Chapter 382: Crying, can’t say it (Part 2)

“Xiao Wangfei’s courage is really big.” The courtyard eunuch’s eyes became cold, but he didn’t dare to say anything to Lin Chujiu. He went back inside the palace hall and reported the situation outside to the emperor one by one.

“What? She wants me to seek justice for her? Is she crazy?” When the emperor heard of it, his face immediately sunk.

Didn’t zhen sent her away? How come she’s here again? Did Fushou Zhang said something?

“Huanshang, please appease your anger. This slave advises her to leave. But, Xiao Wangfei refused to go and kept insisting to wait for his highness to seek justice for her.” The eunuch added vinegar and made Lin Chujiu look bad.

Indeed, this court eunuch was the same eunuch, who went outside to meet Lin Chujiu earlier, but was cut off by her. Now that Lin Chujiu came back again, he will not let her go.

“What justice is she saying? Did you ask?” Just by thinking Lin Chujiu came back to bite Princess Fushou Zhang, the emperor was very annoyed inside his heart.

“She said it is about Princess Fushou Zhang.” The court eunuch bowed his head and said, but he didn’t dare to add more words.

“Hmph… tell her to go to the inner hall, zhen wanted to hear what she will say.” The emperor doesn’t want to lose face in front of his people. So even if he was unhappy, he has to go and meet Lin Chujiu.

“Yes.” The court eunuch immediately made an arrangement.

The emperor let the palace ministers take a break, then he went away… …

The palace ministers busily bowed their head.

Although the discussion between the court eunuch and the emperor was not loud. Several palace ministers, who were in the front row, was able to distinguish some words from the court eunuch’s mouth. They knew it was something related to Princess Fushou Zhang.

They all know what happened to Princess Fushou Zhang, they know everything about the royal families. It’s just, they don’t speak about these matters.


When the emperor came out of the main hall, Lin Chujiu was already kneeling to the inner hall. And when she saw the emperor coming, Lin Chujiu used all her strength to throw herself at the emperor’s foot. She burst into tears while saying: “Huangshang, please save this wangfei. This wangfei doesn’t want to die.”

“Impudent,” The emperor lifted his foot to kick, but he doesn’t know what was going on yet, but he kicked an empty place. The emperor’s face slightly changed. To make up from lifting his foot, he had to sit immediately and said with dissatisfaction: “If you cr and cry, how will you be able to speak clearly… …”

“Huangshang, please don’t get angry, this wangfei is so scared!” Lin Chujiu was still crying, but her voice sounds very clear. Her speech was completely unaffected by her crying.

“Huangshang, this wangfei went to treat Princess Fushou Zhang upon your orders. But the princess did not only let me treat her, but also threaten to kill me. She also said that she arranged people to kill me last night, but was lucky enough to survive. However, she will kill me again one day or another. Huangshang… … please save this wangfei. This wangfei doesn’t want to die. This wangfei promised to Wangye that I will wait for him until he comes back. Huangshang… …”

Lin Chujiu’s soft crying sound still linger around, as her whole body fell sitting on the floor, completely disregard her image. But at this moment, the emperor didn’t pay attention to her image. As soon as he heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he fired up in anger.

“You said that Princess Fushou Zhang threatened you, said to kill you, and said that she arranged people to kill you last night?” Lin Chujiu dared to say these words in front of him. So, he doesn’t even need to ask, these words were definitely said by Princess Fushou Zhang.

The emperor was so furious that he wanted to drag away Princess Fushou Zhang out of her room and bring her back to her senses… …

Does she think she can just say those kinds of words in front of Lin Chujiu?

Princess Fushou Zhang really thought that, just because she was a princess, she can do whatever she likes?


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