Chapter 392: seeking medical help, our princess is sick (Part 2)

The maidservant quickly got up and faced the old doctor. She hurriedly apologized and said: “Imperial doctor, I’m very sorry, our princess suddenly had her monthly period. I don’t know what happened, but she was suddenly in pain. By chance, do you know a female doctor? Our princess is a southern imperial descendant. We can only let a woman get close to her. I’m sorry I got confused earlier.”

The maidservant’s simple words emphasized her requirements. And at the same time, she pointed out Nannuo Yao’s condition…

The princess didn’t have a miscarriage but rather had a monthly period.

The old doctor suddenly had a realization. He had been practicing medicine for many years. So of course, he knew some women almost die in pain just from their monthly period. Seeing Nannuo Yao like this, he now didn’t get worried so much.

It’s just… …

“There is no female doctor in the palace, can’t you give the princess her usual medicine? Didn’t you give her any medicine?” The old doctor gave some useful advice.

The maidservant hurriedly replied with a worried face: “It’s useless. This slave just gave the princess her prescribed medicine, but it didn’t work. The princess hadn’t been ill for a long time now, but this slave thought to bring the medicine. It’s just, it didn’t have a good effect. There is no doctor among us.”

Nannuo Yao came to the east and brought a lot of talented people, but she didn’t bring a talented doctor. It’s not that she actually didn’t bring one. But, the doctor she brought died in the middle of the road.

The doctor didn’t take good care of himself. He couldn’t accept the fact that he will go to the east. He didn’t give himself a timely treatment when he was vomiting and had diarrhea. In the end, he died on the road.

“Then, what should we do?” The old doctor looked at Nannuo Yao. Knowing that she didn’t have a miscarriage, he dared to come forward, but still fruitless.

Even if Nannuo Yao was in so much pain and in a semi-conscious state, she still refused to let the old doctor examine her. The old doctor was enough to be her grandfather, but Nannuo Yao still refused to let the old man touch her.

After trying a few times, nothing works. The old doctor waved his hand and said: “This old man can’t do anything.”

“Then, what should we do?” The maidservant anxiously asked: “Imperial doctor, do you know any female doctor that has a good reputation and has good medical skills in the capital?”

“Female? Female doctor? There are a few who are talented, but I don’t know if they can alleviate the princess’s pain.” The old doctor stuttered, he looked very hesitant. He doesn’t want to mention any name of female doctors.

Nannuo Yao was ruthless and arrogant, the old doctor was aware of it… If he introduced someone that cannot cure Nannuo Yao, he will be punished. If that happened, he could only die.

“What should I do? Should I just let our princess suffer and die from pain?” The maidservant deliberately emphasizes the word “die”. The old doctor became scared.

If Nannuo Yao died, he will also die.

What should I do?

What can I do?

When the maidservant saw the expression of the old doctor, she knew this was the right time. She screamed and said: “Oh right, I remember, Xiao Wangfei’s medical skills are good. We heard Xiao Wangfei cured the third prince’s illness. If it’s Xiao Wangfei, I’m sure she can cure our princess illness. Imperial doctor, what do you think?”

“Ah…this… …” The old doctor was hesitant, but when he thought that Nannuo Yao might die and he will bear the consequences. He heavily nodded his head: “Yes, yes, Xiao Wangfei’s medical skills are good. She can certainly cure the princess’s illness.”

A dead man will not die, Xiao Wangfei, forgive this old man. Your status is high, even if you failed to cure Princess Nannuo Yao, the southern will not dare to take you down.

The old doctor apologized to Lin Chujiu in secrecy. While the maidservant slyly put all the blame to the old doctor: “Imperial doctor you are right. Xiao Wangfei can definitely cure our princess. I, I will go now to the Xiao Wangfu and ask Xiao Wangfei to save our princess.”

After that, the maidservant ran outside in a hurry… …


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  1. So that is the plan. I want to see how Chujiu gets out of this.

    I wish she could aggravate the situation that she cannot be used a hostage but I am sure the stupid medical thing in her will make her cure Nannuo Yao.

  2. Unless the princess has some other problem. like the maid was asked to slip poison in the medicine that she made, I do not think the medical system will force her to cure Nannuo Yao.

  3. As long as she isnt physically near that nasty princess the machine won’t go off…hopefully she gets out of it! Thank you!

  4. So simple to get out of this… Lin Chujiu should just say that she is not well and her old illness has flared up due to being in jail for the night…

  5. Pfffff… What an obvious plot. Want to keep LCJ to protect the Southern Prince’s life? A good show is coming. Where’s my popcorn?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. I still think that it’s ridiculous. LJC is not a doctor and there is no obligation to work for the person who has offended her. In principle, if the emperor would tell her to do so, is it not to slap himself that his imperial family has the status of a manual worker?

    1. To control XT, the emperor needs to get hold of LCJ. He will use the excuse that a foreign princess cannot die in their country.

  7. What about the ice queen? She is under lock and key and has medical training and is already in the palace? Without an imperial decree ordering her I don’t see LCJ following Princess N’s maid. haha

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