Chapter 393: Unbelievable, moral kidnapping (Part 2)

“Our family princess is seriously ill, her life is in danger right now. Please have mercy, let this slave ask Xiao Wangfei to save our princess.” The more the maidservant opened her mouth, the more her words became sound so serious: “This slave is not lying. This slave will not dare to lie about such a thing. Daren, please let us in, let Xiao Wangfei know about this matter, please, this slave is begging you… …”

The maidservant in pink started knocking her head on the ground. And soon, a pool of blood accumulated. She looked very scary.
“I beg you, please save our princess, our princess is dying.”

“This… …” They shouldn’t give respond into this, but… …

If the southern princess really dies, will their Wangfei be blamed for this?

“I beg you, our princess is dying. She refuses to let the male doctors get close to her. We don’t know any talented female doctor in the capital. We can only ask Xiao Wangfei to save our princess. Our princess, she, she… …” The maidservant in pink said as her body became soft and fell to the ground.

Blood started flowing out of her head.

“Hurry, stop the bleeding.” Xiao Wangfu looked at the maidservant with full of disgust.

In the middle of the night, if you encounter this kind of thing, can you be unluckier than this?

The southern people immediately picked up the maidservant and ripped her clothes to wrapped her wound and stop the bleeding.

However, they still refused to go and continued to plead: “If anything happened to our princess, we also can’t live anymore. Please, daren, let us see Xiao Wangfei. Our princess is seriously ill. Only Xiao Wangfei can save her.”

When those words came out, the Xiao Wangfu guardsmen understood. If their master will die, they also cannot live anymore. They sympathized with them, but still, they refused to agree.

This matter must be reported first to their Wangfei. If their Wangfei disagree, the southern people will say she is heartless. However, if their Wangfei agree, but failed to cure their princess, they will say that their wangfei killed Nannuo Yao.

Good people have more problem than bad people. The Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen stopped talking, but they were blaming the southern people inside their heart. How could these people try to make calculations to their Wangfei? Therefore, even if they sympathized with them, they also refused to shake their own principles.

The Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen began to persuade the southern people to leave. They told them to look for a doctor. And if they can’t find one, they should ask the emperor for help. There was a female medical practitioner in the palace. It was Divine Doctor Mo’s daughter, Mo Yuer. Her medical skills were absolutely not bad. As long as the emperor agrees, they don’t even need to outside the palace.

The Xiao Wangfu’s guard kindly made a gesture for the southern people to leave. However, the southern people still refused to leave, so they couldn’t help but have a doubt inside their heart.

“You, you people came in Xiao Wangfu’s door in the middle of the night, asking for Princess Nannuo Yao to be treated in her place, you have ulterior motives, don’t you?” The Xiao Wangfu’s guard looked at the other party suspiciously.

Why does this event look like a conspiracy?

“Our princess’s life is already in danger, how can we dare to have other intentions?” The southern people said while crying full of sorrow. As if someone has died.

“If you don’t have ulterior motives, then go to the palace and ask the emperor for help. You shouldn’t delay your princess’s treatment any further.” The Xiao Wangfu’s guard crossed his arms. The sympathy inside his heart earlier has long vanished.

He suddenly remembered, the Lingyuan Courtyard was very close to the main palace. Mo Yuer, Divine Doctor Mo’s daughter has a far greater reputation in medicine in the four countries than their wangfei. However, they didn’t seek her help. Instead, they ran in Xiao Wangfu. They absolutely have ulterior motives.

The commotion outside was loud, so the people inside the house was aware of it. The maidservant hesitantly, but repeatedly woke up Lin Chujiu and then reported the situation outside.

After Lin Chujiu listened, she sneered and said: “I just seen Nannuo Yao. She is not sick. She will not die. Send away her people.”

Lin Chujiu didn’t believe the words of the southern people.

Nannuo Yao is going to die? What nonsense are they talking about? She’s afraid that they can’t even fool a ghost with this, but… …

In the end, she couldn’t say no!


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  1. Good on the Wangfu guards to detect the bad intentions of the Southern people. Hélas, LCJ will still have to go.

  2. She can fake illness and not go!!! SHe does not owe anybody!!!! honestly i am sick and tired of all their scheming ass…When will the story focus on them trying to build a relationship.

  3. For sure she won’t die, so let her suffer in pain a bit before curing here lol. I feel Iike going to hell for that comment

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