Chapter 381: Justice, kneel to have value (Part 1)

When Lin Chujiu’s words came out, the palace maidservant and the doctor almost burst into tears.

This will definitely become troublesome!

Xiao Wangfei, please be merciful!

Sure enough, when Princess Fushou Zhang heard Lin Chujiu’s words, she struggled even more intensely. “Get out, Lin Chujiu, you get out of here, this princess doesn’t want to see you again.” She never let Lin Chujiu see her wound. She will never give Lin Chujiu a chance to laugh at her.

“I’m sorry, princess, but I need to treat you because the emperor ordered me to do so. It’s not my wish alone.” Lin Chujiu took out a small box with silver needles from her pocket and pulled out the longest needle. She waved it in front of Princess Fushou Zhang and said: “Princess, are you going to cooperate with me? Or you want me to do something to make you cooperate?”

“You dare, you dare… … Do you believe that I can kill you right now or not?” For Princess Fushou Zhang, it was absolutely humiliating for her to be treated by Lin Chujiu.

She can let anyone treat her, but not Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu flicked the silver needle in her hand, and while listening to the sound of the flickering needle, she casually said: “I believe you, didn’t you also sent people last night to kill me? You sent someone to take me out of the palace to kill me, I almost died.”

“Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed to kill you.” Because of anger, Princess Fushou Zhang just blubbered poisonous words. Hearing this, the maidservant immediately reacted and said: “Princess, please cautious.” This thing can be done, but cannot be said. It will be bad for them if they were caught.

“What does this princess need to be cautious about? I’m trying to kill Lin Chujiu, what’s wrong with that? Those people that this princess sent to her last night failed to kill her. She was fortunate. But, Lin Chujiu, you won’t stay like this forever. Tomorrow or another day, this princess will succeed to kill you and cut you into a thousand pieces. No, a thousand pieces are too cheap for you. This princess will throw you in the military camp to become the barrack’s whore.” Princess Fushou Zhang didn’t listen much to Lin Chujiu’s words, she just spits out words with full of threat.

“Now that I heard princess really wanted to take my life last night, I can’t promise to come again. How will I know if survive next time?” The expression on Lin Chujiu’s face became dignified. At the same time, she looked discouraged. But only she knows that she was very happy about this result.

Princess Fushou Zhang personally admitted that she wanted to take her life last night. She wanted to see how will the emperor pushed this matter aside.

In order to incite Princess Fushou Zhang more, Lin Chujiu sadly said: “Princess, I don’t understand, where have I offended you, why do you target me again and again?”

“You pissed me off more than you can imagine. Lin Chujiu, don’t think that just because the emperor couldn’t find evidence. This princess will not know who tortured me like this. Who did this thing to me last night? Lin Chujiu, don’t you really know who? I’m telling you, you and Xiao Tianyao have a lot of debt to pay to this princess.” Princess Fushou Zhang looked coldly at Lin Chujiu.

“So that’s why, as soon as the princess heard I was locked in the prison, you sent two female public servants to humiliate and kill me, right?” Lin Chujiu vaguely said.

“What about it? People like you should die.” Princess Fushou Zhang coldly screamed, but suddenly, as if she had thought of something, her pupils dilated: “No, how come you are here? Didn’t you get imprisoned for poisoning the seventh prince? And your clothes, this is a princess official attire, where did you get it?”

Princess Fushou Zhang finally noticed things were not right. But, a series of new problems arise and she ruined herself.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 381: Justice, kneel to have value (Part 1)

  1. I might be able to blame it on the “traumatic” events that just happened to her, but being this slow at recognizing the situation really makes you wonder how she managed to survive this long in the royal family.

  2. Isn’t it a bit too late for the Princess to recognize that she shouldn’t have opened her mouth? Even her servant hinted to her but due to her arrogance, she just ignore it.

    I wonder what happens next.

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