Chapter 395: Diagnosis, pitiful (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu tried approaching once again but found out she couldn’t get close to Nannuo Yao. In the end, she became lazy to come forward again.

She is a doctor, not a Virgin Mary. Nannuo Yao doesn’t want to cooperate with the treatment, so she will not bother whether she live or die. Anyway, she will not die because of dysmenorrhea.

“Princess Nannuo Yoa still has the strength to shout, I’m afraid she will not die in any moment. After dawn, just call the imperial doctor to check her.” Lin Chujiu got up and turned around to leave. The maidservant kowtowed in front of Lin Chujiu and said: “Xiao Wangfei, you can’t go. This slave begs you, please save our princess. Our princess is different from others. She might die.”

Lin Chujiu didn’t pay any care to the maidservant’s words, she only coldly said: “You southern people really like to kneel, do you?”

They kneel every time people refuse and morally kidnap people.

“No, no… this slave is just asking Xiao Wangfei to help save the princess.” The maidservant’s face became pale and her body trembled. It was clear that Lin Chujiu didn’t do anything, but the other party acted like she was bullied.

Lin Chujiu hate the most this kind of white lotus person. Her good sister, Lin Wanting was the best example of white lotus person. Now that this white lotus appears in front of her again, she was definitely annoyed.

Lin Chujiu arrogantly looked at the maidservant and said in a haughty way: “Didn’t you see what your princess did? She won’t let me touch her, but you want me to save her? You guys are just taking this matter too seriously.”

After that, Lin Chujiu bypassed the maidservant. The maidservant became anxious. She rushed forward and hugged Lin Chujiu’s thigh: “Xiao Wangfei, Xiao Wangfei, no, please, this slave is asking you to save our princess, please… …”

“Let go.” Lin Chujiu kicked the maidservant, as the look in her face became ugly.

She knew nothing will come out good in going to Lingyun Courtyard.

“Xiao Wangfei, this slave beg you, just wait for a minute, this slave will persuade the princess. Princess will definitely agree.” The maidservant eagerly looked at Nannuo Yao: Princess, please, this slave beg you, don’t make fun of your body. Princess, please… …”

“Ahhh…ahhh…” Nannuo Yao’s tears fell as she screamed. She didn’t scream because of the pain, but because of anger, sorrow, and hate… …

“Ahhh… …” Nannuo Yao screamed and screamed until her face became as white as a paper. And she looked as if all the energy in her body disappeared.

“Lin… …Xiao Wangfei, I beg you, save me!” Her voice was like being squeezed out from her teeth.

“What did you say?” Lin Chujiu was not making things difficult for Nannuo Yao. She really thought she heard it wrong.

Nannuo Yao once again repeated her words without any emotion: “Xiao Wangfei, I beg you… please save me.”

“That’s strange, you’re begging me?” Lin Chujiu shook her head. But in the end, she didn’t make things difficult for Nannuo Yao. She told to the maidservant to let her go and then she went close to Nannuo Yao to treat her.

This time, Nannuo Yao was very cooperative. She didn’t scream in pain. She was just like a puppet lying in bed. When Lin Chujiu said to her to stretch out her arm, she stretched out her arm… …

Nanuo Yao was calm, so Lin Chujiu was able to diagnose her condition without any problem.

Soon, the diagnosis of the medical system came out, but this result surprised Lin Chujiu.

This… this is impossible, right?

Lin Chujiu was shocked, she lifted her face and looked at Nannuo Yao. Nannuo Yao’s face was black. She understood that Nannuo Yao was aware of her condition.

No wonder, no wonder she refused to let male doctors check her condition. No wonder she was acting like this, this young lady was so pitiful… …


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  1. I really don’t know, did she fake a miscarriage? maybe it’s because i’m a guy, but what could she not want a male doctor to know? it isn’t as if periods were that much of a taboo for a male doctor

    1. I just had a thought, she couldn’t have taken an infertility drug right? that would be downright inhumane

      1. Its not because ur a guy… im a girl and i still dont understand… maybe its cuz she supposedly “miscarried”?

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