Chapter 397: Confidential, responsible (Part 1)

“I beg you, help me, cure me… …”

When her words fell, Nannuo Yao’s tears fell.

In the end, her secret will be exposed!

No matter how much she concealed it, eventually, someone will know. Moreover, this someone was the person she hated the most and the person she was jealous of all.

However, what’s even more unacceptable was, she asked this woman to save her.

Just like a humble slave, she asked this woman to cure her disease.

How ironic!

But… …

If it is impossible to prevent the exposure of her secret, she hopes that after this, she can be properly treated, letting her get pregnant and have a child like any other woman.

She hopes that Lin Chujiu can cure her illness. She strongly hoping for a miracle like she never hopes before.

If Lin Chujiu will cure her illness, she will not steal Xiao Tianyao to her!

As Nannuo Yao pleaded, her crying sound became louder and louder. People can tell how sad and desperate she was at this time. Lin Chujiu was helpless… …

Lin Chujiu compromised not because of Nannuo Yao’s pleading, but because she cannot withstand the medical system. The medical system was really broken and pitied Nannuo Yao. Nannuo Yao simply let her tears fall and the medical system compromised. This was simply madness!

”Bastard.” Lin Chujiu whispered in a low voice. With a *Tock* sound, Lin Chujiu put back her medicine box and said with a bad tone: “Close the doors and windows.”

She respects the patient’s privacy. She understood some things should not be exposed to others.

“Hurry up… …” When Nannuo Yao heard Lin Chujiu’s response, her heart flashed with ecstasy.

At least, Lin Chujiu was willing to treat her, this was the best thing that happened in this horrible night.

The maidservant was an insider, knowing Lin Chujiu’s intention, she busily closed the doors and windows.

Lin Chujiu said as soon as the door closed: “Without my orders, no one should come in.” In any case that the guards suddenly came in, they will see things that shouldn’t be seen.

Nannuo Yao was not a good person, but she doesn’t have the intention to use this issue to destroy her.

If she did that, what is her difference to Nannuo Yao?

Nannuo Yao didn’t make a sound, she bit her lips and didn’t say a word. Lin Chujiu didn’t expect that Nannuo Yao will be grateful. She was the same, she is not saving Nannuo Yao because of her pleading, but because of the medical system. Whether Nannuo Yao was grateful or not, she doesn’t really care. She will ask for her medical fee.

Forgive her for being stingy, but all she can think this time was money.

Lin Chujiu took out a mask and gloves, then turned and said: “What are you doing? Take off her pants.” Lin Chujiu’s tone was bad. Anyone who can hear it will not be happy.

“Ah?” The maidservant was stupefied and was stunned at the same place. Lin Chujiu added another sentence: “What are you doing? Take off her pants!”

The maidservant didn’t dare to move, she looked at Nannuo Yao first.

Nannuo Yao closed her eyes, as her tears fell to the corner of her eyes. She seemed to know what the intention of other parties. She gritted her teeth and nodded her head.

The maidservant came forward and took off Nannuo Yao’s pants.

Nannuo Yao’s pants have long been soaked with blood, which made the maidservant’s eyes reddened. Lin Chujiu’s facial expression didn’t change a bit, she ordered the maidservant to clean the blood on Nannuo Yao’s legs.

Someone else can do it, so why she, a doctor will do it?

The blood on Nannuo Yao’s legs was wiped clean, but the blood didn’t stop from flowing out. From time to time, the maidservant wiped them off, but nothing works. Because of these actions, Nannuo Yao’s face became red and stiff.


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