Chapter 385: Repaying, a gentleman know what to do and not to do (Part 1)

From the beginning up to the end, Lin Chujiu didn’t know that someone else was inside the bathroom. Even when that person left, she was still unaware.

Lin Chujiu soaked herself a little longer than usual. She reluctantly came out of the bathtub, when the water became slightly cold. As she moved out, the water splashed. Unfortunately, someone left early and didn’t see anything.

After wrapping her hair and drying her body, Lin Chujiu put her clothes one by one. She wore her silk clothes as if nothing was wrong in her body. She didn’t grimace in pain because of her knees.

However, Lin Chujiu thought, she should give herself some medicine to let the blood on her knees flow smoothly.

Her knees hurt a bit, but it was much better than she was in the carriage before.


After putting her clothes, Lin Chujiu, who has a refreshing look walked into the inner room. Shanhu and Manao came forward and diligently helped her to dress. Feicui brought fresh water, while Zhanzhu goes to prepare Lin Chujiu’s meals.

“Wangfei, Su Gongzi is waiting for you in the study room, he said that he will wait for you. Please go in there.” Lin Chujiu nodded her head, but then said: “If it’s not too urgent, let him wait for a while.” She’s been starving the whole day. She wanted to eat before she goes.

“Yes,” Feicui answered back.

After a quarter of an hour, Zhenzhu came back and put down the meals the kitchen prepared: “Wangfei, these foods are good for digestion. Although the taste is a bit bland, they taste good.”

“You have the heart.” Lin Chujiu’s hair was still not dry at this time, but no water is dripping. She stopped Manao and Shenhu and said: “I am hungry, I’ll eat first.”

During meal time, Lin Chujiu didn’t receive strict education about food etiquette. However, she believes with the saying, when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do. So, she rarely spoke during meal time. But today, she asked while eating: “What grievances can you suffer in the palace?”

Although her four maidservants said that they didn’t suffer, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t suffer any grievances. She, a Wangfei suffered many grievances, so what more a servant girls like them.

The four maidservants looked at each other. In the end, Zhenzhu opened her mouth and said: “The empress’s people removed our clothes and locked us in the chamber.” As soon as she finished her words, the four maidservants’ eyes redden.

They didn’t say anything about it, because it will only embarrass them.

The food in Lin Chujiu’s hand became cold, just like her voice: “The Empress is really ruthless.”Her four unmarried maidservants were stripped off with their clothes, only a group of people with perverted minds can think of this punishment.

Lin Chujiu took a deep breath and pressed the anger in her heart: “You can rest assured that this account, I will write it down for you. I will make them pay sooner or later.”

“Wangfei, we’re alright.” The four maidservants said as they wiped the tears in their eyes. They smiled and said: “The same evening, the palace maidservants in Qinghe Palace came to see us, they brought us foods and blankets. Nothing bad really happened.” If the people in the Qinghe Palace didn’t help them, they don’t how they will survive that night.

Although it was the early summer and the temperature outside was very high, but in the secret chamber under the palace. It was very cold at night. There was only a faint light inside the secret room. It’s very impossible to warm their body. But they don’t dare to walk around.

“From Qinghe Palace, Third Prince Xiao Zian?” Lin Chujiu didn’t try to comfort her maidservants with words, some damages cannot be consoled by mere words.

“Yes, it is Third Prince Xiao Zian.” The four maidservants said, as they secretly murmured in their hearts: We are sorry, Wangye. We didn’t deliberately put good words for the third prince in front of Wangfei, it’s just… …

Wangye, you know.

“Third Prince Xiao Zian has a heart, I will write it down.” Lin Chujiu gently nodded her head and continued eating. But in actuality, she has no appetite.


When Xiao Zian learned that Lin Chujiu had an accident, the thing he wanted most to do was to rescue her. Unfortunately, at that moment, no one dared to get on the bad side of the emperor. Xiao Zian couldn’t save Lin Chujiu even if he wanted too. He could only help her maidservants.


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  1. Oh, empress really has strange thinking – she wants help from LCJ but still must trample even her maids.

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