Fushou Zhang to hear that Lin Chujiu has arrived.

Sure enough, the doctor’s shouting hasn’t been finished yet, but Princess Fushou Zhang’s fierce voice was heard: “Lin Chujiu, come in here and see this princess.”

“It looks like Princess Fushou Zhang has been thinking of me.” The smile on Lin Chujiu’s face didn’t lessen a bit. She looked at the doctor in front of her with a mocking smile on her eyes.

After entering the inner room, Lin Chujiu saw the palace maidservant kowtowing and the smashed jade pillow. Princess Fushou Zhang was lying on the bed, her eyes were staring at her angrily.

It seems like Princess Fushou Zhang didn’t even get traumatized with the incident.

“Lin, chu, jiu.” Princess Fushou Zhang forcefully squeezed out those three words in her mouth: “You dare to come and see me.”

Lin Chujiu stopped three meters away from the bed. She smiled and said: “Princess Fushou Zhang looks good to me, she doesn’t need a doctor at all.”

As expected the medical system didn’t force Lin Chujiu to cure Princess Fushou Zhang, which made her very satisfied.

Princess Fushou Zhang’s bright red eyes kept staring at Lin Chujiu. She asked: “It’s you, it’s you who… … harm me, right? Why are you so vicious? You even dare to hurt this princess. Aren’t you afraid of Tianyao abandoning you after he learns how vicious you are?”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” There is no chance for her to swindle her.

Lin Chujiu walked over a chair and elegantly sat down opposite to Princess Fushou Zhang.

It is very important to see the embarrassed face of her enemy, but it doesn’t mean she needs to tire herself.

After putting her wrist on the table, Lin Chujiu naturally said: “Someone come, serve this wangfei a tea.”

Lin Chujiu looked so calm and comfortable, she didn’t treat herself as an outsider at all. Princess Fushou Zhang  was so angry that she tried to jump out the bed: “Someone come, take this woman to the palace hall, she dared to kill without remorse.”

“Princess… …” When the palace maidservant heard this, she didn’t dare to make a move. She only stared at Princess Fushou Zhang with wide eyes open.

Is the princess crazy? She called Xiao Wangfei “this woman”, who successfully escaped in the palace prison, but couldn’t punish by the emperor.

“What? Didn’t you hear what this princess said?” Princess Fushou Zhang certainly knows what is Lin Chujiu’s identity. But, she was very angry at this moment.

When she saw Lin Chujiu, she remembered the humiliation she was put in to.

If this matter spread out, she will not have another man and her daughter will not be able to get married.

Lin Chujiu, Xiao Tianyao, these two people are too ruthless!

The palace maidservant was in a dilemma. She didn’t dare to make a move. Lin Chujiu said out of good will: “Knowing that she will not dare to move, why the princess still embarrassed her?”

“Guards, guards, Lin Chujiu tried to kill this princess, tie her up and drag her out.” Princess Fushou Zhang yelled like a madman, but the palace guards outside didn’t also make a move.

“These dogs, well, very good… …” Due to anger, Princess Fushou Zhang didn’t show any care about her body. She climbed up from the bed and tried rushing towards Lin Chujiu. Unfortunately, she just got up, but was stopped by the maidservant: “Princess, be careful.”

“Get out of the way, get out… …” Princess Fushou Zhang pushed hard the palace maidservant, but the palace maidservant didn’t dare to let her go. The palace maidservant beg for forgiveness and then she put back Princess Fushou Zhang in the bed.

The emperor told them, that if something happened to Princess Fushou Zhang, none of them will stay alive.

Lin Chujiu’s favorite thing to do is to beat down the dog. Seeing Princess Fushou Zhang being restrained, she got up and said: “Princess, his majesty ordered me to check your injury. So now please, take off your pants and let this princess see how badly hurt you are down there. Alright?”

Lin Chujiu swear, that she will absolutely check Princess Fushou Zhang ‘s injury. Starting from inspecting the appearance, odor, and the likes. And then, she will ask a few questions and check her pulse. As for the other things, it has nothing to do with her… …



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