Chapter 383: Pity, acres of land (Part 2)

“Yes.” Lin Chujiu said, then climbed up from the floor and walked forward. Her pair of legs were struggling to walk unsteadily as if she was punished. Seeing this, the emperor couldn’t help but gritted his teeth.

He clearly saw that Lin Chujiu had been sitting on the floor, her knees didn’t stick on the floor, so what is wrong with her? The uninformed people will think that he was harsh on his sister-in-law.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t care about what the emperor was thinking. She doesn’t really have a problem on her knees, but she knelt for a long period of hours earlier. Since the emperor made her knelt for hours, she wanted other people to know.

She was like a crying child given a sugar candy to shut up. She was in a weaker position compared to the emperor. But, she must be tough in front of the outsiders, so that other people will not dare to be bold against her.

The palace people were stopped to “please” Lin Chujiu in the palace, but she left the palace with a bunch of rewards. This thing spread to the different family in the capital the same night. Many people couldn’t understand a thing. What exactly happened?

In the end, does the emperor value Xiao Wangfei or not?

The poisoning of the Seventh Prince was kept a secret in the harem. Not many people knew about it. The well-informed people outside the palace only knew that Lin Chujiu has a connection to it and was sent to the prison by the emperor. However, somehow, Lin Chujiu came back from outside the capital this morning and then was called into the palace by the emperor. And now, not only she came out safely but also brought out so many rewards with her.

Although some smart people have guessed that Lin Chujiu was invited to the palace, because of the incident about Princess Fushou Zhang. But, they couldn’t understand why the emperor who brought it up and then gently put it down?

Not only the emperor didn’t punish Lin Chujiu for her crime but also gave her rewards, which was very puzzling.

What even more puzzling was, the emperor just gave Lin Chujiu rewards, but then the empress also sent Lin Chujiu rewards, saying she was thankful to her.

The well-informed people inquired about this issue. They heard Lin Chujiu saved the seventh prince, but nothing else.

“The Seventh Prince was favored to that extreme? The emperor doesn’t care about Princess Fushou Zhang?” Some people think that the emperor chooses to thank Lin Chujiu from saving the seventh prince and no longer investigate the case about Princess Fushou Zhang.

Of course, there was no evidence for this, but aside from this, other people cannot think of another reason.

“So, it’s not true that Xiao Wangfei was sent to the prison last night, right? Otherwise, how did she get out from there?” Some people were more concern about this issue. However, all the people concerned about this incident was cleaned up by the emperor. No one can be asked about this issue anymore.


As someone related to the issue, when Meng Daren learned that Lin Chujiu safely returned to the Xiao Wangfu, he couldn’t help but praised her inside his heart. But at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel pity to the emperor.

His great opportunity was ruined by a bunch of women!

Lin Chujiu was put into prison, her connection from the outside was cut off, so how did the Xiao Wangfu’s people learn about Mo Yuer? As long as the emperor protected Mo Yuer in the dark and clear every traces of her that can prove Lin Chujiu’s innocence. Lin Chujiu will have a difficulty to deny it, but… …

Princess Fushou Zhang was clever enough to jump in and took it as an opportunity to humiliate Lin Chujiu. However, Lin Chujiu caught her off guard and turned it into a different incident. Making it possible for Lin Chujiu to hit the emperor by surprise. The emperor not only failed to help Mo Yuer, but also failed to stop Princess Fushou Zhang, which made Lin Chujiu the victor.

Of course, Meng Daren was absolutely happy with this development. Because he doesn’t have to worry about being involved with the political dispute in the East.

Whether it is the battle between the emperor and Xiao Wangye, or the battle between several princes or princesses, Meng Daren doesn’t want to intervene. He just wanted to quietly guard the acres of land of his Wenchang College… …



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