Chapter 385: Repaying, a gentleman know what to do and not to do (Part 2)

When Xiao Zian was doing this, he thought about the consequences, so seeing the eunuch calling him to see the emperor, Xiao Zian was not surprised at all.

“This son greets Imperial father.” Xiao Zian came in and immediately paid respect.

The emperor looked at Xiao Zian, who was kneeling on the floor. He didn’t tell him to rise, he only looked at him with eyes full of disappointment.

Xiao Zian was not surprised, so he just quietly knelt in there. He didn’t move when the emperor didn’t say anything.

After a long while, the emperor said: “Zian, Crown Prince said that you rushed to find him yesterday, asking him to help you save Xiao Wangfei?”

“Yes.” Xiao Zian said without hesitation.

When the emperor heard this, he couldn’t hide his disappointment: “Zian, do you know why Xiao Wangfei was imprisoned?”

Xiao Zian heard the dissatisfaction in the emperor’s tone, but he still gave an answer according to his own will: “This son know, but this son doesn’t believe Xiao Wangfei will harm seventh brother.”

“You don’t believe? Just because you don’t believe it, you can be sure that she didn’t do it? The emperor contemptuously said with a cold voice.

If it weren’t for Princess Fushou Zhang’s actions, Lin Chujiu will be proven guilty from poisoning the seventh prince. She cannot change anything.

“Imperial father, if Imperial Aunt really wants to poison seventh brother, she will not do it in the empress’s palace and will not save seventh brother afterward.” If Lin Chujiu really wants to harm the royal princes, she will not save him… …

Xiao Zian didn’t say this but kept it inside his mind.

He believes that neither Xiao Tianyao nor Lin Chujiu has ever thought of harming the lives of their brothers.

The emperor said with a bad mood: “What if she’s only trying to confuse us? She might have done it to wash away the suspicion on her. Can’t you see, even if you don’t have any evidence, you believed that she is innocent.”

The emperor’s words are justified, but Xiao Zian still insists his belief: “Imperial Father, Xiao Wangfei is not like that.”

Xiao Zian’s continuously defending Lin Chujiu made the emperor very unhappy: “Zian, you continuously defending Xiao Wangfei. Do you think Tianyao will support you by doing this?”

“Imperial father, Imperial Uncle Xiao has nothing to do with this, this son has done it voluntarily.” Xiao Zian was an open-minded person and didn’t evade mentioning that Lin Chujiu was his life-saving grace: “Imperial father, this son’s life was saved by Imperial Aunt. If it weren’t for imperial aunt, this son can only sit on the wheelchair for his entire life. Imperial Aunt met an accident, this son will naturally try to help.”

“You are trying to save Xiao Wangfei because she saves your life?” The emperor’s eyes slightly squinted as he looked at Xiao Zian.

Xiao Zian looked at the emperor’s eyes without fear and nodded: “Pay kindness with kindness.”

If it’s just to repay, then it’s okay…

The emperor relaxed his eyes and gently said: “It is a good thing that you know how to be kind, but you can’t just do it to anyone. Xiao Wangfei helps you, but your mother has already repaid this debt. You don’t owe her anything. If this thing happened again, you don’t need to do anything anymore.”

The emperor doesn’t want his beloved son to fell on Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu’s trap because of his kindness.

“Imperial father, mother is mother, this son is different. Mother thank Xiao Wangfei for saving this son, but this son also wants to thank Xiao Wangfei for saving me.” Xiao Zian refused to give in. No matter what the emperor says, he will stick to what he believes is right…

“So you mean to say, in order to repay Xiao Wangfei from saving your life, you will not listen to zhen’s words?” The emperor said and looked very dissatisfied.

“Imperial father, this son doesn’t dare. But a real gentleman knows what to do and what not to do. This son has his own insistence.” Xiao Zian didn’t give an answer directly, but his meaning was the same.

The emperor released a heavy sigh in anger: “Good, good, good… … Go and stick with your own idea. But don’t get up until you make your mind clear.”

The emperor waved his sleeve and left, leaving Xiao Zian kneeling on the floor… …


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 385: Repaying, a gentleman know what to do and not to do (Part 2)

  1. The emperor keeps making mistake over mistake over mistake. The harder you try to oppress Xiao Wangfu the more determined you are making it to become your enemy. I can understand he fears Xiao Wangye’s power, but he is literally the only thing stopping your neighbors from invading you, and constantly retaliating against him has proven time and time again that Xiao Wangfu responds quickly and effectively. Why would you continue to smash your own foot over and over again? Do you want your protector to turn his sword around and decide the throne should change hands? The emperor is literally trying to provoke what he fears most and him failing to see that makes him the stupidest in the palace

    1. Sorry, little rant from seeing the Emperor being angry at one of his sons that has little chance of getting on the throne and thus his kindness should be welcomed, since it improves the palace’s image while lowering the problems of inter-sibling fights for the throne

  2. The Emperor is really muddle headed. If he was a good and wise Emperor, there is no need to dethrone him except for his sons who want the crown.

    Xiao Wangfu does nothing but serve the country by protecting it.Yet, the stupid Emperor keeps suppressing him. I guess this is what happens when you are paranoid about loosing power. You lose sight of what is important.

  3. I agree the emperor is only inflicting harm to himself. Now we need to worry about the empress’ scheming. Will she try to make it look like Lin Chujiu and Third Prince are having an illicit relationship?

    Also, how far away is the front line of this war? Wangye keeps sneaking back. He isn’t going to even have the opportunity to miss her. Who is leading the troops and when will we see the God of War engage the enemy?

  4. I think that now when he is healthy he has big chance in fight on throne, especially that crown prince is stupid and seventh prince not too much favored. As for the behavior of this entire royal family, they are as a group after lobotomy.

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